Arsenal – The spoilt brats of the Premier League?

Arsenal fans - The collective name for a group of fairies!
Most of you know that I generally work during the night, but for today and tomorrow I am actually working normal hours and will be working during the day.

That news isn’t really that big, but then neither is the traffic update I am about to bring you. Here in North London, around the Ashburton Grove and N5 postcode in particular, the roads are chaos. It appears that they have been flooded by tears over the weekend, tears of Arsenal grumbling about anything they can grasp at for their sides spectacular implosion at St James’ Park this weekend.

My god, I hate the red Scousers because all they seem to do is moan, but this lot of “cultured football fans” are really starting to piss me off.

Ever since the full time whistle blew on Saturday evening, these Gooner fans have effectively spammed the Newsnow page with views of how Phil Dowd is useless, how Joey Barton is to blame and how he should have been sent off and how a slight draft that caused their pansy players to lose an eyelash during the game (this was also Joey Barton’s fault) was to blame. Basically, any excuse you could imagine that shifts any form of blame from their doorstep has been used by these modern Gooner fans.

How dare those plucky Northerners display fight and passion! How dare they take an unlikely point (to add to our other three) off of the mighty Arsenal!

Now is probably the time to address their concerns. I’ll start with Joey Barton as it is he who seems to be attracting the harshest criticism. Apparently he should have seen red for perfectly legal, one-footed, ball-winning, and completely under control tackle on Abou Diaby. This caused the Frenchman – who bullied our very own Hatem Ben Arfa at Clairefontaine, on video – to spit the dummy and raise his hands on the field of play, twice. Apparently this was because Diaby has suffered an injury before? Poor mite….

Next up, Phil Dowd and the officials (sounds like a 1950’s rock and roll band that Icedog would like ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Dowd and his cronies made a number of mistakes, for both sides. Not according to Arsenal fans though. He had it in for them from the get-go apparently. The officials were so against Arsenal that they ruled out Leon Best’s perfectly legitimate goal to penalise them ๐Ÿ™„

Finally, match-fixing. Now there are accusations of match fixing flying around, with Phil Dowd and Tomas Rosicky being at the centre of the apparent betting scam. A couple of things;

1 – Roskicy was on the bench, and had to be brought on. Arsene Wenger actioned this, but what if he didn’t? Does this mean that Arsene was in on it as well?

2 – As pointed out above, decisions fell for and against both sides.

It’s been and gone and history has been made. Arsenal don’t like the fact that their team bottled it and are finding it hard to cope with the fallout from it. Did the Diaby sending off help? Of course, but can they really justify a player raising his hands twice? Surely not…

It’s a shame that this article won’t make it onto Newsnow to be honest as I’d quite like to have a pop at them. They are doing it to us so why not fire a few home truths back at them? I notice during all the lambasting of “thug” Joey Barton they forget that they actually hold the record for red cards and indiscipline, with Viera, Petit etc being the main culprits.

It’s about time they manned up, swallowed the bitter pill, and moved on. I know most of their fans are Johnny come-lately’s, but it doesn’t excuse ignorance.

Howay the lads!

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118 thoughts on “Arsenal – The spoilt brats of the Premier League?

  1. They are the enemy of football. I have never seen Arsene Wenger conceed his side have ever been beaten by a better side. It’s always the refs fault…

    It appears that you aren’t allow to make a sliding tackle on an Arsenal player as Wenger doesn’t like it. What a set of horrible, arrogant ****s!!!


  2. I really couldnt give a **** what they say, Im delighted with the 4 points weve taken from them, If they want to **** and moan about it then they are welcome but it wont achieve owt.

    Also pleased with the ammount of possession we had and swagger we played on saturday, We look a much better side when we try and play football.

