If Enrique does leave……..

Is Jose on his way?
Much of the speculation with regard to players leaving Newcastle United from now until the end of the summer will no doubt surround Jose Enrique.

Not much needs to be said about the performances of the lad as he has been outstanding for the last 18 months or so. He has been one of the top performers at NUFC this season and has quite rightly, although also annoyingly, attracted some interest from other clubs.

To some it is a foregone conclusion that Enrique will be off in the summer. There is a feeling that with Jose holding all the cards with regard to any transfer/contract negotiations due to him approaching the last year of his current deal. This is a valid concern that was only perpetuated further with the recent interview that Enrique gave to the Spanish press where he suggested that he could be looking to leave in the summer and may not sign a new deal at Newcastle.

Then there is the other side of coin, which I sit on at the moment. That interview was taken wildly out of context by the English press who chose to publish selective parts of the interview. However, when you read the full interview it came across as nothing like what was represented by our press. I can speak Spanish to a point, but the interview has been translated by people who can speak the lingo far better than I could and they agree that it was taken out of context. Google translate is a handy little tool, but it does only work to an extent and has a tendency to translate literally whilst ignoring the various different verbs and sentencing structures that other languages may have.

Whatever side of the fence you stand on there is an argument and a counter-argument to back your particular viewpoint up. In Jose’s defence, he has always said that he will wait to sign a new contract, even before this interview, but now I’m going to get all hypothetical though and assume that Jose Enrique will be off in the summer.

There are many clubs that have bee linked with our Spanish left-back. Manchester United had been linked, but now that Patrice Evra has signed a new deal you would have to say that they are out of any running. Liverpool continued to be linked as well, although there now appears to be some strong interest from abroad.

Barcelona and AC Milan are two teams that are apparently in the hunt for Enrique now although whether or not these rumours are the work of the creative press remains to be seen. However, if Enrique does end up leaving, and it is for a team abroad such as AC Milan or Barcelona then I will feel altogether happier about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be happy about him leaving as I think that in Enrique we have a player which will be able to help take us further up the league, but from a purely personal (some would say selfish, meh) point of view I would find it much easier if Jose left for a team abroad.

I could think of nothing worse than having to watch Enrique ply his trade in a Liverpool shirt next season, or at any other team in the Premier League to be fair. If he moved abroad it would be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind, plus we would have the bonus of not having to face him at least twice a season!

So what do you think? If Jose did leave, would be happier if left for a team abroad? Or do you feel that Jose deserves a chance at another Premier League team?

Your thoughts please…

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41 thoughts on “If Enrique does leave……..

  1. IF JosΓ© was to leave then as long as we got a decent sum of money for him and 1 if not 2 replacements then i wouldn’t be too bothered where he went. As for replacements i would say Taiwo (He is a free after all πŸ˜† ) and Izaguirre from Celtic.


  2. I don’t believe he will leave. I think Enrique is happy at Newcastle and has a great bunch of friends in the team. I think he and other team members are playing it safe and making sure we don’t get relegated and also trying to put pressure on Ashley to spend some money and prove intent to try to qualify for Champions League next season. I think we have a slim chance to qualify this year if we can get a few more wins under our belt. If we beat Everton and Liverpool lose to Man U we will jump up the table! HWTL


  3. A lot of players signed new contracts when relegation was and is still a possibility, I think Jose Enrique wants a move to a club that allows him to use Twitter.


  4. why does he want to move ? more dosh & the chance of winning a cup or 2 ? you can’t really blame him for that if the club dont show the same ambition can you ?

    at this rate we’ll end up with a world class midfielder (toot) on a 6 & 1/2 year contract playing with a bunch of has beens & never will be’s struggling season after season.

    in my opinion the players that have refused contracts are doing the right thing – they like the fans are hoping the Β£35 + Β£15 million is given to the manager for transfer funds so the club can go to the next level – if this happens then jose & the rest of them would be queuing up to sign their new contracts + the fans would be queing up to sign for the 10 year season tickets that are on offer.

    message to both parties – dont hold your breath!


