Hold the back page….

News round-up.

News round-up.
Stop! Press!
After the 4-0 humping dished out by Stoke last weekend it is perhaps not ideal that we aren’t actually playing again until the start of April.

On one hand a two week break is a good thing as it will allow us to hopefully get some of our injured players back, and it will allow some of those who have just returned to action to build up a bit more fitness as we prepare for the vital clash against Wolves. On the other hand, after such a heavy defeat all you want to be able to do is get to the next game as soon as possible so you can, hopefully, get the defeat out of the system and bounce back with a win. A two week gap will prohibit that from happening unfortunately.

Which leaves in a kind of limbo really don’t you think? I mean our Premier League future is in the balance and yet we can’t do anything about it. Even worse, it kind of scuppers any plans that could have been made for next season as it would be foolish to plan ahead without knowing where we are going to be playing our football next season.

Now, I’m still confident that we’ll survive – I always have been right back from before the season even kicked off, but given how easy guaranteeing survival should have been it’s kind of hard not to be be disheartened with the way results have gone. However, I am the eternal optimist and believe that we can turn it around and get those final few points needed to ensure another year of Premier League football next season.

Until then though, it’s kind of pointless planning ahead. I’ve read speculation linking us with hundreds, maybe millions, of players over the last few weeks, which is fair enough of course as deep down we all love a bit of speculation, but we must realise that nothing is going to happen until we are mathematically safe. That includes transfers, contracts, departures, anything.

As the headline says, it’s a case of ‘hold the back page’ with regard to many things at NUFC at the moment, which makes it easier for us to focus on the task at hand in my opinion. It will be tight and it will be concerning until we can limp over the line, but once we are over it the party can start and we can plan ahead for next season and beyond.

Until then though, EVERYTHING is on hold!

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91 thoughts on “Hold the back page….

  1. Nice to have an audience Big Dave (@ 72).

    I gave up playing after my knees gave up the ghost. Didn’t realise how many injuries I was carrying until I stopped training. Now, just 6 years on, I’m fat and constantly sore and think I’d throw up if I ran to the shop down the road.

    I imagine professional players are crocks by the time they’re 40. They probably live with pain all their lives, especially in their retirement. That’ll be a shock waiting to jolt them into the real world.


  2. Brisvegas its amazing how quick you start to go down hill 😆
    Reet Lads thats me outta here catch you’s sometime tomorrow 😉


  3. Ant – use the contact form at the top mate. Its not an e mail but it will send me one and I’ll pick upyour message that way


  4. That’s mildly impressive, Toonsy. The highest level I played at was NSW State Leaugue Div 3. Hard to give an English comparison, but at the time it might equate to about the same level as you.


  5. Brisvegas they let Toonsy play sometimes to keep him sweet but normally he helped carry the goal post and put out the cones 😀 😀
    Nite this time


  6. Ant – If you register you can use the PM system in the forum. I’ve only just seen that one exists 😆


  7. you’s know what the secret is to building up aerobic fitness don’t you’s. 🙂 swimming, at any age you can build it up, even you toonsy. 😉

    If you don’t believe me go to your nearest pool, (not wet and wild I mean a lane pool, bigger, deeper and wider the better) see how many lengths you can do without stopping, when your fit enough move on to more lenghts, go faster, chance to front crawl whatever. Once you go for enough weeks you will be fit as a fiddle, it is much harder to build it up running, start by getting fit in the pool and then you will be fit enough to do whatever you want.


  8. You have to go swimming 3-4 times a week though and try not to put too much twist / pressure on you knees when you kick your legs. I get pain in my knee at times can’t imagine it will be good for football.


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