    9 points and counting… ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. as an arsenal fan (and one who wasnt watching the match because i was working) the minute i heard arsenal had squandered a 4 goal lead…i spoke to a toon fan and a member of this blog and told him that if that was the case then we deserved to end it off in a draw or lose. yes. the diaby sending off helped you guys and barton can be a thug… but diaby shouldve known better. past injuries aside, you will always have players like barton, diouf, de jong and others trying to rile you up… either invite them to make a stupid mistake or the stick it to them WITHIN the rules of the game and let the ref sort it out…

    like i mentioned earlier… i didnt see the match so i cant comment on dowd’s officiating…

    all said and done… two penalities or anything else included… it was a good comeback… we shouldnt have bottled up.. we shouldve stayed and fought it or tightened up after the first…or the second… or godammit the third… we didnt..
    the rest is 4-4..



    p.s. toonsy. i’ve only been supporting arsenal from the late 90s. didnt get the league before that in goa… so does that make me a johnny come lately? just wondering? ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. To be fair, I have a few Gooner mates and most of them have conceeded that the end result was deserved. Unfortunately on the blogging side it seems Wenger’s influence and continual post match bitterness has infected a large number of Arsenal fans, resulting in huge petulence on their behalf. You can be unhappy with a refs actions, but when it comes down to talking complete bullsh1t about how Barton should have been off, and how its fine for Diaby to react because he’s had previous injuries then I start to lose my head.

    To be fair, we’ve had this a couple of times, the most recent match gets us or opposition fans riled up-right back at the beginning of the season Wolves were the enemy…then Man citeh with their glory hunting and arrogant Arsenal with their petulance. All bad in their own ways but generally I don’t mind Arsenal fans-although a lot of this recent nonesense has lowered my opinion of them, I still don’t think they’re as bad as Manure glory hunters!


  5. I sincerely think Arsenal have the most pathetic whingers as fans I have ever known in my life.
    They are pathetic! Still blaming the referee, for one poor decision? Forgetting the other major ones he got right but they are too blinded by stupidity to see.

    Newcastle got one poor decision which cost us a goal. And Arsenal got one poor decision which cost them a goal.

    They are by FAR the least knowledgable fans I have EVER known in my life… Little clones of that whinger Wenger.
    And its become clear why, despite all the talent in the world, they don’t win trophies… they are a bunch of sulky crybabies.
    “Spoilt brats” pretty much sums them up.

    From now on I hate them more than Man United and just as much as Liverpool and Scum…
    Can’t wait till Fabregas goes to Barce too.


  6. They’ll never have the respect of the football world until they get rid of Wenger and their players start having respect for the game, officials and fellow players.


  7. yeah most arse fans I work with are blaming the team rather than match fixing etc, tho the 2nd pen was as soft a pen as you’ll ever get it’s just one of those things.
    To suggest Wenger, Rosicky, Dowd and half a dozen others are in some betting scandal is a joke, more likely Tiote, Barton Nolan etc put a ton on themselves to score 4 in 2nd half ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Stuart, if Arsenal had their way, they’d take the sliding tackle out of the game, they make heading the ball illegal and the dive legal…

    Beautiful football my @rse… they are a bunch of pansies.

    I can’t wait for Barcalona to teach them the real “beautiful game”, I think its going to be a embarressing for Arsenal.

    Wenger needs a slap across the face too.


  9. They need to thank the officials or they’d have lost and it would have looked even worse. That Best goal was a yard onside at least.


  10. well said there spoilt bratts of the league. they can say alls they want, its like joey said if they dont want to be takled they may as well go and play basket ball, they shout there mouths of about other player when fabragas is the biggest priks in the PL.


  11. ILM… although other blogs may say Pardew had absolutely nothing to do with the second half turn around ๐Ÿ˜‰
    All his fault for the first half, nowt to do with him the second half apparently ๐Ÿ™„


  12. hahaha richie, aye, heard that all before.
    I bet a tenner anyone who was there was saying the same during the second half, ‘don’t know what Pardew said at half time but it’s working’ such was the difference.

    Evidence of good management? Knowing when a team is low and in need of picking up?


  13. Don’t really see the point of this article, Toons. If Arsenal fans want to moan about it then fair enough, but let’s move on to the Blackburn game now.

