Does Pardew talk too much?

Pardew just doing as he is told?
It seems as though regular NUFC updates are in plentiful supply these days as Alan Pardew and The Chronicle continue thier apparent love affair and adorn us with information on an almost daily basis.

This is fine in my world really as most of it generally floats over my head. It’s the usual stereotypical claptrap that managers around the country feed their respective local press, mainly because each respective local press publication tends to ask the same kind of questions repeatedly.

This is not a new phenomenon of course and is something that has been going on for years, which is why it confuses me when different managers get different levels of stick for it.

I’m using Alan Pardew as the example of this here as he tends to get a fair proportion of criticism when it comes to speaking to the press. He ‘loves the sound of his own voice’ apparently, which may or may not be true but at the end of the day is it any reason for criticism? I mean at the end of the day is Pardew not just simply answering a question that he has been asked by someone else?

It seems to me as though the club can’t win. If someone from the club, whether that be a manager or someone higher up, doesn’t reveal enough information then the club attracts criticism for not communicating enough from certain people. If the club loosens the lines of communication and starts responding a bit more to the press then it, or in this case the individual, gets derided for it.

Either way the club can’t win, but then I guess it’s the nature of the beast – you can’t please all of the people all of the time, or something like that anyway.

I’m unsure as to why Pardew gets so much grief for his words in the press, or ‘self-promotion’ as some have called it. Perhaps it’s a culture shock brought on by the differences of approach between Chris Hughton and Pardew when it comes to press matters? I used to love the way Hughton handled the press, but then again it never stopped them printing stories about us to be fair.

The bottom line is that I am struggling to work out just what people want. Do they want someone who will not engage with the press and who refuses to answer their questions? Let’s be honest, that isn’t going to get us very far and it makes life a lot easier of the press are on your side. It certainly seems to make the headlines a lot easier to read anyway!

In short I guess the moral of the story is not to pay much attention to what is in the press. Managers have certain obligations to the press so they have to talk to them anyway – just think of it as part of the day job. If anything it’s us fans that should stop scrutinising each word that comes out of Pardew’s mouth.

Still, it’s just my opinion anyway.

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54 thoughts on “Does Pardew talk too much?

  1. It’s to do with the internet, methinks. There’s more outlets for news, from the papers to blogs like this one, and people’s opinions are able to be published in comments sections like this one.

    It’s a fairly new phenomenon – it’s mass conversation rather than mass communication (or mass debating some times). People were just as critical pre-internet, just we din’t have anywhere to go to air it – ‘cept the pub.

    And football fans are the biggest whingers in the world so they’ll find any old excuse to push whatever barrow they want – whether for effect or just because they’re sad little sods.

    I agree, Pardew can’t win. Nobody can win. That’s why we all love blogging.


  2. No he doesn’t, imo.
    On another note, how sh1te was Carroll tonight? Haha. Shame about not picking up a career threatening injury like…but we can’t have it all.


  3. whoops! didn’t finish …

    That’s why we all love blogging – for most people it gives them a chance to be a somebody, to have a say, to have somebody actually take some notice of them, even if it is only until the next thought flits by.


  4. Personally I think it’s 50/50. On one hand, and as Moreno ays, Pardew is speaking about stuff that he has no influence over, such as transfer policy and what not. I’d hope he does have a say, but the facts don’t back him up on that one! On the other, it’s always nice to hear more information from the club regardless, and anything is better than nothing surely?


  5. @toonsy: i think is the general effect you got,from CH who hardly speak anything. 😆

    i don’t think pardew talk too much,is still within control.


  6. I just think he wants to be liked by the fans, so he says what he thinks we want to hear. Problem for him is that fans will always have different opinions and interpretations of what he says. He can’t win and won’t – ever.

    I don’t mind him blowing his own trumpet, if he believes in himself then the knock on effect will be that the players will too, but from a fan point of view, the results do the talking so he shouldn’t have to tell us how great he is, just get on with it and prove it.

    The only time I tend to listen to him is with regard to why he thinks we lost and update on player injuries, certainly not on transfers. I don’t get why he doesn’t understand that raising hopes will ultimately provide a let down. Best to expect nowt then everyone is over the moon if something does come off.

