The many moods of Jose Enrique.

Jose will likely leave in the summer.
The talk of Jose Enrique and a potential summer move to either Liverpool, AC Milan, Aston Villa and so on is starting to dominate things at Newcastle.

I personally think that some of Jose Enrique’s interview, which was originally in Spanish, has been lost in translation, although I don’t doubt for one moment that there will be some serious interest in our star left back come the summer.

Jose has been one of our top performers so far this season, but with his admission that he is effectively open to offers from other clubs that now looks to be a bad thing rather than a good thing with regard to keeping hold of him.

Jose needs to make up his mind though. If, and it’s a big if, we invest in players in the summer that ease Jose’s concerns then perhaps he could be persuaded to stay. If we don’t then he’ll want out, and I couldn’t really blame him, although it wouldn’t be the first time that Jose has wanted to upsticks and leave.

Admittedly this was in the direct aftermath of relegation, but it does kind of put a different slant of things when he states that he was prepared to take a pay cut to leave Newcastle. You can read the full article here, but it’s this quote that got me more than anything.

“If there’s any interest from a Spanish club I’ll take the offer seriously,” said Enrique.

Just like you are willing to take any new offer seriously, Jose?

It winds me up to be honest. I know it shouldn’t as I don’t expect any kind of loyalty from football players anymore. Loyalty died when Big Al retired. What winds me up the most about it is why now? Why, with eleven games left has Jose decided that now is that time to alienate fans?

At the end of the day, Jose has been here for a few years now, but it’s only really this season that we have seen the best of him playing against the best that other teams have to offer. This is fair enough as it can take a while to settle and all that and it wasn’t necessarily his fault that we were in The Championship, but the fans have been right behind him from day one and have never got on his back, even in the days when it seemed like the Β£6 million that we paid for him looked like a good deal for Villareal and not for us!

I guess my main gripe with him is why he couldn’t keep quiet about it? Why couldn’t he just wait and see rather than displaying what his intentions are to the public? I did think that we had a chance to hold on to him if we show him that the Carroll money is to be reinvested, but now I am already consigned to losing him in the summer.

Start your bids now!

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37 thoughts on “The many moods of Jose Enrique.

  1. TOONSY aye mate and another big wage bill cut,will suit ashley down to ground imo,and nice fee to laugh all the way to the bank πŸ˜₯


  2. Good post toonsy,

    As I said yesterday, If JB signs up in the coming weeks it may be a good indication that cash will be splashed in the summer.

    If JB refuses a new contract then I will expect an exodus of our best players. πŸ‘Ώ


  3. Don’t worry lads, I am on me way down the road in a minute to stay in the toon until wednesday (I actually spend my holidays in Newcastle 😯 ) y yo hablo EspaΓ±ol so I will have a word with the bull and tell him he’s gannin nee where, so sign the contract son.


  4. Funny how Jose is all cut up and wants to leave when Rich’s Spanish wife to be will also soon be leaving the country πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ 😈

    Hope the wedding goes well tomorrow Rich πŸ™‚


  5. I think he’ll be gone personally, in fact, I’ve already resigned myself to that fact. Β£15mill I reckon the club will value him at, if he wants to talk to another club and we get a good bid on the table like that, he’ll be away. Another Carroll situation on the cards.

    But tbh, so he should, no player is bigger than the club, and if he is not 100% committed to the club, then bye!

    A player not being committed and trying to engineer a deal with other clubs is a whole different scenario to being a ‘selling club’.


  6. AYE at least nolan makeing the reet noises too,keep it ganning lad,that dave has nee idea always running nolan doon 😈


  7. as long as we stop up ill be more than happy for you pick your bet up,as i think we might have a judas or two in camp,the fat gits helping nowt πŸ‘Ώ


  8. The onus has to be on overtaking the mackems for me. Not only will we have spanked them home and away, we also spent next to nowt doing it whilst they spent almost a billion pounds! (ok, slightly less)


  9. I agree, batty. Pardew has got us organised (Arsenal apart) and seems to have them atacking a bit more.

    If he’s given the resources I think he could get us into Europe with good football.


  10. anyone read Enrique’s comments regarding the Sun’s story?

    Said he’s not happy about being portrayed in this way and there was merely a few sentences used, taken out of context (shocker). And as stated, he’ll open contract talks when were safe.

    Much a do about nothing. Still, if a Champions league club comes in for him and they got the money on the table, he’ll be off


  11. ILM- nice to hear that. it makes sense.

    the way I see the Enriqe thing is that some day he hopes to play in the Champions League and play for his country. Fair play to him on both counts. But he seems to want to accomplish both of those goals in a black and white shirt. If he doesn’t think he can, he will leave. In the meantime, if the club shows improvement and committment he will stay. I think we can all get behind those points…


  12. Thanks for posting that ILM. πŸ˜€

    Nice to hear it from the horses mooth. Reet now I can go and get pished!!

    Have a good weekend everyone! πŸ˜›


  13. ILM-

    You’re prolly right, mate. Hate to see him gan, but if some CL club wants to splash about 15 or 20 mil for him, then he’ll be off. And honestly, I can’t be TOO mad about it. That’s great business on the club’s part. But I’d rather us save him and all our core players. Toon to beat Real Madrid for CL finals next season 😎


  14. Toonsy, cheers be glad to get it owa with.

    With regards Jose, the interview was translated totally out of context, JerseyG gave the jist of it alot more accurately yesterday.
    That said, as I said the other day I can’t see him staying regardless, hope I’m wrong tho πŸ˜₯


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