Fancy a ten year price fix on your season ticket?

Price freeze at SJP!
What’s that? Of course you do? Well roll up, roll up and let’s talk about it. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, now let’s crunch some numbers.

You’ve probably guessed from the title, and from my rather fetching sales pitch above, that this article is about the ten year price freeze on season tickets.

Apparently there are no catches, and you can exit the deal after just one season. Not only that, but you can pay monthly with no interest added to the balance. Sounds good doesn’t it? Almost too good to be true in fact. The only downside I can find though is that those who own a season ticket will have to pay a £15 ‘membership fee’ each year.

I know not everyone is in a position whereby they can take advantage of the deal, myself included, but is a good deal.

Why though? Why the sudden generosity regarding the price of season tickets? Does it make business sense? Is there a more sinister reason for it? Like a sale perhaps?

The first thing I thought of when I heard about it was that perhaps Ashley wants a guaranteed income to allow a more accurate budget and forecast into the future. This is quickly dispelled by the fact that you can exit the deal after just one year. You can’t build a forecast on that I’m afraid.

Then I looked at the business sense of it, what with being a bit of a geek for numbers and figures and such. I can’t see how it would make any business sense at all. It doesn’t factor in any increase of sorts. I know there is the £15, but realistically that is peanuts and the club could probably raise season ticket prices year on year by that amount simply due to inflation.

vanlife uk | THIS is why we do it!
What happens when costs start to rise? How will they be paid for? Surely absorbing those costs will just eat straight into our income and leave a smaller pot of cash left over for whatever?

I’m probably missing something here, but it genuinely looks to be a good deal for the fans, with very few strings attached. No doubt there will be a kick in the bollocks somewhere along the line, but on the face of it I can’t see where there is one.

Oh wait, yes I can. It would appear that the away allocation is being extended, as is the family area. This will effectively end the singing section, or Leazes Corner level seven, if I’ve worked things out correctly. The point for this is? Very few fans take the full away allocation as it is, so why increase it and have more empty seats?

Could this be Ashley’s way of splitting up the groovy gang who sit in the heavens and devote so much of their time and energy to him? Hmm….

Sign up for it by all means, but I wonder where the atmosphere is going to come from?

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57 thoughts on “Fancy a ten year price fix on your season ticket?

  1. ‘Sign up for it by all means, but I wonder where the atmosphere is going to come from?’

    Most of them will probably move down into that empty corner that is just below their current spot and sing FCB twice as load next season, unless he buys Hulk and Gerviniho of course. Simples.


  2. The atmos should come from all round the ground. Like it always used to.
    Fecking Gallowgate is like a morgue most of the time 😈


  3. Hmm I dunno. I don’t think you can beat the East Stand for sheer shittyness. I’m still pissed off that I got abuse for singing a song 😯


  4. Surely it will only hinder any potential sale, any prospective owner isn’t going to be tempted to buy knowing that he can’t increase prices even at inflation level!


  5. Batty – Been in Surrey for the last two days. Been allowed out during the day 😈

    Last day tomorrow then back to my normal nights 😛


  6. An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Latvian, a Turk, an Aussie, a Yank, an Egyptian, a Jap, a Mexican, a Spaniard, a Greek, a Russian, an Estonian, a German, an Italian, a Pole, a Lithuanian, a Swede, a Finn, an Israeli, a Romanian, a Bulgarian, a Serb, a Czech, and a Swiss man walk into a pub.

    The landlord says, “I can’t let you in without a Thai.”


  7. nite lads early syart tomoz , me and DJG have got too start peddling on the tandum ,too make sure we get there in time for kick off 😆


  8. fuk I was going to say batty is away early tonight but just noticed its 11 👿 sometimes my day just dissapear ffs.
    Richi Batty could have sorted them all out with a thai 😉 he knows someone that well into thai’s 😆


  9. Dave…I was sitting on the train this morning opposite a really sexy Thai bird.
    I thought to myself, “Please don’t get an erection. Please don’t get an erection.”

    But she did 😆


  10. I’ve got a season ticket in the John Hall and because i had one when we were in the championship i get 10% discount as well for next season, so me and my 5 mates are very happy indeed 🙂


  11. Are there any stadium expansion plans? I thought I heard in the summer when we were linked with a possible sale that someone was looking to expand SJP to a full 60K capacity. Could this sale somehow be related to that? Could it be something that if done drives the argument for the need to expand the stadium. Wouldn’t that expansion have to get by some type of city council (it may work differently over there than here)? And, with enough season tickets sold…on this apparently too good to be true deal, perhaps the argument could be made to expand. And, during construction, there may be some fans who have to go without…but will reserve their seats when the new stadium is complete.

    I dunno…just tossing out ideas.


  12. Cya Toonsy…..if I hadn’t been moving overseas I’d be getting a good deal in the Gallowgate, my ticket has been the same price for 4 or 5 years anyway then I could get the price freeze plus the 10% off for last season.


  13. I’m gonna learn to surf 😀
    We gonna try something ourselves, wor lass sells card designs online,but doesn’t get alot for it but we’ve seen cards made from her designs selling online for up to £6, so she wants to cut oot the middle man and make them herself online, I’ve also already arranged to meet up wi a couple of shop owners over there who are interested in selling them too. We might look to buy a little business over there too, see how it goes.


  14. Erm i used to comment ages ago but to be honest mate i can’t remember my name, it would have been Dan something. I had this name on .org though 🙂


  15. Thats good Richie I hope it all go’s well for you’s as im sure it will 😉 Do you get the nerves thinking are you doing the right think ❓ or are you cool about it all,
    My niece moved out to Oz last year and I know for the last few weeks before she went she was dreeding it but now she wish’s she had went years ago 😛
    Dan was just checking as I use to chat to a young lad in his teens called Dan something on Eds a couple of yrs ago, and I can remember you on .org not long after Eds closed and use to wonder if it was you 😕


  16. Dan are you still in your late Teens ❓ I think ther was someone on there that use to always have a go at you about you being a Kid so wouldn’t know what was what, and I use to stick up for you, if it was you. There was also a young lad called Ryan something as well that I use to stick up for.
    But anyway take it easy and be good


  17. Yeah it’s defiantly me, I’m 17 now and i remember some [email protected] saying i knew nothing because of my age! Even though i was just being positive about nufc and he was being very negative, but from what I’ve heard that’s what Newcastle can do to you 🙄


  18. Toonsy,

    Don’t let these guys mock you about your liking of the low blow.

    You really are a ‘sucker’ for punishment.


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