If I said at the start……

Signing of the season? No doubt.
In roughly six weeks time the goalposts will be taken down, the pitch will be dug up, and the turnstiles at St James’ Park will be closed for another season.

It’s looking likely that when they open back up in August that NUFC will once again be flying the Premier League flag high above the East Stand after the victory at the weekend gave us a bit of breathing space between ourselves and the relegation pack.

We’re not safe, not mathematically anyway, but we are just about there and could probably get by with a point of three between now and the end of the season if needs be. Obviously the club should be trying to get as many points as possible, but it’s nice to not have to go on some random run of victories to preserve our Premier League status.

Still, it could have all been very different, and whilst I am glad that we look like surviving I also have a sense that we could have done so much better. This is strange when you consider;

We’ve put six goals past Aston Villa in our first home game back in the Premier League.

Sold an inexperienced youth for £35 million.

Beat the Mackems 5-1 and played them off the park in their own gypsy site.

Taken part in the greatest comeback of Premier League history.

Scored more goals at home than any other team apart from Manchester United.

Won in London – including the 1-0 at Arsenal, 2-1 at West Ham and the 4-3 Carling Cup victory over Chelsea.

Unearthed one of the bargains of the season in the shape of Cheik Tiote.

When you look at it like that it’s been one hell of a season, with a hell of a lot of bright spots, some of which never made it onto that list like the victories over Everton and Liverpool.

Survival was the name of the game at the start for many, and it looks like survival is going to be on the cards, but did you really, honestly envisage us having so many high points throughout the season on the way to safety? I know I certainly didn’t.

It’s been up and down so far, although looking back I would say that a lot of it has been up. Maybe that will continue in the final few weeks of the season? Who knows?

So next time you sit there wondering what could have been if we never sold Carroll, or what what if we’d have won this game or that game, think about what we have actually done this season. We’ve (almost) completed our goal, and we’ve had some bloody good times along the way.

How’s that for feel good?

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45 thoughts on “If I said at the start……

  1. Aye it’s been a good season. Enjoyed the Oz season as well. Enjoyed going to South Africa in June and July, and enjoyed the Championship year. Two years of football inspired pleasure. More please.


  2. It has been great, if not a bit stressful at times. Still looking forward to what else we can witness this season. And I think a great ending would be a cameo appearance by HBA to give the fans an opportunity to applaud his recovery.


  3. ‘I’m going to say it now. In a few weeks time Spurs will be snuggled up in bed having an affair with 4th place and Man City will have the power only to watch from 5th place as Spurs ravish Champions League football again and again. I’m not gunna lie but I have nothing but a gut feeling to back this up.

    Spurs fans and Man City fans are pretty similar. Both fiercely passionate. Both desperate for the day they overtake their nearby rivals. Both enjoying the big spending of the club. Both gagging for a date with Champions League football. And again this year it is between Spurs and Man City for the coveted 4th position. I know Chelsea aren’t looking convincing this year but they’ve got a team full of experienced heads and I think that’ll be enough to see them through to 3rd place’.

    Absolute rubbish. I agree with Hansen, A’rry has taken Spurs as far as they will go, the only way is down from here IMHO.


  4. I agree DJG. Mancini had next to no injuries or suspensions at the weekend and finally played an attacking ‘non italian’ formation. I reckon City have unearthed something inside them and not sure how Spurs will recover after last night


  5. ‘Newcastle are ready to raid Malaga for star striker Jose Salomon Rondon
    And according to reports in Italy, Serie A side Genoa will bid for the 21-year-old if they fail to stay up – but now Newcastle have emerged as contenders to land him.
    Despite Malaga’s poor form this season, the Venezuela international has averaged a goal a game in La Liga, alerting Newcastle scouts to his ability.
    Rondon is under contract until 2014 but it is understood he will leave should Malaga go down, if someone pays the reported £5m asking price.’

    Would rather we went for him than Moses.


