Gutierrez the latest player to urge the board to spend.

Show me the money!
Jonas Gutierrez has today become the latest player to urge the club to invest in the playing squad in the summer.

Jonas joins the likes of Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan and Jose Enrique who have all said in recent weeks that they would like to see the board splashing some of the cash that they made from the sale of Andy Carroll when the summer transfer window opens up for business.

I fully believe that we aren’t a million miles away from being a steady top eight team. I know we are in that position at the minute, but I’m talking about in general and over a longer period than just this season. When all of our players are fit we can give anyone a game, but it’s when injuries inevitably mount up that we look a lot weaker.

The solution? Strengthen the squad obviously. I very much doubt that we will see vast amounts of cash spent on one player, but I do believe that we will see a reasonable amount spent on four or five players. Maybe it’s wishful thinking though?

Anyway, back to Jonas Gutierrez…..

The Argentine winger has urged the club to strengthen in the summer to avoid running the risk of being relegated again. It’s a far cry from the Daily Mail saying that “Jonas Gutierrez has joined the growing list of Newcastle players threatening to quit the club unless owner Mike Ashley spends the cash from Andy Carroll’s £35 million transfer.” Hmm. Daily Mail-tastic 🙄

Now see if what the article tries to suggest actually ties in with what Jonas had to say.

“I am happy here, and yes I do want to stay. My family is happy as well,” said Jonas. “The only issue is that the club has to decide what it wants to do next season. We do not want to be back in a position where we have problems with relegation.”

“We are in a good position at the moment, with the players to make a strong team, but we need to add a few more to make sure we continue to move forward. That is the key.”

“We are all part of a group, and it is important that group stays together. Sometimes, things happen that mean it is very difficult for a player to stay. Look at Andy Carroll in January – £35million, Liverpool, that is difficult for the club and the player to turn down. But in general, I want all of the players at this club to stay. That will make it much easier for the team to be strong next season.”

Now my eyesight isn’t the best, but I’m damned if I can see any threat of quitting the club in there. Can you?

Jonas is right of course and this summer could see us build on what will have been achieved this season, if we invest some cash in the transfer market. These lads deserve to be backed by the board after they saved Mike Ashley’s skin (and wallet) by first gaining promotion and then virtually guaranteeing Premier League safety with eleven games still to go.

The players have done their bit this season, as have the fans, the staff and the manager (both of them). Now it’s time for Tweedledee and Tweedledum to play their part in the rebuilding process.

Unfortunately, I’m not overly confident of that happening.

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71 thoughts on “Gutierrez the latest player to urge the board to spend.

  1. The Daily Fail: Being racist so you dont have to.

    A rumour-mongering xenophobic rant with a hankering for mid 20th century right wing idealism. It hides behind pretense of being an up market tabloid, but freely print blatant lies as and when it suits them. F*cking scum.


  2. I think we’ll invest & build in the summer. I also expect a few will be moved (hopefully Smith & Xisco) on just to get them off the payroll & to mitigate any outlay in new signings.

    I do think expectations are too high regarding the £35m from AC. It’s to cover wages as well so realistically that means 2 maybe 3 players & not very expensive ones at that.

    Id get rid of Smith, Xisco & Lovenkrands maybe even Shola invest in 2 good strikers retaining Best & Ranger as back up. I think in midfield we’re okay to be honest, Gosling & HBA will be back properly next season although a right winger would be a nice to have. I’d also get a left back as cover for Enrique. Other than renewing a few contracts I think that’s sufficient & doesn’t amount to wholesale changes that could effect stability.

    If any players are sold & despite speculation I’m not convinced they will be then we find a situable replacement or promote from within…


  3. The season has been a big disappointment for the press as far as we are concerned and this is never more evident when they steadily pick bits and pieces of info up and turn them into a negative.
    Urging the owners to invest is a long way from quitting, but as long as the club send out the message that we are a selling club, the press will continue with this tack im afraid.


  4. We will probably buy 3 central midfielders knowing us! 🙄

    Would I be right in saying it’s better if arsenal win the cup on Sunday? Hope not.