    In other news, I was listening to BBC 606 on Saturday and was utterly appalled at the amount of Toon fans calling up to completely dismiss Pardew’s part in our comeback, claiming the win was solely down to Barton, Tiote etc.
    It made us out to be such idiots…


  14. What gets at me the most is how Joey has gotten little credit around the country for never quiting on the game. It wasn’t just the 2nd half. He was still fighting in the first as well and it keep the fans behind the lads to an extent. That tackle was a good 50/50 challenge made great by the fact that the game seemed a lost cause. But then diaby’s throat slam is reported as “daft”… if that was the other way around there would be a mob after Barton looking to get him oot of footy forever. But diaby? He’s just daft….


  15. Yip,

    But theres no bias there at all Richie… none at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thing is we all liked Hughton, and noone wanted him sacked (bar Ashley) but my word, he is gone now, and its not exactly like we lost Jose Mourinho.

    Hughton would hardly have done better in the last 5 fixtures we’ve had.

    The results have been fair, and some unfortunately last minute goals have cost us what would have been two great victories.

    Some, have tried to think of every conspriracy theory in the book to both defend Hughton and then attack Pardew.

    Does he honestly believe Pardaw wanted no money to spend, and to lose Carroll. He didn’t have a choice.

    If it was Hughton, they would commend him for putting his head down and getting on with the job. Now its Pardew, then he’s a yes man and involved in the conspiracy.

    Its pathetic.

    We all know Pardew isn’t Alex Ferguson, but he’s hardly a big step down or up from Hughton. So lets not make him the enemy. It doesn’t help anyone.


  16. It’s Wenger that annoys me the most, and the owners of that club need to have words. A club tends to reflect it’s manager after a few years, and the fact that Wenger is the world’s worst loser shows. They’re a great team as long as everything’s going their way, and for a man in his position to whine and dodge responsibility like that is ridiculous. And he looks like a bulldog sucking piss off a wasp.

    On the Joey thing, I just wish he’d expressed his empathy for a player losing his rag and getting sent off. That would have really wound Diaby up rather than handing ammo to the Joey critics. To take the piss out of his complaining about the tackle was fine – but to slate a guy for losing his rag? Incredible hypocrisy.

    Still – after a performance like that, I’ll forgive him, eh. :mrgreen:


  17. If they thought Barton and co went in a little to hard wtf are they gonna make of Wolves next week – hahaha I don’t think some of the players will actually get on the coach – McCarthy and his players must be loving this


  18. Cheers, Toonsy. Good to know my art is appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Judging from comments by Joey and others, Pardew has had a seriously nasty week to deal with, and I can’t bring myself to blame him too much for the abject state his team started the match in. It’s clear that the dressing room has been hit like a ton of bricks by the AC thing, and I’m leaning towards the opinion that the sale was very much against AP’s wishes.

    All you can do is stand back and admire everything that happened from half-time onwards, and AP deserves much credit for that. Can you imagine Fat Sam inspiring his troops to go for it like that??


  19. No its not like we lost Mourinho, We lost a good man who should never have to buy a drink in the city again, Someone who among other things played no small part in saving our club.

    Working miracles with his hands tied behond his and had no russian drug money or spanish lottery funds to spunk around on top notch players and then promote himself as some sort of genius when he is nothing more than a overrated **** whos never had to show true managerial talent.

    Mourinho would never have done the job that Hooters did at nufc because his ****iness would have got the players backs up and his demands woulld have had Ashley in a bupa care home.

    Id love to see Mourinho try and take blackpool higher than Holloway, But he wouldnt because he is a odious, annoying, gob****ey, plagerist ****…


  20. Quote of the year for me!!! ๐Ÿ˜†
    I’m already mocking up the t-shirts ๐Ÿ’ก
    Nee worries whumpie, I’ll give you a share of the profits :mrgreen:


  21. On a less intellectual note: anyone know anything about the injury reports on Ranger and Best? I’d read that they’ve both withdrawn from international duty. ๐Ÿ™


  22. Newcastle fans have the chance to vote Magpies legend Jackie Milburn into the Ultimate FA Cup XI.

    Last month, sports broadcasting network ESPN launched the ESPNsoccernet Cup of Dreams Fan Poll – a survey to establish the all-time FA Cup dream team, manager and overall dream player.