  6. I’ve talked about this with my mates a few times, when was the last time we had a season with so many “stand out” results in it? quite a while and certainly not since the days of European football. It’s been made better by the fact that alot, not just a few of the so called “experts” were tipping us to go straight back down as we had “basically the same team that took us down last time”. That statement in itself showed their complete lack of knowledge, we’d let quite a few go(good riddance) and a few came in and even if not there’s a hell of a difference between the “same players” and the “same team”……we had no “team” when we went down.Where are you now Andy Gray you cnut? 😆
    I enjoyed the championship, proper clubs, proper fans with some great away days like Barnsley and Peterboro(I didn’t see us with ready made banners ready to take the p!ss if we sent them down that day!)
    I reckon down there we changed a few fans of other clubs media fed perception of us, certainly the ones I had a bit craic with anyway, but the Prem is the only place to be.
    As NorCal says it’s been stressful at times but I wouldn’t want it any other way, if I wanted stress free football I’d support ManUre. The stress, unpredictability, sheer joy, sheer despair, but most of all the mad passion and blind loyalty of the fans are what makes Newcastle United such a special club and I wouldn’t want it any other way.NUFC ’til I die. HWTL 😀


  7. richie

    I enjoyed the championship aswell, a lot more than I thought I would and not just because we were the top dogs. I kind of miss it in some ways and its changed my viewpoint somewhat. I think some clubs like West brom are actually quite happy to bounce up and down and try to play decent football along the way.


  8. Moreno

    Nah Im not having that like. Rondon has 11 caps and 4 goals for Venezuala and has scored 14 in 25 appearences this season in La Liga this season, in a struggling team. He’s certainly no Xisco. 🙂


  9. Well all im saying is I hope it’s not true that we’re after Victor Moses. Has to be one of the most over-rated youngsters of the last few years IMO, and he’s done nowt at Wigan so what would he do here.


  10. Moreno…cheers, I do chuck in the odd one when I’m not being a t!t 😆

    DJG…aye in Carr we trust(so far), but how’s he “averaged a goal a game in La Liga” if he has “14 in 25 this season”? 😉


  11. In terms of talking utter sh1te this little nugget has to take the biscuit:

    “I think some clubs like West brom are actually quite happy to bounce up and down and try to play decent football along the way.”

    Well done DJG – you’ve surpassed yourself this time. 😆


  12. Back on point… I think it’s been a great season relatively speaking.

    I’m really, really looking forward to the season review DVD this year – should keep me going all summer! 😀


  13. At football last night I was speaking to one of the lads on my team who is a Wolves fan.

    He is under the impression that there is a conspiracy going on at the Molineux. He reckons someone high up on the board is wanting them to get relegated so they can strip down a lot of assets. He believes they can keep the quality to come back up at first time of asking but reckons it will help streamline the club. He reckons it won’t be too much of a blow to them financially anyway and will actually benefit them in the long run…

    If you ask me, my mate sounds like he is already making excuses for going down!


  14. I’m sure our average gates must be an improvement on the last 2 seasons and hopefully take us back to third highest instead of fourth last season.
    We seem to be hitting the 50k mark more regular these days.


  15. Whys that, thats what their club does and is set up to do. They don’t try and set their stall out to survive in the prem by any means possible do they. ?????? Please expand instead of stating the obvious.


  16. My advice to you TC . Do some homework into boro and their managment at board level over the last few years. They don’t want to be in the premiership.


  17. @DJG
    I’m sorry like but that is another bit of rubbish you are writing there.
    Why wouldn’t Boro want to be in the premier when the likes of Bolton and fulham survive quite comfortably?
    Please explain?


  18. Because they can’t afford the outgoings. Yes the income is higher but so is the cost of players, wages, other staff everything. The finances of a club are much more manageable lower down and their isn’t the risk. Look how much money we loose and Ashley has to put in every year. Boro don’t have the money for that. Southgate was saying one thing and Lamb/Gibson were asset stripping behind his back. Fkin have I got to explain everything to ya’s..


