Seedy details of Carroll’s shady deal.

Laugh it up you b**tard!
Liverpool could be faced with an investigation over the transfer of Andy Carroll on deadline day as new details came to light regarding the record move between Liverpool and NUFC.

Now I’ve blamed the agent of Carroll for playing a big big part in the move previously. Put simply, I think Carroll isn’t the brightest button on parade and I think he is easily led which is why I think he has been in a lot of trouble. It would appear that I was wrong, about the agent anyway, as Carroll didn’t actually have one at the time of the transfer, well not one that was willing to represent him anyway as he was in dispute with Peter Harrison who claims that Carroll wanted the agent of Kevin Nolan to represent him despite the fact that Carroll had a two year contract in place with his current agent.

This meant that Carroll’s move to Liverpool was completed without an agent, although it actually wasn’t and it would appear that Liverpool hired one for the lad to use. Step forward David Bromley who is apparently a ‘little known’ agent that would never normally get anywhere near a deal the of size this. The problem is that Liverpool did not divulge this information and chose to not comment on his involvement in the deal, although they do admit that an agent was used.

So if Liverpool used an agent for the deal on behalf of Carroll whilst he was still under contract to another agent it would mean that transfer rules have been broken. It’s called ‘poaching’ apparently, and to make things even murkier it has emerged that David Bromley is a close associate of Kevin Nolan’s agent, Mark Custis who Carroll wanted to hire to replace his current agent, Harrison.

The big deal is that the agent employed by Liverpool was talking with Carroll before a fee was even agreed and that he was talking directly to the player. This is a ‘breach of conduct’ in the eyes of The FA and they are said to be looking into the situation.

It was pretty clear to me that Carroll was being sweet talked by someone, although I’d never heard of a dispute between him and his agent (who has represented him since the age of 16) so naturally assumed that he had a part to play in the deal.

Now there is a lot of hearsay and rumour with regard to what actually went on during transfer deadline day, but for me it’s starting to tie in with what the club and Alan Pardew have been saying. It would explain the sudden demand for a pay rise as Carroll would have known exactly what he could be on at Liverpool and he would have known that Newcastle were unlikely to match it. According to yet more rumours Carroll couldn’t actually say how much Liverpool had “offered” when Pardew asked about how much he wanted to stay as if he’d have named his price then club would have had an idea that something was up with deal and that talks had already taken place.

The world of agents is a murky, horrible affair and this article is actually annoying me as I can’t stand them. If a poaching case is opened up then it would appear that Carroll had his head turned and that the club were genuinely rejecting those bids on transfer deadline day until Carroll made his mind up and forced the move by following instructions from an agent who should have been nowhere hear the deal in the first place.

Whatever happens, happens and there will be more details to come out in the future I would guess. These details do show that Carroll wasn’t forced out like he said he was, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter too much. If anything it’s a moral victory for the club who tried to keep hold of a player until the player took the control out of their hands.

Local hero my arse. He went for the money! That’s fair enough, but to then have the brass bollocks to get people to “make sure they knew that he didn’t want to leave” is a complete pisstake. They can have Carroll, they can have their seedy agents and dodgy transfer deals and anything else that is associated to the deal. They can also have any FA punishment that may, but probably won’t, head their way. Liverpool and Carroll deserve each other!

They can’t have their £35 million + back though!

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49 thoughts on “Seedy details of Carroll’s shady deal.

  1. Dont you know CC its liverpool , such a club wouldnt do anything of the sorts! Hate that club n i hope traiotr


  2. I think you nailed several things in the article.

    Carroll never sounded too bright. I always figured he was led to water by a greedy agent behind the scenes who knew Newcastle would never meet the salary demands. Carroll probably figured they would and managegement, correctly in my opinion, called his bluff and got a good deal for the club. This lends credence to that.


  3. @Nora
    I told you last time, it’s people like us from the Toon and people from Gateshead who own the Tyne bridge and pay our council tax for it’s upkeep unlike you his from north Tyneside who pay nowt and speak different, saying words like daint and dainnkna.


  4. The FA will not punish Big 4 Liverpool since they are a favored club and are having some financial problems at the moment.

    And speaking of Liverpool financial problems, their former owners are looking for additional cash from losing their ownership of the club. If the courts rule for them, then LFC could join the “selling club” ranks.

    And speaking of the FA, I wonder when they will get around to issuing the punishment to Wolves for their 7 yellows against NUFC earlier this year. Will they wait until Wolves are relegated, or send a post card saying “Please do not do that again this year?”


  5. Does this do anything to help Mike Ashley’s reputation? Does it disspell the idea that we’re a selling club?

    Seems it should on both accounts.

    It would be nice to see “big” club get punished. And though I’ve no real reason to hate any club from England, something about Liverpool has always bugged me and therefore would be very happy to see it happen to them.


  6. I hope Barton understands now that it wasn’t he clubs ambition that changed with the sale of Carroll. It was Carroll’s ambition that changed when he heard of the £££ on offer.


  7. Toonsy

    Do you not reckon Barton (and Enrique) have every right to question the ambition of the club when they see the likes of nacho gonzalez replacing Milner, Raylor replacing Zog and Kuqi replacing Carroll.

    The club have a lot to prove in the summer and hopefully they bring in the quality we are lacking in certain positions starting with strikers (Gervinho and Lavezzi 😀 )


  8. I am just glad I was so militant and never for once doubted anyone else was to blame but Carroll. Actually makes me feel loads better to know that the club weren’t the cheif instigators.