    A shortlist has been produced, with Milburn – who bagged 239 goals in 494 games for Newcastle between 1943 and 1957 – among the strikers in contention.

    Former St. James’ Park trio Michael Owen, Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish have also been selected for inclusion.

    Voting is open until the FA Cup semi-finals, and fans can pick Milburn by visiting
    The second last paragraph pissed me off. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


  23. Ironically, JerseyGeordie: I’m just in the process of starting a t-shirt company. I hadn’t thought of a footie-themed line, but a caricature of Wenger with that phrase on there could be a good start…


  24. Cc I think you have Jose pegged wrongly mate. Jose is very much sir bobby’s aprentise. He is adored by his players because he genuinely cares about them. His ****y persona comes from him being brutally honest and from h trying to take pressure off his players. Lest not forget he made his name winning the champions league with Porto, long before the Russian blood money.


  25. Whumpie – If you knock out some footy ones you can link em in here. As long as they aren’t that hippy tie-die sea shell white the surfer dudes wear round your neck of the woods!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  26. Toonsy it’s gone now, but there was a para on Newcastle saying he’d signed for them etc but then someone had added on,”he hasn’t signed for Newcastle United and don’t believe the rubbish you read on this site” or words to that effect ๐Ÿ˜€


  27. Cheers, Toonsy – I’d love to put a link in. It’s just a hobby thing for now, but I’m hoping it’ll get enough support to take over my day job eventually. If nothing else, it should raise a few grins, and offend some people who really, really need offending. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


  28. Ewerthonโ€™s wicki page no longer has any reference to Newcastle so probably just somebody messing as is usually the norm with wicki. Still think he’ll be worth getting in though


  29. Jersey geordie thats your opinion mate but i disagree i cannot stand him, He lost my respect after i watched porto cheat Celtic out of the UEFA cup with the most cynical team ive ever seen, Also Porto won the champions league by winning matches vs Deportivo (who played us in the intertoto a year later) in the semis and the mighty Monaco in the final.

    Hes never got his hands dirty like Fergie, Wenger, O’Neill, Arry, Hitzfeld, Zico or even Pardwho have in the lower leagues, Non league or in the arse end of nowhere.

    I would love to see him do what that Eddie Howe fella did at Bournmouth with nowt to spend, A transfer embargo and a points deduction and had them promoted inside 2 years…A truly amazing achievement, Not buying loads of ยฃ25m players and winning trophies and talking himself up as special…


  30. World Cup winner Villa also said Andy Carroll, who Liverpool signed to replace Torres in a ยฃ35million deal, was “worth every penny”.

    Villa, who cost Barca around ยฃ34.2 million when he joined them from Valencia last summer, added: “Each year there are big transfers of this type. It’s normal. All teams need to strengthen when they want to win things.

    “Liverpool needed to reinforce after the sale of Fernando. They (Carroll and fellow new recruit Luis Suarez) are two great players who are worth every penny. I’m sure they’ll be a hit with the fans.”



  31. @CC: i am just gonna say this.

    If you want short-term happiness and quick sliverware,look for Jose Mourinho.

    Newcastle sacking of managers suits Him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    He is Speical cause he can manage to win Sliverware in the shortest time possible.


  32. CC
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    He won the Champions League – Full Stop! Doesn’t matter who they beat, although I remember them beating Man Utd too that year.

    He also did it with very limited funds. People do tend to forget that…


  33. @Stuart79: you can include that Jose works under a similar style of owner like us when he manage chelsea.

    Andriy Shevchenko?


  34. Cc I get it that you don’t like his personality and you won’t be swayed and that’s fine. I’m of portuguesse background so I’m a bit bias myself. But I also was aware of him before his Chelsea days because of it. What he did for Porto and even a small club like uniao leiria, which is a small dairy town, was unbelievable.


  35. CC

    I never said I liked Mourinho, but you can’t deny he’s a good manager.

    Champions League with two different teams already. Including Porto!
    Won the Italian league with Inter Milan by a massive margin. English league Portugese league, FA Cup.
    Pretty much every title in every league he has managed.