  19. DJG if West Brom were so desperate to get relegated again why did they sack Di Matteo and bring in old Woy?

    To cushion their fall into the Championship??? 😆


  20. I didn’t say they were deperate to get relegated did I, now you are twisting my point to try and make some nonsensical argument, reet I’ve got to go to work anyway; not sitting here having an argument with a rude, obnoxious idiot. later everybody.


  21. @DJG
    Yes you need to explain everything that you believe so I get a full picture of your deluded mind.
    We all know that outgoings are more but income is huge. They mismanaged in the premiership and that is why they are struggling but small clubs can survive comfortably if managed correctly.
    Please explain your reasons if you don’t agree?


  22. @TC
    Hilarious! Little DJG has gone to work fizzin. !
    I hate that theory about clubs not wanting to get to the premier or wanting to be relegated.


  23. The industry in Boro is also on it’s knees (as it is most places – but I hear about it a lot more from the teeside guys everyday at work)

    Pretty bleak area of the world to be in as you don’t even have the football team to give you a boost over the weekend!


  24. Aye aye radgies!
    Just got back oot of borstal.
    Pure liberty takers the bizzies like!
    What’s wrang wi nickin lead off school roofs like? Am saving the youngins gettin lead poisoning man!
    Anyways, am back livin wi me mother and Big Mick in Benwell.
    He’s owa the moon wi the result on Saturday like. He bought 3 nine bars of Pure Benwell black on Saturday neet.
    Totally chilled oot like.
    Owl Heed is still hyper like. He’s been listening to DJ G’s rave tapes aal weekend! Pure Cush dancer like Owl Heed!
    Anyways , got to nash, bizzies at the door!
    Toon Toon!


  25. Marnin’ Troy. You should have your own strip in Viz, man. 🙂

    Great article, Toonsy. There have been some pitiful lows – losing CH being the worst for me. But what a season for interest! Best I’ve known since the SBR years.

    The club have taken some awful risks but it looks like they’ll get away with it, so water under the bridge now.

    I think if you’d said we’d beat Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelski this season that’d be enough. Swapping places with them in the league and waving as they fall past us? Priceless.

    Then you’ve got specific moments like Tiote’s goal and the emergence of talent like Fergie.

    Brilliant. Now for a late flourish, please lads!


  26. Oh, and I hate to mention it, but there is a certain level of underlying satisfaction from knowing we’re good financially while doing all this. Hate to say it, but thanks to Ashley for that one.
    I’m going to take a shower now…


  27. Whumpie – Some transfer talk is alright, but when it’s bordering on the ridiculous it becomes silly.


  28. 19
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    My advice to you TC . Do some homework into boro and their managment at board level over the last few years. They don’t want to be in the premiership……

    djg – your so full of ****e – not content with listening to what your da has to say about footy then coming on here & repeating it. your now listening to that useless arrogant ****ney – malcolm mcdonald – winding up bernie slaven (every other night) about this on the 3 legends & trying to pass it off on here as facts & your views!

    p.s – dont believe everything you hear.

    p.p.s – my other advise to you. get ya’sel a bigger manbag – the next time them school kids set aboot ya it’ll come in handy for fending them off.

    p.p.p.s – i do agree with you that chicken **** is a rude obnoxious idiot like.


  29. crapper

    Please explain how I am trying to pass off other peoples opinions as my own. Your sad little anecdote about my dad. 😆

    My dad doesn’t care about football and doesn’t know much about it these days to be honest. So next time your puffing on your cigar (theres ya bernie Slavin coz I know your a fan) you can leave that bull**** out of the story.

    Also Ive followed the finances of boro for the last few years out of interest, so I don’t need to listen to Malcolm Macdonald. A guy who stutters his way through dated opinions and can’t remember players names.

    ps. – re. the manbag, thanks but no thanks. 😉

    pps. – ‘the next time them school kids set aboot ya’ 😆

    your probably some old man who would be in a wheelchair if the same lads started on you.


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