Six points required!

Fabricio Coloccini

Fabricio Coloccini
Colo's goal!
Fabricio Coloccini has been talking of the impending relegation doom surrounding NUFC at the minute, and has said that he believes that six points will be enough to avoid the dreaded drop.

Newcastle United are currently sitting on 36 points and are flying a bit too close to the relegation zone after seeing the gap between themselves and 18th place cut to just four points. In the interests of balance, and for the benefit of those who wish to look up, it’s also worth pointing out that we are only four points away from seventh place at the same time as being threatened with becoming involved in the relegation scrap.

The nerves are starting to jangle a bit to be fair, which is understandable given that the memory of two years ago is still fresh in the minds of many. At the moment though, everything is in our own hands and we control our own destiny so to speak.

A win against Wolves would go some way to removing the fears of us getting dragged into the relegation mix, but Fabricio Coloccini believes that the team have enough to get the points required and has even set a target of fiver or six points needed for survival.

“The table has become very close and the Wolves game is a very important game for us now,” Coloccini told The Journal. “I think we need two more wins to make sure we are safe. Looking at the table, five or six more points will probably do it, so we still need two wins.”

“There are plenty of games to get them from but it would be a massive help if we could get one of those wins against Wolves. If we could get the points quickly it would calm everybody’s nerves. Our only job is to make sure we keep ourselves safe.”

Those are some wise words from Colo to be honest, especially the ‘our only job is to make sure we keep ourselves safe’ bit. That was the goal at the start of the season, and whilst we have done better than expected on occasion the goal should never really have changed.

It was easy to talk of a cheeky place in Europe whilst we were up there in the league, but in reality the number one aim always has been assuring Premier League survival. Yes we are in a run of poor from at the moment, but did anyone ever expect us to not go through a bad patch of results upon our return to the Premier League? It doesn’t make it any less frustrating of course, but it was always going to happen at some point.

The key is to somehow get through this run of form and get the win on the board as soon as possible. We are fortunate to have players that have been here before so that experience will hopefully stand the squad in good stead and we won’t see the impotent collapse that we witnessed when we had the megastar players like Michael Owen ‘fighting’ for our Premier League life.

Six points would just about do it in my opinion. That would give us 42 points which would make us the joint most unfortunate Premier League team in history, along with West Ham, if we were to be relegated on that points total.

Do you think 42 points will be enough?

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124 thoughts on “Six points required!

  1. It was on our local news tonight that just over 250 were making the trip but that they didn’t expect to get into the game


    good luck at the local pubs then. Be plenty of dodgy supporters around 🙁


  2. Jay I could just say all’s good mate, or I could say im pissed of with work, pissed of with a cold I cant shift, a bad back and carpal tunnel syndrome 😆 😆 the choice is yours 😀


  3. Richie no mate and I dont know if I will as I have been told that there is a chance it can go wrong which would mean my career is ****ed. I have had injections for it but it didn’t help that much. so I dont know what to do


  4. Dave…I’d both mine done was never telt it could go wrong like 😯 …..just that it might not improve it. Had nae botha…ya’ll be ****ed wi the 2 month off for each hand tho 😕


  5. Batty my back gets bad all the time because im normally always sitting bend over for long periods of time when im working and when im on this blog 😆


  6. Richie my doc told me because I have left it so long that it dosn’t always work and that it can comeback, or you can be left with chronic something that means you have a permanent burning in it 😕 . and someone else told me that their dad ended up that his fingers wouldn’t straighten out ❓
    How long did you have it for before the op


  7. I had it over a year, hardly slept in that time…..I very rarely go ot the docs so it took me a while to go. I kna a few who’ve had the op but none who’ve had probs…..get ya none drawing hand done first, see how it go’s


  8. Nite Batty Lad
    Richie I have had it for about 3 yrs now, what caused yours ?.
    And its mainly my drawing hand that gets it, I tattooed yesterday near the whole day without any feeling in my fingers and thumb and today it isn’t much different even though I had a splint thing on when I went to bed lastnight and it normally makes it feel better.
    But I think I will go ahead with the op


  9. Dave….used to drill water mains with a compressed air powered drill which probably started it, then I was doing the pipe bursting on the mains which was ****n hard graft and that finished me off. Both hands and arms used to go numb and I could only get rid of it by hanging my arms over the bed, which obviously I could only do one at a time, hence nae sleep.
    Just go for it mate, the only difference is I divnt think my grip is as strong as it was but maybe thats just in my mind plus back then I was doing a more physical job so had arms like a navvies 😀


  10. Im no doctor but I reckon if I lose a bit of weight it might help my back like. Sitting up straightish and stretching aswell. If your back is ****ed don’t stretch it too much though go and see your GP for a referal.


  11. my back was knacking today, it’s because im quite tall and I had to keep reaching down. How long now before we have robots to do jobs. 🙂


  12. Richie I know another guy that got it from air powered kango’s I think I will get it done as I dont see any other option mate 😉

    DJG your right mate


  13. sooner the better mate
    DJG…..stop picking fag ends of the floor then mate and buy some.
    Reet I’m off, neet lads


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