Barton blasts Barry, and asks for assurances from the board.

Tough-talking from Barton.
Much praise has been dished out in the direction of Joey Barton in recent weeks, and rightly so as the midfielder has arguably been one of the best performers in his position throughout the league.

Joey is great with his feet and can deliver a ball on a sixpence, but he is also pretty handy with his mouth. Not in a bad way though! When Joey opens his mouth it’s amazing that so much sense can come out given the picture that has been painted of him. He always comes across as intelligent and articulate and is usually bang on the money with his comments, even if it may ruffle a few feathers along the way.

Which is why it’s interesting to hear of Joey’s comments in French magazine, So Foot. In there he talks about his England chances, which I suspect may have gone out the window after his little outburst against Gareth Barry, and of his concerns over his new contract that, until this report anyway, had appeared to be close to being signed.

First off, Barton lifts the lid on the delay of his new contract:

“It’s important to respect the people who come to the stadium or watch the games on telly,” said Barton. “That’s what I told the Newcastle management. I told them the goal shouldn’t be just to survive, to finish 16th or 17th, every season.”

“We had a good player, Carroll, and we sold him. I told the management that I was worried, that I was scared this might happen every year. But they assured me they don’t want to go down that road. I don’t know if I believe them.”

“I told them I might stay this summer because we have some good players and money to spend. But I’m going to wait and see if players like Kevin Nolan, Cheick Tioté and Jose Enrique stay. If Nolan signs a new deal, I will as well. But I hope the club step things up. I want to be ambitious and I think the club share that desire.”

Interesting. I wonder how much of this has been taken out of context? I wonder if it’s been taken out of context at all? It doesn’t make for good reading, that’s for sure, especially when he is going to be given the captaincy for the match against Aston Villa at the weekend.

Barton then spoke about how he would love to get back into the England setup, before claiming that he is the best English midfielder and launching into an attack against senior England stars such as Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Gareth Barry.

“I’m English and I love playing for my country,” Barton stated. “Maybe the people at the top have a problem with me. I don’t know. But the trouble I had was four years ago. They should be able to forgive, shouldn’t they?”

“Honestly, I think I’m the best English midfielder. Luka Modric and Samir Nasri are very good, but in terms of English players… well, Jack Wilshere isn’t bad, but Frank Lampard’s on the way down and Steven Gerrard’s been injured a lot.”

“Did you see the game against Germany at the World Cup? If you watch the fourth goal, when Ozil was up against Barry, it was like the hare and the tortoise.”

“Barry’s got a very good agent,” Barton suggested as a reason for Barry’s enhanced reputation. “He’s also discreet and always agrees with the manager. He’s like the guy who sits in the front row and listens to the teacher. I certainly don’t lose any sleep when I play against him.”


I guess you could certainly call this ‘forthright’, which fits really as Joey has never been a shrinking violet. Essentially what he says is true, but there is a time and a place for this sort of discussion, and it shouldn’t be done through the press, in my opinion anyway, as it just opens up the corridors of criticism.

Interesting though isn’t it?

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60 thoughts on “Barton blasts Barry, and asks for assurances from the board.

  1. He is bang on. Why should Barry, Lampard and Gerrard sail through their careers due to past reputation? Where was Lampard last night?

    Joey knows Cappello won’t pick him so he may as well have his say.

    It is, quite frankly, bollocks


  2. My favourite recent Joey moment was an interview on ESPN after we mauled Villa. Joey had the ‘tache at the time and was due to shave it off as we had won.