  5. Jonas stats this season:

    Appearances: 27
    Minutes on pitch: 2185
    Goals: 1
    Shots: 15
    Shooting Accuracy: 40%
    Chance Conversion: 7%
    Blocked shots: 10
    Touches: 1477
    Touches per game: 54.7
    Goal Assists: 4
    Key Passes: 27
    Pass Completion: 84%
    Total Crosses: 125
    Cross completion: 20%
    Dribbles and Runs: 149
    Dribble Conpletion: 37%


  6. How much more obvious do the press want to make what they’re doing, what’s that three stories now with exactly the same tone? Jose, Joey, now Jonas, saying fleeting comments about the need to get a few players in (which is obvious) and then twisting it saying they’re demanding that we get players in or they’re off!

    Sad really, don’t fall for it people!


  7. Pardew: “Mike Ashley wanted to make a statement after Andy’s departure. It’s fantastic news for the fans, absolutely brilliant.”


  8. ILM – is that to ensure top doller if he gets sold!?!?!?

    Magic that both him and HBA have signed up, lets hope others do too. Doesnt give much guarantee but its better than running it down to nowt


  9. Pardew: “It’s a good boost for everyone associated with Newcastle. Mike has had a rough ride but I think he wants to build something.”


  10. Raffo
    I can see the cynical side of the deal, but only a tiny bit, the club offering this contract means they want him to say. But importantly, by what he’s saying and the fact he signed it, it looks like he wants to stay, so it’s all good I reckon.


  11. But it’s the sign of intent which i’m happy about. You get your fair share of doom mongers on here saying this and that but the sign here is that the club value him highly and want him to stay so have offered him better conditions (around £50,00 a week they reckon) and more importantly, he wants to stay.

    It’s all about the statement it puts out for me


  12. Great news on Tiote, lets get to 40 plus points and get Barton and Enrique contracts sorted – we can then spend the summer looking to sign decent value players who can add something to the squad


  13. The great thing for me is that Tiote will have read the recent stories about Chelsea and Manure etc being interested in him yet still wanted to sign a new contract with The Toon 😀 😀


  14. £14 million over the length of his contract, again, another good statement by Ashley, that he is prepared to back a single player like that.

    Was it me who has said money has always been there for the right player and the right deal? :mrgreen:


  15. On the downside, does that mean the other contracts(jb & Jose) aren’t close as surely they would have announced them at the same time? 😕


  16. Great news, and now will people acknowledge that the club is showing a little ambition …

    Those players who wish to stay get new contracts, those who wish to go are sold … very sensible dealings so far this season … (specifically Titoe, HBA and Judas)


  17. Fecking typical. Some actual news and I’m just sbout to go into a job interview so can’t get an article out on it 🙄


  18. Really pleased about Tiote,
    Who was it who bought a Tiote T-Shirt yesterday and a certain doomsday bringer who I won’t mention by name (you could probably guess who though) said ”that’ll go out of date quicker than cream!”
    Next day he signs a 6 year + deal.



  19. batty
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 9:37 AM
    well thats tiote price shot up ,sold in summer for 25 mill

    Now who’s being negative?

    Although the cynical amongst us could agree with you… 🙂


  20. I Love Mike
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    I agree about intent, but why didn’t they do the same with Carroll? Unless this is the Carroll money?


  21. Aye looks like I’ll get decent use out of my t-shirt after all
    Maybe Tiote read Stu’s reply and decided he didn’t want me wasting my money 🙂


  22. Stuart79

    Carroll didnt want to stay … and the club would have been mugs to refuse £35m … simples 🙂


  23. Stu – they’d just given Judas a new contract you div!!

    By your logic you’d expect the club to rip-up Tiote’s new contract and match whatever Chelsea offer him in the Summer?


  24. Great news – and the club also said to UFN that they wouldnt sell a player who didnt want to be sold – so if they want to go – they forgo their compensation and we have to be paid mega money. Great business move once more.


  25. shrews mag
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    Carroll didnt want to stay … and the club would have been mugs to refuse £35m … simples

    I would have taken the £35m too, but I would have thought if the club wanted to keep Carroll they would have looked at his contract again.

    Toon Chicken
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 10:28 AM
    Stu – they’d just given Judas a new contract you div!!

    By your logic you’d expect the club to rip-up Tiote’s new contract and match whatever Chelsea offer him in the Summer?

    Once again totally and utterly misrepresenting what I’ve said.

    The club have pre-empted any offer from another club in the summer – by all accounts this is a hefty contract, this shows that he’s wanted, the club appreciate his performances and the club have ambition.

