Do you think Newcastle will avoid the drop? Vote now!

Trap Door! This will strike a chord with those of a certain age!
The business end of the season is fast approaching and it’s fair to say that our Premier League future is far from secure as we stand.

Would I go as far to say that we are in a relegation fight? No, not yet, but whilst the gap between us and the bottom three teams remains so slim there is always a chance of being dragged into it.

Newcastle have just come through a real tough patch of games where they have played teams that will likely end up in the top six at the end of the season in five of the last ten league matches. To be fair we haven’t come through that run of games too badly, but it could have been much better had we managed to hang on to those leads against Tottenham and Sunderland.

On the whole, the performances have been of a high standard and the team are still fighting, which is a major difference from the side that we had when we were relegated two years ago. Chances are still being created and our defence looks sound, and we still have players like Hatem Ben Arfa and Stephen Ireland to come back into the team.

Newcastle currently have 32 points, but with three home games coming up in the next five fixtures I would like to think that we will add to that haul sooner rather later. If we can win all three homes, which will be a tough ask in the Premier League, then I would say that we are pretty much safe.

It’s not just about us though as other teams have to win games to catch up with us. Five points may not sound a lot, but it still takes quite a lot to claw that difference back when a team is stuck near the foot of the table, especially when you see the games that some of the teams down there have left to play.

It’s imperative that Newcastle grab a win at the earliest opportunity. Grabbing all three points at St Andrews tomorrow evening would be a start and would go quite a way to securing Premier League football for another year, but even a point would keep us ticking over in my opinion.

I think nine points could do it, whether that be three wins, two wins and three draws, one win and six draws or whatever. It doesn’t matter how the points are gained, it only matters that we have gained them.

So come on then, let us know how you feel!

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108 thoughts on “Do you think Newcastle will avoid the drop? Vote now!

  1. JerseyG…. he should let Martins through without challenging him, that will give Martins loads of time…..time to think, attack over,goal kick 😉 😆


  2. richie

    I think your grossly underestimating them. Just watching them against Everton, they have good strikers now including Sturridge who’s scored 3 in 3. Big strong defenders, good keeper and now can play some canny football in midfield on top of that. If you think we will walk over that side just because we’re at home I think your in for a shock although obviously I hope your right and we do.


  3. I’m not underestimating them at all, its only you overestimating them.
    Where did I say we would walk over them? I didn’t even say we were better than them, you said they were one of the best teams in the league, that means they are up there with Man Utd, citeh, Arsenal and Chelsea they are not…fact, they are in with the next group which includes us an average prem team.I never said they’d be easy to beat but I would think we could beat them which clearly you don’t. They are poor away from home and have been quite poor generally of late.I ask again again, where is your logic? 😉


  4. DAVE aye mate i have a few times and hes still a ****,but i understand poor kid its what happens when you are your own sisters kid,the grey matter doesnt quite gel,shame 🙁


  5. I like Roy Hodgson as a manager, but what is the point in saying that he doesn’t know if his players are good enough to stop up? I mean it could work in a reverse psychology kind of way, but it’s a bloody risk and could destroy any confidence they have left 😯


  6. I don’t like him, don’t know why, just don’t. Don’t ask me for my logic cos there isn’t any to be found there 😀


  7. Willo struggles against quick strikers. I’m a bit concerned about him dealing with martins.
    Too true about Williamson.

    based on what always seems to happen with ex-players, you know Martins is good for at least a brace…


  8. RICHIE you got logic, you get it shopping the other day like or is it a wedding present from your lass 😀 😀 😀


  9. Ice I cant remember you writing anything that you would regret, even if you havn’t put your brain in gear 😆
    But I do think most of us have wrote something that we maybe havn’t thought through properly 🙁 but once you click post there is **** all we can do about it 😆


  10. DAVE your reet,i remember you clicking the old button once,a bit back when you fell for the batty ploy,then must have bit your lip,then again he is a slag,heard hes been licking up to ashley 😉


  11. Dave – Looks like the saint that is Quinn is starting to annoy certain Sunderland fans from what i can tell. I find it rather funny 😆


  12. Ice I find mesel having to bite my lip quite often with Wor Batty 😆
    And yeah he has been licking up to him, but I think its because of the knock off sports direct 2nds MA is giving him 😉


  13. icedog
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 7:43 PM
    so thats where he gets his logic, the chinese

    Ice 😉 Passionate kiss like spider’s web, soon lead to undoing of fly. 😆


  14. Evenin lads, how is everyone. haven’t been on for a while, was in ‘Boro last week with work and came down with quite a nasty cough…. 😀

    As for us going down, can’t see it happening like. Reckon we’ve got too much in the way of fighting spirit and quality. We’ve also got the top four out the way pretty much, 3 points the moro night would do me perfectly though like.


  15. ROSS in boro m8 ime sorry we all have our cross to bear 😀

    i think a draw tues,only thing that worrys me we have only scored 3 in 5,except ars game like,where they comeing from?


  16. Ross – Well done. You managed to escape the Boro without being sexually abused and alive. That’s quite a feat 😉


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