Is our season in the balance?

Are we at the tipping point?
There is a feeling going around suggesting that these next few games could define our season. I happen to agree.

The next two games, against Birmingham this evening and at home against Bolton in a little under two weeks time, could define where we are heading this season and where we end up come the end of May.

A positive result, say four points from the two games, and we could be looking up at a top ten finish, but two negative results, like just two points for example, could very well leave us looking over our shoulder and fighting a relegation battle from now until the end of the season.

It could be argued that the way Newcastle have played at times this season would make it unfair if we were to be embroiled in a relegation dogfight, but I don’t buy into that. If we get involved in a battle then we have ourselves to blame for not getting enough points on the board. Football is a harsh game, and that is the harsh truth.

I personally think that we will be ok, but it’s getting too close for comfort at the moment. I believe our home games against Bolton, Everton, Wolves, Birmingham and West Brom should give us enough points on their own to keep us up, but it could have been very different had results, injuries and some other stuff including something to do with some Liverpool player gone our way.

Alan Pardew has been talking about the importance of the games in this month, of which there are now only two left 🙄 and echoes the sentiments that I have just writtten.

“The whole month is important – Birmingham leads us into two home games,” Pardew told the Sheilds Gazette. “In some ways, it’ll determine whether we’re looking up or down, and I hope it’s looking up at the end of the month.”

I think we all hope that we are looking up rather than looking back over our shoulders from now until the end of the season. But until that gap is widened, or until it is mathematically assured that we are safe, the concerns will understandably continue.

The positive thing is that the team are still looking confident and are still looking capable of getting a result. We’re having trouble finding the back of the net at the moment, but if we keep doing the basics right and keep being defensively solid then the luck will fall our way at some point.


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24 thoughts on “Is our season in the balance?

  1. IF we can win tonight it will be so good and so satisfactory and will hopefully spur us on onto our two home games, but at the same time i would take a point tonight 😆


  2. Im just looking forward to Stephen Carr showing Jonas the outside. He’ll probably need an oxygen mask by the end.. 🙂


  3. Carr hasnt changed much and is still suspect when anyone runs at him as he drifts back over into the box instead of forcing his man wide, DJG, i agree and hopefully Jonas and Jose will give him a hard time.
    I think an explanation for a lot of the poor delivery and final touches in the Blackburn game were to do with the state of the pitch which was like a ploughed field, perfect for the home teams style.
    Hopefully, a better surface tonight will suit us.


  4. dan, its the time of year ain’t it. Even the best are looking pretty ropey for another couple of months at least.


  5. I don’t think its about the next 2 games, but the next 5.

    We only have 2 games in March Home to Everton away to stoke. Thats a lot of time given that we have have players returning to fitness in march.

    This means going into April and our 1st game home to Wolves we could already have 40points and a much stronger squad. A win to bring us to 43+ points and a good run in in May means we can look up.

    However if we are mot safe by the end of these five games it will be very tough indeed


  6. I think we will avoid the drop. A few more points would be nice about now thought. A win tonight and win against Bolton would be mint. A point or two after that will probably see us safe, but hell, let’s hope for 20 more points haha! I’d sure love to see a top 6 finish.


  7. The 4 W’s have struggled to average more than a point a game all season.

    I’m not sure why so many people think that’s gonna change between now and the end of the season.

    We could win just 2 games from our last 12 and still stay up I reckon.


  8. I would say 9 of our last 12 games are definitely winnable.

    If we don’t get another 14 points AT LEAST I’d be very, very surprised.


  9. TC-

    Love the optimism, mate. It is realistic though. I think we can do it. Maybe not Europe this year ;), but with some ambition in the summer, we could well find Europe next season. I just really hope the goddamned bindippers keep their hands off Jose (and anyone else for that matter).


  10. We have averaged 1.2 points per game so far this season , if we keep that up it be another 14 or 15 points which be more than enough to keep us up. We are going to struggle for goals til now and end of the season. So we are going to have to depend on our defense to keep us in games and win our points. Its nice to see us been so strong at the back for a change 🙂


  11. If the players play well, and are well coached and managed, it will be far easier to induce players to sign new contracts with Newcastle. If the above does not happen, the really good players are more likely to seek greener pastures. So the work of the current crop of marginal strikers on the roster will determine who stays & who goes.


  12. A win and a strong performance tonight would be brilliant and all but secure survival i think. Its vital we play like the arsenal second half/blackburn again and don’t slump on this one…couple of Enrique performances were below what we’d usually expect but he came back with some awesome stuff vs blackburn…so long may it continue..up until our season is secure, then he can have some howlers to keep potential buyers away 😀


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