Striker on way?

It is pretty obvious that Newcastle are in the hunt for a striker, and it’s also pretty obvious that this new striker will have to be without a club due to the nature of the transfer window actually being closed.

You can blame bad luck, poor planning, lack of ambition or or any other reason for it, but at the end of the day we are where we are and the club has to explore every available avenue in the search to bulk up their striking options.

It also narrows down the list of possibilities quite dramatically as, to be fair, there aren’t that many strikers knocking around who are not attached to any club. Names like Jeremie Aliadiere are uninspriring whilst other names, like Ewerthon, are untried and untested at Premier League level.

Of the two of those though I would much rather have the latter. In my mind it is better to have a player that is untried in the Premier League as opposed to a one that has been tried, and failed. At least there is a chance that Ewerthon could do something!

If you look at his goals per game ratio, Ewerthon averages a goal every three games or so. That isn’t bad, but replicating that in the Premier League, in a new country, with a different style of football is a completely different matter.

No doubt if he does end up at Newcastle there will be comparisons to another Brazilian frontman who once wore the black and white.

Yep, I had to use this as an excuse to dig out some old clips of Mirandinha, he’s not from Argentina, he’s from Brazil, he’s f*cking brill……

Mirandinha was fantastic for us, and frustrating in equal measure, but it’s those little bits of Brazilian magic that stick in the mind. If Ewerthon does end up signing with us I would expect much of the same thing – magic followed by frustration. He’s done it in Spain, so expect to see glimpses of it over here as well.

It’s all kind of irrelevant really as he isn’t our player, in fact I don’t know if he will end up with us at all to be fair. Looking at what is available on a free though you would have to say that he would be about the best shot.

Mind you, this is Newcastle and we will probably end up with Febian Brandy, or another central midfielder or something like that.

We’ll see!

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24 thoughts on “Striker on way?

  1. Ice I couldn’t believe what some of the nasty Arse fans were saying to Batty they were slagging him off for nowt πŸ˜†
    Toonsy I would take Ewerthon as im not 100% sure but I think he could do a job for us, as for Aliadiere I dont think he would do the Job.
    But im not against giving him a chance’ though I do still think that if Ranger gets his 1 st prem goal he might be able to step up πŸ˜‰


  2. On the Carroll story it wouldn’t surprise me if he turned out like Woodgate, I dont know what makes me think that but I just have this strange feeling.


  3. Dave – I’ve also had that feeling to be fair. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, off to bed. Back down to Surrey again tomorrow πŸ™


  4. DAVE on ranger ive seen small flashes even when ive watched him res games to make me think he has something in his locker,but doesnt seem to get his whole act in order for some reason like


  5. I would still love to see him play for England and do the business. He is a Geordie lad at the end of the day.



    We probably did but spuds always ask ridiculous fees and maybe ‘arry was holding him back to try to get a carroll deal done.


  7. Mark – Cos he would be the 26,567th midfielder in the squad. We need strikers. We can and have create chances, but we miss a lot of them.


  8. Dont see the point in buying for buyings sake and especially if its the likes of Alliadare who is pants, we did the same with Pancrate and apart from one good goal it was a daft move.


  9. Bobby – Agreed. As I said in the article, at least Ewerthon has the excuse of being unproven compared to to Aliadiere who has trued to proven himself but couldn’t.


  10. Aliadere is a pointless transfer. He has proved he is not a PL striker, in fact he couldn’t even score in the Fizzy. Begs the question, why?

    There’s no point just bringing someone in to fill a gap if their not going to have an impact. I would rather rely on Ranger.


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