    Sir Bobby rated him very highly.

    Chelsea still have their money, but where are they now?

    His stats are: played 490 games won 337 drawn 100 and lost 57

    Thats a 69% win percentage and a 90% no loss percentage.


  36. Only weeks after being given the job at Benfica, Mourinho’s mentor, Sir Bobby Robson, offered him the assistant manager’s role at Newcastle United. Such was Robson’s desperation for Mourinho to join him he offered to step down after two years in charge and hand over the reins to Mourinho. Mourinho turned the offer down and said he knew Robson would never step down at the club he loved.
    I admit i didn’t know anything about this. Oh guess what might be the difference if Mourinho did join in. :mrgreen:


  37. Oscar Pye-Jeary – Football fan cast… quite clear he’s a neutral, so interesting view…

    2. Playground tactics & Rabbit in a hat tricks. โ€“ Itโ€™s hard to know what to make of the game Alan Shearer thinks is the greatest heโ€™s ever seen. No is my natural reaction. But thatโ€™s part of my natural reaction to everything the great tufted one says, so itโ€™s hardly a fair analysis. I would personally still rank the famous 1996 Newcastle โ€“ Liverpool game ahead of it, purely on quality, something this match certainly didnโ€™t lack, but contained less of than it did frenetic energy and blustering scrappiness. For a start it owed much to the idiocy of Abou Diaby, who in the great history of Arsenal players at crucial times of the season (or possibly just William Gallas) decided to act like a flapping petulant giant child and got himself sent off. The biggest act of childishness on display however was not Diabyโ€™s, but unfolded on 68 minutes when Gunnerโ€™s keeper Wojciech Szczesny refused to relinquish the ball after Bartonโ€™s first penalty, cocooning it and hiding it behind his back like an 11 year-old taunting his seven year-old sister with the soon to be naked and melted Barbie doll heโ€™s just stolen. Itโ€™s always struck me as one of the biggest acts of c*ntsmanship in football this, and surprises me that itโ€™s not considered up there with diving and phantom card waving when the finger wagging purists go on their weekly rants. Itโ€™s quite simply the most childish thing anyone could possibly do on a football pitch bar giving someone a Chinese burn or perhaps kneeling down behind them and getting their mate to push them over. โ€œIโ€™m not giving the ball back, na na na na na na, itโ€™s behind my back now, you canโ€™t see it, now itโ€™s above my head, you canโ€™t reach it, na na na na na.โ€ When Barton converted a second later in the half, Szczesny grabbed the ball and threw it out dramatically in a grand sarcastic gesture, presumably demonstrating how wronged he felt by his initial booking and how trivial the matter clearly was to him, despite making a ridiculously overblown deal about it. โ€œHere, have your stupid ball if you want it so much. Like I care. Pfffftttโ€. How old are you? When Joey Barton looks more mature than you, youโ€™ve got to be doing something wrong.

    I know what youโ€™re thinking. In a game of such excitement, starling goals and high drama, this is what youโ€™re fixated on? Yes. Weird isnโ€™t it? But it really did annoy me that much.


  38. Jersey geordie

    You obviously know more about him than me, Ive read about Leira which obviously unique to do what he did there, Maybe its the football and the attitude which rubs me up the wrong way, The same as Allardyce who i begrudgingly respect for what he did for Bolton but hate the ****iness and the style of football he churns out.

    Was he on such a limited budget at Porto?? Because he certainly had some fine players at his disposal and always seem to spend a fair bit compared to other portugese clubs.


  39. JG
    Mourinho signings:
    The signings from other clubs included Nuno Valente and Derlei from Uniรฃo de Leiria; Paulo Ferreira from Vitรณria de Setรบbal; Pedro Emanuel from Boavista; and Edgaras Jankauskas and Maniche, who both had been out of contract at Benfica.

    would you give Louis Phillepe Scolari for the runners-up medal in Euro 2004, No. Its just that wherever Mourinho has gone he has had full backing from the management. Yes, he is a very good manager, but I would like to see him managing a club like Valencia to success….