  5. I think if anyone is expecting a massive spend this summer they are deluded and are getting their hopes built up for no reason.

    We’ve been told that the cash will go on wages and fees. Suddenly the Β£35 million doesn’t look so much does it?


  6. Batty – I dunno. I think it’s be somewhere in the middle to be honest. I don’t think all the money will go on transfer fees, but I do think it will all end up back in the club.

    Look at the Tiote deal, that’s Β£15 million……..


  7. If Enrique goes to either Barca or Milan then I will accept that.

    How much of the Β£35m has been spent on Tiote’s contract?

    I will expect a couple of freebies in the summer with maybe a Β£5m signing.
    Forget any idea of big signings.


  8. TGS – Pretty much what I think. I think we’ll maybe spend Β£15-Β£20 million on 3-4 players and that’ll be it.


  9. imo the only money ashley will spend is what he gets in from the sale of jose and jonas maybe a couple of other guthrie ect,thats yer lot


  10. Can’t believe you’s are content with him going anywhere, even abroad!!
    We should be furious that the club aren’t offering him a deal he can’t refuse and make a statement of intent in the summer by giving Pardew the war chest he claims he will get.
    The same deal as cheeky Tiote and money spent and nothing else will do or I for one will be livid wherever Jose goes.
    Can’t believe you’s don’t either. It’s almost as if you’s have gave in and accept anything like battered old wives!


  11. Booby – Or we could be obsessive and beg Jose to stay by pleading and crying at him, like an emotional woman, or like you want to do πŸ™‚


  12. toonsy 15 mill over 6 and a half years m8 ,only aboot 2,5 mill a year ,it isnt as if hes giving tiote 15 mill πŸ˜‰


  13. AOD – Old people like Icedog and Rich were moaning that they couldn’t see them because their eyesight is crap.

    Anyway, stop moaning, You haven’t even got one πŸ˜›


  14. toonsy,
    The sad fact is, if Β£35m was made available for transfer fees only, then we would be in a good position to develop the squad with a view to competing for a european slot next season.


  15. Batty – But it depends on how much of that Tiote deal has come out of the Β£35 million doesn’t it? I mean logically you would say that only some of it has come out of the fee, but would you honestly tule out the club allocating all of Tiote’s wages out of the fee?

    I know I wouldn’t πŸ˜•


  16. toonsy hes not giving tiote 15 mill up front ,so thats ******* what your saying m8 πŸ™‚


  17. TGS – I agree. I think if we still had Carroll then we would have only needed the Β£20 mill to spruce the squad up. Now we need a striker aswell, and they cost the big bucks as a rule.


  18. toonsy,
    What is your fixation with semi naked male avatar’s?? 😯


  19. Batty – Would you rule Ashley out of saying “well I’lll take Tiote’s contract value from the Β£35 million so it’s already paid for” or something like that?

    You’re more confident in Ashley than I am if you reckon differently πŸ™‚


  20. ‘Then there is the other side of coin, which I sit on at the moment.’

    Did you mean fence? Must be a pretty big coin. πŸ˜›


  21. If he doesn’t want to stay then I would rather he did leave.. not to Liverpool, to Milan or Spain or somewhere. If we got back what we paid for him plus a bit more and reinvested it into a good LB in the summer then fair enough. It all depends on what replacement we get. I hope he stays but if he really wants to go I say let him. The grass isn’t always greener aswell.


  22. “The grass isn’t always greener aswell”

    Didn’t you mean ‘either’? πŸ™„


  23. I wouldnt say all of his contract , if any ( tho as you said you can never know with ashley ) will be taken out of the 35mil for carrol as is old contract would of been budgeted into the club as it is.

    In regards to Jose , I dont think be end of the world if he left but if he did leave i would rather it to a top european club.

    I think he will stay tho and i hope he does.


  24. “A stitch in nine saves time”

    Sorry about that, just noticed all these little metaphors and sayings and thought I would chip in with one, felt a bit left out.


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