Perotti and Tangane lined up for Newcastle?

Perotti to Newcastle? Hmm...
From here on in I expect Newcastle United to be linked with a whole host of players that we will apparently be looking to bring in over the summer.

Most of it will be complete trash and will have been made up on the spot, but with £35 million sat in the bank it is perhaps only natural that the press will be willing us to spend it and will be offering suggestions on who to spend it on. They are nice like that are the press….

However, I’m going to focus on two players who have been strongly linked with us over the last few days, one of which will be with us next month as he will be on Tyneside for a trial.

His name is Alister Tangane, a 17 year-old French-Senegalese striker who currently plays in the French regional leagues with a team from just outside of Paris called Bretigny-sur-Orge.

I’d like to tell you what kind of player he really is, but there isn’t a lot of information floating around about him to be honest and I’m not going to flannel you guys off with misinformation by making it up. What I do know is that Tangane has also alerted the likes of Manchester United, Marseille and Everton, so if those clubs are interested then he can’t be too bad. No doubt he will be another one for the future.

Moving on to the next player to be linked with Nufc, which is Diego Perotti from Seville. Various news outlets are running the story which claims that Alan Pardew will be looking to bid €10 million (around £6 million) for the 22-year-old Argentine winger.

Perotti is predominantly a left-sided midfielder although he can use both feet, and he can also play as an attacking midfielder if the need arises. Judging from this video clip (I know, Dennis Wise eat your heart out) he certainly looks like he knows how to whip a ball into the box.

That is the kind of service that I would have liked when I used to play, mainly as it would require little movement, and that is right up my street!

Is there any truth in these though? Well obviously there is in the first one as he is apparently coming on trial, but with regard to Perotti it could be yet another case of being linked with a player when there really is no interest.

I’m sure there will be much much more of that to come over the summer as the thought of all that money, combined with us being all but safe in the Premier League, add an extra gear or two to the rumour mill for this summer.

It’ll be interesting for sure…

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33 thoughts on “Perotti and Tangane lined up for Newcastle?

  1. hooray extra bit on class on here,cannot beat exta class the toon need it too,quality wins everytime 😀 😀 😀


  2. Perotti looks tidy like, but another right footer on the left? hmmmm I don’t know, fits the bill though I guess and can only get better.

    I think it’s important though that we don’t fall in to the trap of saying we have £35mill to spend, it’s one of those situations where it would be easy to set yourself up for a fall.

    We’ve never had that much to spend, and even though we do have £30mill in the bank (reported), I seriously doubt all of it would go on players.


  3. There ya gan Ice. I e mailed you to say that they were done 🙂

    I had to enlist some help on it, so a big thanks to Lee as well 😉


  4. I Love Mike
    Posted February 20, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    If it doesn’t all go on players, what was the point in selling Carroll then?

    Also don’t forget we’re likely to have £25m from Tiote and Enrique too.


  5. STUART have we not forgot the cash from p.l. and sky cash comeing into club nxt season or is that going into running the club as well 😥


  6. Stuart – Selling one player to get two or three or four in will make us stronger. That is the point in selling Carroll.

    Besides, I actually have faith that the players brought in will be decent. Just because they may not be the names that Stuart has on his posters on the wall it doesn’t mean that they won’t perform well for us. I expect more Tiote and Benny’s to be honest. Good players on reasonable fees.


  7. toonsy
    Posted February 20, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    Do you actually read my posts and read what I’m responding to?

    ILM made a comment about not spending all the £35m on new players – so I made the comment about what was the point in selling Carroll if we weren’t going to spend all the money.

    Also where do you think all these HBA and Tiote’s are going to come from? If it was that easy every club would be doing it. There’s a certain degree of luck involved buying young untried players.


  8. Stuart79
    Posted February 20, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    “Do you actually read my posts and read what I’m responding to?”

    Not really as I have very little interest on what you say these days as it tends to be the same shyte every day…..

    BUT as you mention it…..

    I took ILM’s statement as in we wouldn’t be spending all the money on transfer fees. Wages will come out of that for new contracts etc, under soil heating no doubt as well as other stuff.

    All of it will make the whole club stronger, from infrastructure to playing staff and facilities.


  9. Stu
    He handed in a transfer request, and we had £30mill (actually a £41mill deal) on the table, there was only going to be one outcome in that situation. Though I don’t think it ALL will be spent on players, I expect a large amount – maybe 2/3 of it – to be spent on players, i’m just advocating caution in regards to our hopes for the summer. Expect nothing, everything else will be a bonus!

    Though the players are probably the most important thing at a club, there are still other aspects which need addressed. The point of being self sufficient is that all the money we make as a club, goes back in the club, not just the playing staff. Pardew has talked about needing under soil heating at the training ground, i’m sure there are a million and one things at the club that need money spent on that we don’t know about, that’s where the rest of the money will go. Don’t forget, good facilities, training ground etc could be a good selling point for a player we’re trying to buy. Or heaven forbid we pay off a bit of debt with it?


  10. Stuart – The PL money will go on wages of the current squad. Are you really dumb enough to believe that that money is surplus? 😕 😕 😆 😆 🙄 🙄


  11. toonsy
    Posted February 20, 2011 at 11:50 AM
    Stuart – The PL money will go on wages of the current squad. Are you really dumb enough to believe that that money is surplus?

    So you’re saying if we hadn’t have sold Carroll we wouldn’t have had a penny to spend this summer?


  12. Well we are only apparently just breaking even now, so logic would suggest that. Unless of course Ashley bought the players out of his own pocket.

    I don’t want that though as I’d rather the cub stood on it’s own two feet rather than upping what we inevitably owe to Ashley.


  13. i want a rolls royce,but i only have cash for a ford,whats i gan dee,got it go into debt easy.

    in saying that the fat git wants to get some cash spent,it wants be be at least 40mil,as he will sell other players for sure,and will end up spending fk all


  14. I heard we’ve been looking at Taiwo, he’s a free in the summer so if Jose does leave it would be a perfect signing. Obviously I would prefer Jose to stay and sign a new deal but I can’t see it happening.


  15. A bad deal though?

    Decent player Taiwo like, could work on his defending a bit more like, but for free, (he’s also 25) can’t argue with that like.


  16. I just can’t understand why we would pay a considerable chunk of the dosh on another Jonas type player. If we assume we will have jonas, Ben Arfa and possibly that Marveux lad from france, that is already 3 left wingers and no specialist right winger, so can’t believe we would want 4.

    IMO we should be looking scouring the globe for strikers, especially pacy ones. Also for right wingers. The french striker could be a good deal but haven’t we been down this road before with Fabio Zamblera and co. He’s never had a sniff at the first team.


  17. Is it just me or are the bin-dippers turning into the new Spuds. Ie trying to sign our best players or trying to sign our best tranfer targets.


  18. DJG i agree, I cant stand Liverpool now. If they get Jose I will hate them even more.

    I remember we had Modric ready at the ground to sign then somehow melted face signed him…Spurs are cnuts


  19. Liverpool? Meh.

    I’ve ALWAYS hated them self righteous pricks. It may or may not have come across on occasion 😉

    Murderous ****bags who want the world to feel sorry for them. Self pity city 🙄


  20. What happened to that Hulk, and Gerviniho. If we’re gonna spend the money surely thats where we should be making bids. At the end of the days there’s onlt so many Tiote/benny type signings. To get some good enough strikers their gonna cost money surely we won’t get them cheap. If they get us into Europe they will have been worth the money.


  21. Hulk would probably cost over 20 million, I would love it if we could get him but he seems a bit of a nut case – so he would fit in fine. 😆


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