Tooning in to TV matches.

The Toon on the telly.
There are only seven games of this season left and, thankfully, it looks as though Newcastle United have done enough to earn another crack at this Premier League malarkey next season.

The good news is that out of those seven games, four of them are on the TV, which is great news for those who are unable to get to the games live and means that they can be a part of the action and don’t have to put up with dodgy internet streams. Incidentally, those who do have to put up with dodgy internet streams still should have a boost as the streams are generally of a higher quality when a match is on live TV. Apparently. So I’ve been told.

So just to keep you up to speed, these are the four matches in question:

10-04-2011 Aston Villa v Newcastle – 4pm KO.
19-04-2011 Newcastle v Man Utd – 7:45pm KO.
01-05-2011 Liverpool v Newcastle – 12pm KO.
15-05-2011 Chelsea v Newcastle – 1:30pm KO.

I don’t expect us to get much out of those fixtures if I’m being honest, although I would love to get at least one result out of them.

Is it a good omen though? Do the Toon always shine on TV? Well, lets have a look by taking a peek at what the results have been when our Premier League games gave been on TV this term

Man Utd 3-0 Newcastle.
Newcastle 6-0 Aston Villa.
Newcastle 1-2 Stoke.
Man City 2-1 Newcastle.
West Ham 1-2 Newcastle.
Newcastle 5-1 5under1and.
Arsenal 0-1 Newcastle.
Newcastle 1-1 Chelsea.
Newcastle 3-1 Liverpool.
Wigan 0-1 Newcastle.
Fulham 1-0 Newcastle.

That’s 11 games so far, six wins, four defeats and one draw. Not too shabby.

Of course it means little in terms of any potential result in the next four televised games, but it’s always nice to look back as we’ve had some cracking results beamed around the world already this year.

So clear your diaries!

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109 thoughts on “Tooning in to TV matches.

  1. Ice I heard that Richie tried to see one of his old army mates that now works in Brize Norton to see if they could move him out in a Hercules C 130 cargo plane


  2. Ben Arfa strikes me as someone a bit different to the average footballer. His entire demeanour has been painted as a trouble-filled pain, yet his only major crime is having the nuts enough to say he doesn’t like people.

    The way he went into depth researching Newcastle, the area and the team with the history and his forced efforts to get the transfer done strike me as he is a spiritual person who just wants to find someone he feels he belongs.

    An artsy fartsy post but he does give the impression of someone who wants to feel love, respect and comfort. I think this is one of the occasions the “goldfish bowl” of Newcastle is gonna make a player fit right in.


  3. Dinna why I wasted my time watching Ben Arfa speak there haha, can’t wait to hear what he actually said.


  4. FJ I agree with you I know people that thrive on feeling wanted and needed, funny enough I think Ireland is the same type of player.
    I often wonder what it must feel like for Barton when the whole ground is chanting his name and knowing that most of the fans love him, it must be one hell of a feeling and i’m sure the other players feel it too 😉


  5. FJ

    Couldn’t agree more. Arrr man still gets me pissed off that he got injured, why couldn’t Perch just have broke his leg instead! 😆


  6. If Newcastle want to make any money of Ben Arfa being a handsome man, they need to keep him clean shaven though.

    When he has sideburns, he looks like Hornswoggle from WWE.


  7. DAVE aye spot on there mate,when is toonsy putting up what benny has been saying,busy playing with his ****s again i bet 😀


  8. Haha

    balotelli was tearing SAFC apart. NUFC back on top, the way it should be 😀


  9. Ice I think he is waiting untill he gets more of the translated interview, so that gives him free time to play with his ****s 😆
    I was just rewatching some of the Beeny videos on youtube **** I dont think there is many players in the prem better than what I have watched of him. Admittidly it will be all the good clips but he is still a bit special 😉


  10. TOONSY only jokeing m8 just dave and me need someone to pick on till richie comes back 😀


  11. y’alreet lads!

    Big game on Sunday, glad to see us have some games on tv! Espn has screwed me over, I used to have Setanta but when it changed, nothing!


  12. One of the good things about being in Oz, and subscribing to Foxtel, is that I get to see every Newcastle match, home and away, live and in high definition.

    The down side is that it can be on any time from 10pm to 5am.

    Luckily I usually have jobs where I choose my own times to work.


  13. Yeh my cousin whose in NY has the same luxury except a 3pm ko is at 10am. Much better hours!


  14. So, did we break the 3:00 PM “Curse?”

    Also, just for giggles, anyone have a clue if the more than 7 hours since scoring a goal is a league record (dubious honor perhaps) for Sunderland? I know Derby scored a record low 20 goals, but did they go longer between scores?

    Am hoping that more of these TV matches are on here in the US. As it is, I usually get them around 7:00 AM or so when they are, but that’s ok…as long as they are on and I don’t have to bother with a terrible stream.


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