  9. CC – It depends doesn’t it? I mean two of the three names mentioned were way before this rebuilding thingy that the players had bought into, and the other one was only brought about due to Carroll being a **** with only a short while left in the window.

    The summer will be pivotal though. I agree with you on that.


  10. Agree toonsy. I have also blamed Carroll since it happened, I just do not understand how people can say he was forced out…No one forced Carroll to get on the helicopter to Liverpool, no one forced him to sign a contract with Liverpool.

    I rekon his agent told him to go and ask us for a new deal knowing we would say no to him – therefore giving him a reason to hand in a transfer request.

    I hate him, it p*sses me off talking about him, it just proves contracts might as well be toilet paper because they mean nothing at all. “I want to be here for the rest of my career” Aye right Carroll…I hope Tiote or Barton brakes his leg when we play them, I’d take defeat to see that happen.


  11. Question the ambition of the club? The fact they are willing to offer them both increases on their contracts wort MILLIONS of pounds suggests some ambition.

    If I am honest, the more time goes on I am thinking that if they want to play for us then sign and if they want to whinge about ‘clubs ambition’ then they can fck off.
    It’s not about the clubs ambition is it? It’s about their ambition, if they don’t want to try and fulfil it here then go play for Blackburn or whoever else will have you. Won’t be a top 4 club.

    No ones bigger than the club and if they want to hold us to ransom, like Andy Carroll, then they can jog on.


  12. We rejected two bids from Liverpool, then accepted it once he asked to leave.

    The fact we were willing to turn down the 35 shows ambition – give Ashley credit when it is due.


  13. I know a sibling of Peter Harrison. He was suing Carroll before Christmas because he had already went to another agent, and this agent had profited from him signing a new deal.


  14. whey as I said at the time, no player can be forced out if they have a contract! If he didn’t want to go as the lying treacherous cnut said, he could have told Pardew and Cashley, don’t bother excepting any bids however high and who ever they’re from cos I’m not going anywhere and now I’m going to switch my phone off……but he didn’t tne money grabbin ****gobblin****jockey 👿


  15. Only one club I can’t stand more than Man United is Liverpool…

    From Kenny Dogleish stuffing up a great squad and buying his buddies and son, to the Stan Collymoore goal, to the useless prick record signing Michael Owen, to Andy Carroll.

    Really hate them!!!

    In fact, I think the “big” four are doing such a good job of making me hate them, te Scum only come in at no. 4!

    Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal and Scum… thats the order right now!

    A for that dumb prick Judas. Well He’s done bugger all so far. Had a good first three months in one season.

    The likes of Jay Bothroyd and Danny Graham, Shane Long etc, will score more than he did in the Championship last year.

    Not saying he’s bad at all, but he certainly ain’t worth 15mil, let alone 35mil!

    As long as we use the money wisely, I’m becoming more and more delighted he’s gone!


  16. LOL dosn’t surprise me, as I always believed that Carroll had his head turned By liverpool and our very own captain Nolan who seems to escape any blame,
    As Pards said if Carroll wanted to be here he would still be here


  17. Aye, Nolan packed his bags for him, ‘go fulfil all my dreams son’ he said.
    I heard him from the bush I was hiding in


  18. So what would happen if Liverpool were guilty of poaching Carroll? Would they have to pay more money to us?

    I really believed that if Carroll wanted to stay at newcastle they he would have done. But the fact is he saw cash signs and thought that was the best option. I’m also concerned about Nolan’s agent being involved, it seems to me like they were major players in telling him to go.


  19. Ice you should of had faith in me mate but atlest you know to believe me from now on 😉 😆
    Moreno I think you could be right and its quite disappointing 👿


  20. talk aboot rules,friend of mine in malta who plays for one the better teams in goal,has told me today hes been banned for one game.why i asked,he forgot to shake refs hand before game,its true 😯


  21. Ice thats whats wrong with footie someone do’s something stupid like that and get a ban, and if your Rooney and Co you can do what you like and get away with it scot free 👿


  22. Im just pleased Ashley got so much for him. There were a few times where Carroll nearly got released by tossers like Souness or sold for a few million. I would feel sick as a pig if we sold him to Bruce at Wigan for £4.5M and then 2 years later they sold him for that.


  23. DAVE aye how long has that pig red nose got away with not talking to tv after games which is against PL rules,and nowts done,just over his thiefing son


  24. So this David Bernstein who is the Chairman of the FA has banned Fergie for 5 games, including the FA Cup semi final with MAn City. David Bernstein who’s he….hm… oh yeah the former chairman of Man City! 🙂


  25. The whole situation reminds me of one of my favourite songs.

    To be someone must be a wonderful thing,
    a famous footballer, a rock singer….
    or a big film star, yes, i think I’d like that.

    To be rich and have lots of fans
    have lots of girls to prove that I’m the man.
    and be number 1, and liked by everyone

    Getting drugged up with my trendy friends
    They really dig me, man, and I dig them
    And the bread I spend – is like my fame – it’s quickly diminished

    And there’s no more swimming in a guitar shaped pool
    no more reporters at my beck and call
    no more cocaine it’s only ground chalk
    no more taxis now we’ll have to walk

    But didn’t we have a nice time –
    didn’t we have a nice time
    Oh wasn’t it such a fine time

    I realize I should have stuck to my guns
    instead **** out to be one of the ******* sons
    and lose myself – I know it was wrong – but it’s cost me a lot

    And there’s no more drinking when the club shuts down,
    I’m out on my arse with the rest of the clowns
    It’s really frightening without a bodyguard
    so I stay confined to my lonely room

    Okay not 100% relative, but the message is the same!


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