Are NUFC fans really deluded?

Now this Boro lot really are deluded!
It’s become a throw-away comment which has become synonymous with Newcastle fans over the years.

The word ‘deluded’ tends to be thrown at us with alarming frequency, but are we really as bad as what other fans say?

Personally speaking, it annoys the hell out of me when people make these kind of remarks. When they use the word deluded they really show up just how thick and ignorant they are. Still, if they want to be simple and get suckered in by using a lazy insult then fair enough. I, and many others, know different.

The perception is that us Newcastle fans are unhappy when we aren’t challenging for trophies or when we aren’t tussling at the top of the league. We are an impatient lot apparently, although quite how anyone can be impatient after 40-plus years of waiting for a trophy is beyond me. We moan about the managers and harass them out of their job and disapprove of crap performances of our players.

To be fair, with that lot I could be describing Liverpool fans, or any fan to be fair.

We all want the club to be doing the best that it possibly can. We all want it to be challenging for honours at the top of that game, but all too often we have been let down aside from about 20 years of success dotted sporadically throughout our 129 year history. There is no ‘divine right’ (another myth that us NUFC fans have thrown at us) for us to be challenging for trophies.

Deluded? So fans at other clubs have no ambition then? Do fans of other clubs not dream about winning a trophy? Of course they do. Does that make those fans deluded also?

I just wanted to get this off my chest as it’s one of the main things that grinds my gears when I hear opposition fans saying it. Granted, we haven’t had to deal with morons from other clubs on here yet, but as the site gets more noticed, gets busier and gets on places such as Newsnow it will no doubt start to happen.

The bottom line is that us Newcastle fans are the salt of the earth 😉 and that the rest of them are just bitter about our great support. That’s how I view it anyway.

Are we deluded?

No. We are no different to fans at any club up and down the country and at any level of the league pyramid. They all want their respective team to be at the top and they all dream of silverware. They all get angry when their team has a bad result and they all get angry when a manager goes on a bad run. Now if you really want to see deluded, just take a look at Sunderland.

The next level indeed!

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147 thoughts on “Are NUFC fans really deluded?

  1. Richie Its a pity you and Toonsy wern’t on xbox my wee lad loves adding friends 😆 but he kicked someone the other nite for saying bad words so that would maybe count you’s out 😀


  2. Dave….nae idea cos worked me way to the top and now going thru that”prestige” mode…..don’t ask me to explain tho cos I’ve nae idea 😀


  3. Ice ask him if he wants to let me know what his name is on it as dede is always looking mates 😉 especially if they are a lower level than him 😆 😆 😆


  4. Dave – I tried playing Rich the other day and we couldn’t even set up a game together, so I played online on my own and got killed about 6 times in two minutes and turned it off 😆


  5. I might have to go on a treadmill tomorrow for that medical 😯

    I hope Japan is ready for the aftershocks 😆


  6. don’t worry mate, if you fail your medical just have a word with Newcastle, they’ll take you 😉


  7. Richie its a bit **** when you lose all your stuff when you move up prestige’s and go back to the bog standard stuff . I found it hard at 1st working it all out
    My wee lad is 4th prestige, level 47


  8. Dan – I can never connect to anyone on FIFA anymore. Tried that with Rich as well and it didn;t work 😆


  9. Dave…I’m on level 43…I was an 80’s band in the previous level 😆

    Only been on fifa once months ago and a bit yesterday, I get radged if anyone does tricks as I can only remember 2 buttons at anyone time 🙁 ……….what I’m trying to say is,I’m crap 😥


  10. PES is awful 😯
    I’ve made a thread aboot it, don’t like posting on the forum, it asks me challenging questions, the last one was ”10+11=” i had to get the calculator out


  11. Most my friends play PES tbh I didn’t choose it to be different. Plus in the old days PES was so much better than FIFA it was embarrasing.


  12. Anyone seen the fifa bloke on youtube? AwesomeGoals or something. He is in fact awesome! FIFA over PES anyday


  13. Not gonna get into a fan boy arguement but I’ve played both the demos of the latest versions and I still think PES 11 is better. Although I’ll admit FIFA caught up in 2010. 😯 Shock horror. 🙂


  14. Toonsy…you’ve spoilt my fun on the PS3, I used to like pressing the button to bring up my friends list and it would come up with
    “YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS”….ah how I miss those days 😆


  15. DAVE tell dede its rare hes gans on now his mind always on his malta move now,and some tart on msm,divent tell dede that bit like 🙄


  16. There’s an interesting debate in Australian football happening at the moment about what makes a football fan. Our crowds are falling – from a very low base.

    I won’t get into the whole debate as it has too many aspects to it that would take too long to explain for non-aussies. But the best point that has been made afaiak is that quality of football has nothing to do with being a football fan, otherwise we would all support Barcelona and nobody would turn up to any game not featuring half a dozen teams from the premier league.

    Being a fan is not about logic, it’s about passion. It’s about having an emotional connection to the team of your choosing. It’s about identification. And the deeper you identify the more your personal feelings become entwined with the team’s results.

    Once you make the decision to be a fan, you follow the team through thick and thin and you want them to win everything. You invest part of your being in the team and your emotions rise and fall with the team’s fortunes. It is an extension of yourself.

    How you react to (or write about) your team’s fortunes is, to a large degree, a reflection of your personality.

    O well, another rant at the end of a thread that nobody will read coz they’ve all moved on. *shrugs*


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