    Of course, maybe it’s to prove to the players that big plans are a-foot, if he hadn’t been shafted over Carroll, he could tell them in the dressing room and be believed rather than constant attempts to justify our transfer policy to the media


  7. As frustrating as it could be, Hughton’s 0 info in the press policy meant the press had little ammunition to rip into us with. At least we weren’t left with egg on our faces. A certain Pardew soundbite in January left us in such a state, gloriously announcing us as a selling club.


  8. I dont always like what i hear from Pardew but he is a refreshing change and at least through him, the fans are getting information from the club.


  9. He talks the same pish as most managers, if Pardew had replaced a sacked fat sam instead of CH, in the circumstances he did then very few if any would be complaining about it.
    Does he put his foot in it? yes, don’t we all? Should he have said Carroll was going nowhere? no, even though he’ll have been told that from above but he’s been around long enough to know every player has his price. If I could be arsed I dare say I could find quotes from Fergie saying Ronaldo was going nowhere in the weeks leading up to the sale, they all do it, always have always will. I’m not arsed how much ****e does or does not come out of his gob as long as he secures premier league survival!!


  10. I think you talk too much about this particular subject. This must be the 3rd or 4th time you or some other writer has done this thread subject.
    Leave the bloke alone. He’s communicating with the fans which is what everyone bleats on about!


  11. Membership sale my ****ing ****, it wouldn’t let my buy a villa ticket because I don’t have a season ticket, and now I think tickets have sold out, not happy 🙁


  12. batty
    Posted March 18, 2011 at 9:18 AM
    stu what you fancy in gold cup iam stuck between long run and kauto

    I’m struggling not to get on Kauto at 7’s. He is one of the best ever, so 7’s is a big price!

    I’ve got A Media Luz in the first.


  13. It’s changed now mate, got the ticket anyway, that’s the important thing, cheers for trying anyway mate.


  14. I think he gets answered questions by the media and he answers them, ok he is maybe a little more vocal than the average manager but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Most were probably just getting used to being starved of information by the Lambias/Hooten regime. Its like if you were starved of food for months and then all of a sudden you ate an above average portion of fish and chips you would feel a bit sick and bloated and wondering whether such a portion was necessary for your shrunken stomach. 🙂


  15. As long as in the summer he doesn’t go out his way telling you pretty much the whole deal for a player like Kinnear did then it’s fine by me.


  16. I think we will go from Euro chasers to just desperately coasting to safety. Then next thing will be a 2 match ban for Tiote and Nolan, just as we are getting Barton back.


  17. DJG – Nolan might not be too bad if Irelands back and then hopefully Tiote can navigate through these next 3 games without getting booked. He’s gone 3 already so there’s hope 😆


  18. I would still back us to beat Wolves with a midfield pairing of Barton and Ireland and Jonas and Ferguson out wide.

    1 win, We need a 3 pointer and then just chug along with a draw or three and were there, I honestly can see us beating them, They arent as solid at home as they have been since they were promoted.

    Plus Carroll can track back to help defend the long throws… 😥 😡


  19. jay jay- cheeky sod. i dont know fully what plan is yet.. toonsy has gotta ring me when he rises from his pit.
    i need cheering up jay, bring that with ya tmoz. anyone else fancy meeting me and toonsy for a pre match pint?


  20. Would love to mark but unfortunetly stuck here in Ireland 🙁 really need to get over for a game , thinking of last game of the season


  21. Feck, Toonsy’s such a soft ****…

    Worky would have banned me for spelling Chris Hughton’s name wrong. And then called me a racist apologist. 😉

    Toonsy, grow some ****ing balls!

    Ps. I heard Toonsy’s become a big fan of English cricket, ever since he heard they too like to ‘come from behind’ :mrgreen:


  22. Answer, I don’t think Pardew talks too much. As long as what he says is true… then he is only keeping us in the loop.

    Communication is what we’ve been lacking from the club.

    But if he’s told one thing and the club does another, do we call him a lyer or do we know the club hasn’t done what its promised… again.


  23. JJ we got 243 runs and then they couldn’t match it, whats ‘coming from behind’ about that. 😉

    PS… please beat Bangladesh for us. 😆


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