  40. Neeraj u basically prove my point mate. Is that a champions league squad? What he did at Porto was bring in players he was familiar with. He got them to play as a team and with a lot of shin kicking they achieved the impossible.
    Deco, caravalho, and (if your Portuguese) maniche are the only names of high quality there and even still they were virtual unknowns until that Porto triumph. Yes Porto spend a lot compared to their Portuguese rivals but it might as well have been qpr he was managing compared to how much was spent by champions league big boys.
    Cc I agree his persona and tactics aren’t exactly great to watch.


  41. Guess it was fate after all.

    Mourinho always have affection for Newcastle,just read those quotes he made about Newcastle.

    if fergie decides to be and asshole. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Inter coach Jose Mourinho hopes Newcastle United give their long-suffering supporters something to shout about this season.
    The former Chelsea chief, speaking on behalf of Ford’s Feel Football debate website, obviously has plenty of respect for The Magpies, who managed to upset him a couple of times during his Stamford Bridge days.
    “I cannot really say who the surprise team will be but, year after year, we always wait for a better Newcastle. They are a top club, they have a huge support and they have good players, so we wait for more from them.”


  42. Toonsy it’s funny the arse fans moaning about Phil Dowd.I lived in Wigan for a while and I saw a match Wigan v the arse not only did Phil Dowd turn down 3 stonewall penalties one where Flamimi as last man brought down Heskey(I know he woul have missed but that isn’t the point) he wouldn’t allow a Wigan player back on the pitch after having to leave the pitch after recieving treatment,allowing Flamini a free run up the pitch and score,when the wigan manager questioned Dowd about it he swore at him,not one complaint from Mr Wenger his players or the tossers that follow them.


  43. Honestly, even allowing for my obvious bias, I cannot see what the Gooners are so worked up about. I think Nolan should have had a yellow for the goalie incident, and while the 2nd penalty was ‘soft’ it was definitely a penalty – a clear shove – with hands, not shoulder – on the player as he jumped for the ball.
    I didn’t see the imfamous Joey tackle on Arshavin; was it bad, or like the Diaby one: a well-executed, fair and hard tackle?
    The van Persie offside was, um.. offside. Only marginal, but clear.
    The only really bang-to-rights bad decision made was Besty’s disallowed goal.
    Seriously – am I missing something, or do they have absolutely no basis for their whining whatsoever?


  44. Whumpie, nope they’ve no basis what so ever, maybe the 2nd pen if anything but that was given by the same linesman that disallowed Best’s goal so that was more than evened out for them.


  45. Whumpie don’t think you’ve missed anything. Wenger has turned the Gooners into a mirror image of him – a whining petulant git. I genuinely think because he never accepts that it’s his or his team’s fault for whatever goes wrong, they all actually believe it. So paranoia and delusion sets in. I was reading some of the Arsenal boards yesterday and my god they talk about us being delusional, they were unbelievable: match fixing, bungs from Ashely, conspiracies, Dowd and Joey Barton the devils incarnate. Honestly it was hilarious.


  46. Whumpie that challenge in arshavin was probably a foul. But that’s it a foul. Barton slide in with both shins to try and block the ball. Arshavin had just turned so Barton got the ball through arshavin. A foul. But no studs and not particularly dangerous but 2 seconds later, diaby completely took Barton out of it in retaliation, late and from the side. A tackle that had both of them on their backs, that could’ve easily seen yellow.
    Let’s not forget the terrible treatment Jose was getting from that linesman whenever he even looked at Walcott.
    Fact is their players couldn’t match the intensity on display when it mattered most.


  47. Mark can’t believe it’s only going to be your 2oth ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Feels like it should be more. Old hat for you already mate ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€


  48. JG
    I never said that Jose was a lucky manager, he is a very good manager,and did wonders for Porto. But he is a manager who works well when the board supports him (thats where the argument started)…..

    Though, he is still unproved when it comes to managing a club which faces off the field drama, where the players have to be sold against manager’s wish and cash wont be available on demand, thats why I stated the Valencia example (didnt want drag Newcastle United into it)….


  49. Ok neeraj, so then name me a manager that has won the champions league without support from the board? :mrgreen:


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