Meet Jose Enrique’s potential replacement.

Cheikh please?
One of the most important things this summer will be to try and tie down some of our current players who are approaching the end of their current contracts.

One of those players is Joey Barton, and the other one is Jose Enrique. As our only real senior left-back, it is vitally important that he is tied down to a new contract, although there is a growing suspicion that the Spaniard could be off in the summer.

This is why Alan Pardew is apparently lining up a replacement for Enrique should he decide to leave the club in the summer, and it appears that a name has been identified should the worst case scenario happen come the summer transfer window. That name is Cheikh M’Bengue.

It’s been rumoured that Graham Carr and Alan Pardew have both been at a couple of Toulouse matches recently, and with M’Bengue currently playing for Toulouse it could be he that our staff were taking a closer look at.

This isn’t an original link as we were linked with the 22-year-old in the summer and a fee of around £4 million was mooted if I recall correctly. Being honest, I’m not going to fob you guys off and claim to be a fountain of knowledge with regard to this player, but a quick bit of digging around leaves me a bit feeling a bit apprehensive if we were to firm up any interest and sign the lad.

He’d probably be best described as a ‘tough tackler’, and I say that because of his past disciplinary issues. In the 2007-2008 season, M’Bengue was banned for 13 games for seriously injuring an opponent from the Monaco youth team after a dangerous tackle.

Then in 2009, he was banned for a further three months for seriously injuring a Monaco senior player. The tackle only got a yellow card at the time, but the suspension came later which kind of makes a mockery of the Premier League when they claim that FIFA say they can’t take action if the referee has seen the incident.

Maybe he just doesn’t like Monaco for some reason? 😉

It is slightly worrying though isn’t it? I mean we have a habit of picking up yellow cards anyway, so could you imagine what it would be like with M’Bengue and Tiote in the same side? I would hazard a guess that we would be at the bottom of the fair play league anyway!

So it’s just a rumour, but it does hopefully indicate that Newcastle are at least planning for the summer. Hopefully, it won’t come to this as Enrique will sign a new deal and everything will be happy ever after.

Until then though, the speculation will continue…..

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  1. Don’t bother anymore Dave, not gonna comment on a site run by someone who behaves that way.


  2. Simon – Cheers man 🙂

    All – Sorry to drag this all up and detract from the footy and that, but I’m just not having it and will stand my ground all day long 🙂


  3. Toonsy I have been asked things before on here but I never commented as I didn’t want to darken the door of with ****. But I had to say something the other night when Worky and Chuck were having a cheap dig at you, as I hate to see mates getting slagged when they dont deserve it.
    It just seems to me that Worky isn’t man enough to admit when he is in the wrong or else he just dosn’t answer.


  4. was just going to switch off after reading my e-mails but saw last comments,your right i hate this sh-te normally go off line,but sometimes a guy has to stand up for whats worrys lads and goodnight


  5. Dave – That’s what got me mate. It wasn’t Chuck as I expected that from him, but from Worky, after the amount of time and effort whilst going to hospital all the time and what not, to say that really made me mad, especially when he knows nowt about this site as he made a false claim. I can’t stand that – DJG knows all about that 😆


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    “The truth? You can’t handle the truth” 😆


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  8. Looks to me like so many have come here from .org anyway, think they have seen the light.

    On another note, let’s hope the injured lads especially Jose and barton can recover over the next 2 weeks, we need them back to get us a top 10 finish. Apart from wanting to finish as high up as poss, need the extra money (more than worky) for the higher finishing position


  9. It’s strange that there has been no news on Jose yet? Maybe tomorrow? Mind you, no rush is there really. If it’s jut a tweak he might be fine for Stoke.


  10. Cya Dave….is that why ya “BigDave”? all ya ever seem to do is disappear off for food 😉 😆


  11. Maybe theres nowt to tell with Jose, Just a tweak they didnt want to make worse.

    I think if Barton and Ireland were 50/50 for yesterday they must be fine after a fortnights break


  12. Dave – I joined again today, purely to spread the word of course 😉

    Reet, off to bed, catch you later 🙂


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