    With Carroll he wasn’t even anywhere near the top earner at the club, yet he was one of the most important players, but the club didn’t feel they wanted to improve his contract again.


  26. That depends on which version you believe though, one of which was saying they’d look at Carrolls contract in the summer but he din’t want to wait til then…….but we’ll never know for sure.


  27. Buzzing, lets hope this persuades Jose and Joey to do the same!

    Tiote obviously loves it here, to sign a 6.5 year contract proves that.

    I can’t wait until the summer now 😆


  28. great news,BUT ganning to do a stu,when jose goes and a couple more,ashley can say we tryed to keep them but blah blah,
    is this a ploy to con the fans,lets just see!


  29. So is this just to jack his price up in the summer….I don’t think so:

    If Tiote still had 4 years on his previous deal there would not be much point in extending it to 6 and a half years and upping his wages massively if the intention was to sell him. If that were the case Ashley has just spunked another £25k a week until the end of the season for nothing

    Any buying club would know that he is still on a long contract and would have to offer the same sort of price whether he was on his previous 4 year deal or the new 6 and a half year deal. Ashley has just made it more difficult because any club would have to top Tiote’s new wages – this doesn’t sound like the actions of a club that are thinking of selling him in the summer. Everyone has their price of course but I think he will be going nowhere.


  30. Seems like MA does care after all!

    Got to say this is absoutely unbelievable news – what a boost it is for the team and supporters ahead of an important game tomora. I can’t even make it this weekend but all i can say is that if the atmosphere compares to the **** 2nd half it will go a long way to getting us a win, just fantastic timing with the announcement!

    How annoying is it that the papera seem to have some new bullshit every day? We never used to get in the papers last year!

    This has made my weekend cos he’s probs my favourite player since Shearer 😀 😀


  31. This will look good in the eyes of Barton and Enrique, it may say to them that yes the club do have ambition and I would like to be part of it.

    Credit to Ashley for that like.


  32. Good news on JC – shows intent from the club to try and do things right………….although probably also means something bad is about to happen 🙂


  33. paulfraserecho Paul Fraser
    First Tiote, now JohnCarver. Carver signs fiveandahalf year deal to stay as Pardew’s No2 #nufc. Fans can’t say that’s to protect investment!

    Carver signed up – fantastic news!


  34. Ice….if he’s offered them a contract that the club thinks they’re worth(not what they think they’re worth) then if he says we tried to keep them blah blah blah, he’s right is he not?
    There’s no logic anywhere in the statement”ploy to con the fans”
    As a club all they can do is give the lad a contract which he deserves, they’ve done that.
    If in the summer another club comes in with a crazy offer as Liverpool did with Carroll he’ll be gone, that is and always has been the way football works at every club in the league.If that makes us a “selling club” then the term also applies to every club in the league.
    I hate Ashley as much as the next man but try not to let that blind me every time a good bit of news comes out of the club. Accept it for what it is, great news for the club, player and fans, regardless of whether he stays or goes in the future 😉


  35. Stuart79
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 9:50 AM

    ‘I agree about intent, but why didn’t they do the same with Carroll? Unless this is the Carroll money?’

    The did, they gave him a new contract in the summer based on his improvement up to that date and in Jan he was informed he was getting a new contract in the summer as his performances this season so far had warranted it.

    Also, the club knocked back £30mill and £35mill for a player who had only played half a season in the Premiership, crazy money, money which you build a European challenging squad on, is that not a sign of intent?

    As Pardew said (sorry to go over old ground) ‘the power shifted’ when he said he wanted to talk to Liverpool, then what we had on our hands was a player who wasn’t 100% committed to the club and a £41 million deal on the table, there was only going to be one outcome after that.


  36. TGS – Toonsy gave you my email add but nothing came through fella – not sure if you either didnt send anything or my spam filters blocked it?


  37. RICHIE @62 i kna but it got a bite out of you 😀

    cannot have you deeing nowt,your brain will stagnate now your lying aboot 🙄


  38. if players heeds are turned by 2nd rate teams offering more cash,ie a/villa ect,then bye we divnt need you



  39. 3hourswasted

    That’s the most sensible post I’ve read in a long time.

    Newcastle originally rejected 35mil, because Judas had just signed a new contract. So he put in a transfer request.
    He tried to hold the club to randsom and failed… In the end it was a great sale just bad timing… he wanted to go…


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