Leon Best out for season?

Best's last?
First off, happy April Fools Day. I won’t be lowering myself to unleashing some cheap rumours in some vain attempt at humour. Personally I find it irritating….

However, bitch over, I actually do wish that this headline was an April Fool, but unfortunately I fear that it’s not. Yes, it’s a sign of how desperate we are for strikers at the moment, but we aren’t in a position to alter that now. We were, back in January, but we didn’t so I guess we just have to deal with the fact that our only in-form forward could quite conceivably have kicked his final ball of the season with eight games still remaining.

Best was already doubtful for the weekend visit of Wolves after reporting, injured, to the Republic of Ireland squad and breaking down in training after being instructed to report solely to register his injury and have it verified as per the rules of internatioanl engagement.

Now it seems that this troublesome ankle ‘knock’ could be more serious than first feared with talk of specialists and unknown time frames and the like being mentioned. Now call me cynical, but I just don’t like the word specialist. To me it translates to something akin to what a Thai hooker would say – long time! At this point it’s worth refreshing everyone with what has been said about Best’s injury by Alan Pardew:

β€œWe have got to get him seen on Monday by a specialist to find out exactly what is the problem because it is just not right. But I do not think it was anything to do with the extra training he did with Ireland,” said Pardew.

β€œWe will have to wait and see with Leon. Are we talking weeks or months? I have no idea at this stage how long he could be out. When he has had this injury before, he has had an injection and it has seemed to go away, but he has had another injection this time and it has not gone away. We might go down the line of having a second injection, I just don’t know.”

Sounds pretty serious when it’s put like that doesn’t it? Perhaps this is the reason for the recent charm offensive regarding Nile Ranger?

Look, I know Leon Best is not the striker that we all aspire to see playing up front for Newcastle, but he has done rather well since the departure of Andy Carroll and is arguably our only realy main goal threat left. The fact that he has scored one less Premier League goal than the other three strikers combined is an alarming stat, but it does also highlight how key Leon has become to us in the second half of the season.

Now I don’t buy into this guff about how selling Carroll has ruined our season. It may have dented team spirit, but he wouldn’t have been available for the bulk of the matches since Christmas anyway. We needed a striker in January regardless, but we didn’t get one which is why we are here now debating how losing Leon Best is such a blow.

The bottom line is that we need to score goals, and Best has done that when he has been afforded the chance. Lovenkrands hasn’t, Ameobi hasn’t and neither has Ranger, which is a concern.

They better take their chances soon though as it looks as though they’ll be getting enough of them if my reading between the lines turns out to be accurate.

Rant over!

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123 thoughts on “Leon Best out for season?

  1. Call me optimistic, but I would really love to see Shekfi get his chance at newcastle. I was skeptical at first, but looking at some videos of him online, he seems to use his strength to his advantage, we could use that. Even if its just holding the ball up till Nolan or someone can get there to offer a helping hand


  2. Kuqi knows this is his last run at the top, he is also a cult hero everywhere he goes, he runs himself into the ground, puts himself at risk to get to the ball and feeds off emotion and the crowd.

    He is the custom built Newcastle player really. He needs a chance.


  3. Milkman I think Kuqi would be a good partner for Ranger, but i still think we need to push Nolan up as he is wasted in the CM


  4. Kuqi is also an experienced international too – could he be an ideal coach in the future?

    Teaching the likes of Best and Ranger how to bully people and use their frame to their advantage?


  5. Dave, I completely agree, he hasnt seemed to be producing the magic he was, when we had him playing just behind Carroll, I think he was encouraged to get forward more under Hughton. But pardew seems to be haveing a negative effect on some players


  6. watching his back eh ice? You sure this watching your back thing isnt a cover up ;D hhaha im only kidding mate


  7. in the advent of “owlica roe”,telling us everything is hunky dory on and off the pitch,we find ourselves s****ing the proverbial brick,on the news that leon best may be out for the season.
    not long ago fans were asking for his departure to pastures new,phrases like”he couldn’t hit a mule with a guitar” amongst many others,were common place.
    now mr best is considered that very word BEST,as non of our other strikers seem up to the mark.
    it’s a classic case in reverse,this one is”knocked down,then built up”.the one the that is glaring though,this is f**kin’ frightening to see how far we have fallen,in the last few years.


  8. Trojan – True, but worrying about that isn’t going to help us now us it? Right now we need to get behind these lads and keep our fingers crossed that they can do the biz πŸ™‚


  9. toonsy,at this rate we’ll have to get frankie pingel & billy askew out of retirement.


  10. Ice – Marktoon fell for that πŸ˜†

    Personally I find April fools joke ****e and not funny at all. My Facebook status tell the full story…

    “If anyone tries an April fool on me I reckon they’ll end getting a punch in the face in return!”



  11. get john budgie burridge back in goal,he must be aboot 60 noo lol.though he might be a bit punchy after paul hardyman kicked him in the heed at roker park.


  12. Batty – Or because I’m not purely interested in making money by having people click links to the site to generate quite a large revenue from the many many adverts on .com πŸ˜‰

    A quick look at the top stories on Newsnow shows that as well as being an April Fool it was also cleverly designed to get people to click on it πŸ˜‰


  13. Toonsy, I was going to say that before. Can’t believe it’s the top story, how are people that gullible πŸ™„


  14. dan4toon
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    “Toonsy, I was going to say that before. Can’t believe it’s the top story, how are people that gullible”

    DJG pointed it out last night, so I had it on at work and was watching the comments. With everyone that was posted I was doing a facepalm. Society is ****ed if some of them are allowed to roam the streets! πŸ˜†


  15. Geordiedoonsooth // Apr 1, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    Ed you are very cruel very good April Fool wish it were true

    Say’s it all…


  16. Ice – I hate them being done to me, but I’ll dish them out. I sent some chap out in the wrong vehicle this morning knowing it would take him twenty minutes to get turned around as security wouldn’t let him out. Small ones like that are alright πŸ˜†


  17. I was going to pretend discipline someone tonight as well but obviously I’m not in the office πŸ˜†


  18. hope theres nee sending off on toon side that would stuff it right up,if its webb i would worry 😐


  19. oh thats not to bad,see wolves have named there team already,looks a canny side,jarvis in and that ohara,we looked at they say 😐


  20. Winger Adam Hammill believes silencing the home crowd will be key to Wolves unsettling their hosts.

    He said: β€œWe have just got to try to subdue them and keep them quiet.

    β€œIf we can do that for the first 10 minutes, then fans can turn if things aren’t going for their team. So it would be music to our ears if we can get an early goal and get their fans to turn on them.”


    As well as being an advantage, our crowd can be a huge disadvantage and can get the other team up for it. We need Arsenal atmosphere again IMO.


  21. Ice πŸ˜‰

    Match preview will be here shortly anyway. I’ve prattled on a bit more than usual πŸ˜†


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