Pardew: “We’re going to bring in four or five players.”

Pardew says five!
This summer is going to be a watershed moment for Newcastle United.

Right now we have the basis of a decent squad, and we have the cash to strengthen that team with the aim of consolidating ourselves as a Premier League outfit in the future. As MarkToon said in an earlier article, this squad, with a few additions and having retained it’s more important players such as Jose Enrique and Joey Barton, could be going places. I genuinely agree with assessment.

Which is why I hope what Alan Pardew has been saying to the local rags today is true. Speaking to The Chronicle, Pardew had this to say on our summer transfer activity:

“Our process has started already for next season and we want to get them here as quick as we can because were going to bring in four or five players and we need to bed them in as quickly as possible.This summer is a big summer for us.”

“Everybody is going to looking at who we bring in and what types of player. Id like to think my record in the transfer market is pretty good and that we can get the right type of players for what is a fantastic club.”

That’s right Alan, it is a fantastic club that deserves to be heading in the right direction. The fans deserve it for sticking by their team, and the players deserve for playing out of their skins for the past 18 months or so and helping to avoid an implosion into oblivion.

That can only be done by spending money, and although Pardew insists that he hasn’t been given a budget by Ashley, he is pretty confident that he will get as much backing as he needs in the transfer market. Pardew continued:

“Mike Ashley hasn’t told me how much I’ve got to spend, he made it clear when Andy Carroll went that that money will be reinvested in the squad and I have no doubt that it will be. I have no doubt about getting some money; transfers are very, very complicated though.”

“We started the process as soon as I arrived and there’s some great scouting at this club. Graham Carr, who brought in Cheick Tiote has got some fantastic eyes.”

Hopefully Pardew can do as he intends and get the number of players in that he wants, but he also needs to try and keep what we already have at the club which includes contracts for Enrique and Barton.

As I said in an earlier article, Graham Carr is likely to be a key figure for us over the summer as he sets about trying to hunt down more hidden gems. Our very own Mr Benn has stepped through the magic door and has been reported to have been in France and Holland looking at players and will apparently be in Belgium this evening watching the Anderlecht game. I would imagine at least one of our summer signings will come from that kind of area.

As for the ‘four or five players’ coming into the club, the proof of that particular pudding will only be tasted after the summer window slams shut.

I hope it’s nice pudding!

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54 thoughts on “Pardew: “We’re going to bring in four or five players.”

  1. Our very own Mr. Benn. Brilliant.

    Imagine a gladiator sat in Anderlechts stadium tonight. That’s our scout that is!

    I am usually pretty optimistic but heard all this ‘definately getting a number of players in’ lip service during the last window and nowt happened. Don’t doubt pardew tried but divvnt start writing cheques yer arse can’t cash


  2. 4-5 players of the Tiote type would be just fine by me for the Summer.

    By the way, that Stephen Ireland really is a t–t isn’t he?


  3. Well we got 5 in last summer so I think it will be the same this summer but of a higher standard. I read somewhere that the 5 won’t include Ireland who I think Pardew seems to like so that would be 6. 🙂


  4. Thanks Batty- fair enough. I just read his original statements this morning. I didn’t se that he clarified them. Awfully big ‘misquotes’ in there then…


  5. MDS – I think from now on anytime i read anything that was from a foreign magazine that over half of it is just plain wrong after what happened to Enrique a few weeks back and now Ireland.


  6. MDS – Yeah. 😆

    Enrique in his original interview said he will wait until the end of the season to discuss a contract but the British media changed that to he wants out now no matter what happens and some even had he’d agreed a move to AC Milan and Liverpool.


  7. It’s the English press again with Ireland. It’s they who don’t give the public credit to do some research themselves and just assume that people will take their word as gospel.

