Pardew’s radio interview dissected.

Pardew talking the talk...
Alan Pardew took part in a radio phone in for BBC Newcastle last night where he responded to questions asked by fans of NUFC.

This is somewhat of a rarity for the fans as it’s not very often that we get the chance to ask any questions directly to anyone of any real importance at the club. Granted, Pardew has a reputation for kissing his own backside, but any communication is better than nothing, right? In my opinion, he actually came across rather well, although I have yet to listen to the whole program to be fair.

So what I’ve done here is to try and summarise the key points of his radio exploits. I will be trying to get my grubby little hands on a recording of the full program but with being at work I haven’t had a chance to have a proper look yet.

Most of the focus is on the summer transfer market and just whether or not the club will spend the money made from the sale of Andy Carroll on strengthening the team. Once again, Pardew confirmed that he believed that the cash would be reinvested.

“Mike Ashley has made that commitment that the money will go back into the club,” said Pardew when quizzed. “I’m sure 100% that he will and it’s my challenge to spend the money wisely.”

Pardew also moved allay fears that he would be left high and dry like other managers have and fully believes that he has the backing of the board. He continued:

“In terms of the transfers, when I came in here, I said: ‘Look, you’ve obviously got a scouting system here, but the rubber stamp has to come from me.’ If you’re going to mould a team, then you have to have that assurance, and they gave me that assurance.”

Apparently the club are in conversation with two overseas players who are out of contract in the summer, and apparently the club have identified players to spend that Β£35 million on. With scouting being at the fore for the moment there will hopefully be no shortage of transfer options come the summer.

Pardew also stated that he is “not a soundbite for Mike and Derek” whilst showing a bit of ambition by telling us that “we want to challenge for Europe and trophies” which is a nice thing to hear although the logistics of that depend on Pardew’s ability in the transfer market.

All in all, from the bits I heard I would say it was a pretty heavily moderated interview with very little drama. All of the transfer talk is just lip service to me until we see signs of tentative action in the summer, but first we have to survive and get that out of the way.

Pardew came across alright and seemed honest enough, if a little dense at times, and he rightly pointed out that now is not the time to judge him and that he should be judged after he has had a chance to make the team his own. Fair enough if you ask me.

As i said earlier, these are just mere snippets of the interview that I took out because I thought they were the best bits. Others may have their own suggestion as to what they liked however so if I’ve not included it then please feel free to shout it up in the comments. Hopefully I can track down the full version so everyone can have a listen as I know the BBC block their internet shizzle outside of the UK.

But if I do manage it don’t tell anyone! πŸ˜‰

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19 thoughts on “Pardew’s radio interview dissected.

  1. Much in the same vain as “Carroll’s not for sale”….


  2. I just listened to the whole show at

    I don’t think there was anything surprising there. As he said a few times, everything he says will remain hollow until we see what sort of team he puts out next year – that’s when we judge him, his acquisitions and Ashley’s ambition. Till then it’s all words.

    Good to have some communication, though, and he comes across as reasonably honest sort of guy, even with that outrageous accent of his – Noo carssle? well, I arsk you.


  3. Morning all, I ain’t listened to interveiw yet but sounds fairly standard stuff from pardew.
    He’s hardly going to come out and say Ashley won’t re-invest and he’s hoping to turn toon into a mediocre mid table power house whilst raping the club of any assets it has πŸ˜‰
    I’ll be well chuffed if we go out and strengthen the squad in the summer and his words turn to reality but I’ll wait till it actually happens before getting to excited
    Still after yet another two weeks of nee club football any news is good – kin hate international breaks


  4. All callers would have been vetted before hand so he didn’t get any awkward questions.

    It’s probably one of the reason why he hasn’t been on the Legends show as they won’t vet the callers.

    Either way if I take his comments on face value it could be an exciting summer – but of course this is NUFC and more importantly this is Mike Ashley’s NUFC so can anything be taken on face value?


  5. Stuart79
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 8:54 AM
    All callers would have been vetted before hand so he didn’t get any awkward questions.’

    Aye I was thinking that, especially with the txts they put to him, they were vetted for sure, probably more than 50% would have been binned.

    He should go on the legends show, they wouldn’t hold back as much. πŸ™‚


  6. Let’s give Pardew enormous credit for going on the radio and answering questions, some of which important issues.
    For me, he answered honestly and put his hands up to mistakes, which is pretty unique in football today.
    Like he said, he shouldn’t be judged until after the summer and if Ashley keeps his promises, allows Pardew to build a team with pace and skill.

    Came across very well to me.


  7. I agree with BS9; you can’t really ask him to do more than he has, and he went further than many would. I like the fact that he acknowledged the fans’ views on Ashley and that he’d be the same given the history. I wonder if he cleared that one with the boss?

    Also, it’s obvious that he reads these blogs from comments like “I’m not a soundbite for Mike and Derek”. That’s not something he’d have picked up from the mainstream media.

    He’s made me a bit more hopeful overall, while acknowledging the ‘proof of the pudding’ thing.

    What gives me hope for the summer is this: whereas when the wheels came off during the dark days of Wise et al, we had no recruitment strategy or clear lines of responsibility. That’s all changed and we’ve seen a consistent application of the strategy and some very good people (e.g. Carr) to keep that going.

    My concerns are not about the will but about the ability. We’ll see, but overall I think Pards gone good.


  8. Whumpie, I agree. I liked the bit bout being in talks with two players, I have a feeling one will be Taiwo.


  9. What will we be doing with the money that Pardew would have had available to him if we hadn’t have sold Carroll?

    Will we be spending that too?


  10. toonsy
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 11:40 AM
    How do people. Cream crackered. 16 hour shift yesterday

    If that’s semi retirement, you can bloody keep it!


  11. Good point about the AC money. I think we’d have got a pot to spend, but I doubt it the AC sale will up it by Β£35m!

    To be honest, Β£35m well-spent would have more than enough impact for us to move forward and I’m optimistic. It’s more the keeping of existing players that concerns me right now. This interview should have helped allay some player concerns too.


  12. The thing I like abut Pardew is that he seems very motivated to have success- this is clearly the only shot he will ever get at the big time (which he was lucky to get IMO) and wants to make the most of it.

    Plus with that 5.5 ear contract he is sort of untouchable form the owners and can be as direct as he wants.

    Regarding the Carroll money, if the club can bring in 4-5 players and only spend 20M or so I will not be too bothered, so long as only fringe players leave the club


  13. Shit…the BBC have blocked Brisvegas link to Pardew’s interview… πŸ™ πŸ™

    I could access it this morning but didnae have a chance to listen to it right through..scumbags… πŸ™


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