Barton: “I would play left-back, right-back or in goal if I could.”

Barton's love in with Newcastle.
Joey Barton has rapidly become a key part of the Newcastle team this season, and he will surely rank quite highly when it comes to the Player of the Season award which will be taking place in a few months time.

I’m not going to say that the lad has changed everyone’s opinion about him because quite simply he hasn’t and it seems as though Barton must repay his debt to society forever more, but on the pitch he has at least proved some of those doubters wrong when it comes to his ability.

Nobody can argue his commitment either to be honest, despite the fact that his contract saga appears to rolling on unresolved. His surname may be Barton, but dare I say that he should be called Joey Bargain? I mean he cost us £5.8 million back in 2007, and granted it has taken a while for us to see a return on that investment due to prison and injury, but do you think that we could pick him up for that price now with the form that he is in at the moment? I don’t think we could…

Bargain regularly talks of how privileged he feels to be part of this team and to be playing for a club like Newcastle United, and even though he is playing in an unfamiliar right-wing position he has taken to it like the proverbial duck to water and has put in some stellar performances. He did admit however that he did have some concerns when he was first asked to play out on the right.

“That was my greatest worry when Chrissy told me I was going to play there against West Ham – how long will I stay here?” Barton told The Chronicle. “It is then almost a case of if you go there and play too well everyone will see you as a right-sided midfielder.”

“I am just happy to be fit and playing and being able to showcase my talent at a big club like this. I would play left-back, right-back or in goal if I could.”

That is the kind of attitude I like to see from players if I’m being honest, and it’s a far cry from the likes of Kieron Dyer who sulked off because he didn’t get played in what he deemed to be his correct position. Bargain Barton is different though and is more about the team than Dyer ever was.

“I am just happy to play in the side, and I feel, at the minute, it is the best formation for us to play as a team. There will be certain games when the gaffer might feel it would be better for me to play in the middle. At Spurs, he felt it was better for me to play off the front man.”

“As I say, I am just happy being fit and well, and I am enjoying my football for the first time in a long time. Long may it continue.”

It’s good to see that Barton is enjoying his football at the moment, and to be honest the lad deserves a crack at it. He has had continual criticism from just about every angle, but he has come through the other side of and it will have made him a better person.

As I said earlier, when do you stop paying your debt to society? When do people move on? It does happen, people are given chances in life. I know that more than anything as it could have turned out very different for me and I could still be tagged as many a name from my youth due to my past transgressions. Unfortunately some people won’t forget, which is their choice I guess.

I’m just happy that he playing his heart out for us at the moment!

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113 thoughts on “Barton: “I would play left-back, right-back or in goal if I could.”

  1. i remember it well,great horse m8,was never a lover of greys till it,did what it did 😥
    did you find the ticket again like


  2. Not this season Dave. I used to go n watch the resies alot at kingston park, but they dont play there anymore so been neglected of late.
    Not heard anything much good about Spears since he came up here, tbh but I guess he is still so young.
    Mind there was quite a bit of a hoo ha when he came up. Made out he was gonna be the next big thing, but all gone quiet now.
    Happens tho doesn’t it.


  3. BB yeah mate we always seem to put too much pressure on the younguns 🙁
    Batty @ 73 will have to take your word mate I have never watched it, but I can guess 😆


  4. Batty me mate go’s on and on about how good shameless is and that I should watch it, I tried it once but not my cup of tea 😀 did you ever watch that come fly with me I liked that


  5. Dog take it easy mate 😉
    Batty I dont watch that much tv anyway but I did like that, I always thought Taaj looks like Stephen Irelands bro 😆


  6. Joey said not long ago he agreed a deal in principle, so the stuff about him being offered a two year deal can’t be true.

    If Nolan wasn’t such a class captain I would have Joey anyday – sets a perfect example every time he pulls on the shirt. What ever happend in the past is the past, this season Joey has been amazing and proved any doubters wrong for me.

    I hope he never plays for England, dont pick him Fabio, all it will do for us is cause problems. Injuries and other clubs wanting him.


  7. ET – You had me panicking there when you asked what I’d done 😯

    AndrewT – I agree. Barton’s own words told us that he’d agreed in principle. Mind you, goalposts change, and our illustrious owners have a habit of doing the unexpected so nowt surprises me lol


  8. I think it’s pretty obvious that something has changed. It was all sorted three week ago, imminant etc…

    Like toonsy said our owner and MD do have a habit and form of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite (proved in a court of arbitration).


  9. Barton’s no mug. He’s probably well aware that he has been one of this seasons stand out players.

    Before Carroll left he probably was all ready to sign, but now he’s gone he may be trying to put some pressure on pardew and the board, by not signing, to reinvest some money on players.

    Just a theory like.


  10. Stuart79
    Posted February 23, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    Like toonsy said our owner and MD do have a habit and form of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite (proved in a court of arbitration).”

    Who sad it wasn’t Barton who’s moved the goal posts? Since then we’ve got rid of Carroll so maybe he wants ‘more’ reassurances.


  11. I’ll start to worry when Joey comes out himself and say theres something not right, we know what he’s like, he says what he wants.

    Maybe his agent is trying to get him a higher wage packet?


  12. Toon Chicken – That story throws doubt over the theesome at Nolan’s house story of a few months back. The lad’s clearly not interested in women.


  13. Stupot

    Can I ask why you follow (wont say support) NUFC?

    You obviously get no enjoyment whatsoever?

    Take it youre into S&M too. (you must be the taker)


  14. ILM – I doubt it, but I reckon if you shine a UV light on the walls of his house you’ll see ‘Mike’ scrawled all over the place 😆


  15. 😆
    hahahaha that’s minging like, ‘all Mike and no play makes Stu a dull boy’

    would loved to have seen your missus’ face if she walked in and saw you googling ‘s&m safety word’ haha


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