    “Ah we’ll change it and make it sound worse. Nobody will ever really look into it” 🙄


  8. Batty – Aye mate did all that but its saying me comment is still under moderation, Im assuming the london sweeties arent for light swearing… 🙄


  9. there deffo seem to be some gems in the belgian and french leagues. i really used to enjoy watching the french league coverage on sultana sports…. but when they went arse ower nobody picked up the coverage. eurosport has the goals round up every monday – between the synchronised sheep dippin and the ladies competition crochet.
    its not quite the same…


  10. Tattyheed – Aye I used to watch Eurosport all the time a few year back. Couldn’t even tell you what channel it’s on now 😆


  11. By my reckoning this is the first time Andy Gray has predicted a win for us this season, He’s still sore about what a **** he looks after predicting us and blackpool to bomb and West Brom (the best promoted team apparantly 😯 ) to stay up… 🙄 😆


  12. CC – 😯 How dare you disrespect Andy Gray. Did you not know that he is the fountain of ALL football knowledge 😮


  13. I think its going to be the most important window for a long time ( how come each window seems that way 😉 ) hopefully ( n i think he will ) ashley will invest some cash and let pardew grow the squad.


  14. Agreed johno- it is massively improtant.

    I keep forgetting about Ben Arfa. He was so electric in his limited appearances- what a difference he should make to the squad next year. Hopefully Gosling and Ireland if he is signed as well.

    That gives us 3 quality attacking type players already that we didn’t really have so far this year, and still we score goals.


  15. But how many will be going out?

    Smith, Enrique, Routledge, Lovenkrands, Guthrie, Ireland?

    I don’t think we’ll have a bigger squad per se.


  16. Stuart, true mate, but hopeful of the likes of Vuckic and LuaLua stepping up to the plate giving us a bit more cover. We do have a pretty bad injury list. Saying that, we always do…


  17. I actually think that Ireland will be one of our first signings of the summer. Pardew seems to rate him and, despite clarification, Ireland seems to have burned his bridges in Birmingham.

    I reckon he’ll be a stayer 😉

    Enrique I’m still unsure on. A win tomorrow would put us on 42 points, which would make us safe IMO. It would also take us up to sixth if results go our way. Perhaps that would be the time to sit down with Enrique??


  18. Yeah- we won’t see ireland suiting up for the national team or Villa anytime soon 😉

    Pardew has had good things to says about Tavernier and Fergueson challenging for the first tem next year. Add in Kadar, Vuckcic and possibly LuaLua, plus 4-5 signings and suddenly the depth looks pretty good- even if we lose Smith, Loven and Rout.


  19. Nah man. I’ll never forget how great they were when we won the league down there. Top class they were 😎


  20. Always gonna have a soft spot for plymouth after last seasons championship clincher, Shame for any club having to go into admin bar a few exceptions… 😈


  21. It’s a shame. I’m gutted for the fans on one hand, but on the other they had debts to pay and didn’t cough up so deserve to be punished as a club for it.

    This is not the fans fault of course, but it is they who will likely have to sit and watch League 2 football next season whilst the money men drive off in their flash cars and back to their fancy houses.


  22. Isnt that the way woth life tho toonsy? Little guys get trampled on the big guys swan away with millions 👿


  23. Yep, I’m really sorry to hear about Plymouth; great people. And that from someone who leaves near Exeter!

    That was a great night – my only ever pitch invasion! I hope they can get out of this one quickly and sort things out; they deserve better.


  24. I cannot believe they thought bringing in Peter Ridsdale would help keep them from hitting the ****… 😯


  25. toonsy
    Posted March 4, 2011 at 4:48 PM
    That man should be banned from operating any football club

    That man shouldn’t be allowed to operate a tin opener, let alone a football club!


  26. Oh, for god’s sake don’t let him near anything sharp.

    Ahhhnyway. Just seen that my local can show either the Arse/Scum game (ooer sounds nasty) or ours tomorrow. I’m supposed to be getting wor chava to ride his bike, but I’ll suggest teaching him pool instead 😀


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