    ESPN presenter (some Gabby Logan type) gave him one if those bic orange razors to which Joey said “No expense spared on ESPN”



  3. I like Joeys honesty, how England can just ignore him is a bit of a joke but typical of F.A
    He’s spot on regarding Barry and co
    If we lose Barton, Enrique, Nolan etc this summer we may as start planning for 2012 season in championship now


  4. Being the eternal optimist I see his comments about Newcastle as very positive. He has been assured by the club that we won’t be selling our big stars, he ‘thinks’ the club matches his ambitions and will sign if Nolan signs… And I can’t see Nolan being signed by a club better than us, therefore Joey is staying too 🙂


  5. To be honest I don’t think top 5 will be looking to sign Barton and we are potentially the best of the rest if Ashley/Pards gets a couple of decent players in thru the summer


  6. If Joey wants to give his forthright opinions fine,but he shouldn’t moan when he isn’t picked for the England squad.I think he has been brilliant this season on the pitch,and the way he has turned his life around is both commenable and staggering,but no international manager is going to bring anyone in who might upset the apple cart or else make their comfort zone a little less comfortable.Having said that I agree with what he says but it won’t help his quest for an England call up.


  7. joey has been one of the best english midfielders this season..fkin disgrace he hasnt been called up..
    100% agree with joey wouldnt trust these fkers who run this club


  8. I don’t know where the bad reading is tbh, Jose may go but I think the rest will stay which means JB will(hopefully and he’s said that he thinks the club share his ambition , so no probs there. The bit about Carroll was reported over here but also that the reasons had been explained to himand he was ok with it as long as the money is re invested in players(which the french story misses out)….which is what we’re all waiting for 😀
    Reet away to buy some paint 🙁


  9. Benny,

    do you know why sandy left crossroads?

    he got sick of being…pushed around..


  10. I have never been Bartons biggest fan, I was disappointed that Parker was moved out to accommodate him. His first three years where poor more through injury than anything else. However there where always glimpses of the type of person and player he has been this year. He used to watch the kids and reserves and unlike others showed an interest in the clubs progression, fleeting cameos on the pitch.

    This year however has been a revelation in an unfamiliar role out wide, a poor mans beckham, or more a rich mans David bentley. He has impressed me more as this season roles on and I do believe he deserves a shot at England again and is bang on the money with his remarks on players. We have had and still have players with dubious pasts, whether drink, drug or violence (sexual antics not to fussed) still play for our country, one reason I no longer give a flying frig about anymore.

    I believe JB will stay at Newcastle as I hope Jose will. Joey needs to beloved on the pitch to help curtail off field antics, and at Newcastle he is currently adored. Nolan will be staying as I think only Liverpool could break his loyalty to a club, and I feel the chances of Jose staying may have increased with transfer talk slowly dying down.


  11. Ho hum. Primary source. Actual quotes. Translation. Context. Zzzzzzzz.

    The England stuff he’s been saying for a while. The Newcastle stuff looks like something he is reporting he said a while ago.

    Without actual quotes (as opposed to some hack’s possibly twisted translation) it’s hard to make an informed comment.


  12. At least he speaks the truth, no smokescreens there!!!! He is right about the 3 English midfielders, he has been better than all of them never mind the likes of Walcott (who cant deliver a ball to save his life). He deserves a chance, so what about what he has done before, what; does postman pat just turn the other cheek when Gerrard assaults someone??? Exactly they have both done wrong but Gerrard is still there, ludicrous 😈 😈 😈


  13. I must admit as regards selection for England in a major tournament I subscribe to the conspiracy theory that once we qualify the squad is selected under duress from the main sponsors via the fa. Because I can’t see why that no matter who the manager or whatever they say we always carry injured players into tournaments. I could maybe understand one player. That’s another reason why I can’t get interested in England games.


  14. The interview was given to a French paper. Joey doesn’t speak French .
    I’ve heard him apologise and pardon his French .


  15. judging on comments made on Sky Sports, people (Newcastle fans or not) seem to be in almost ubiquitous agreement with Joey. Fair play lad. I reckon he’ll stay.


  16. His comments on the club and his position are refreshingly open. I just hope he goes for a coffee with the team-mates he’s mentioned and comes away with agreement for them all to stay. Job done.

    On the England thing, much though I applaud the honesty (and accuracy), he’s also shown exactly why he IS left out. You never – NEVER – make a personal attack on someone like that. The biggest problem the England setup has is not individual players, it’s the god-awful dressing room attitude, and the last thing they need is a ****-stirrer “I’m the best” type in there.

    With that said, I think Joey realises he’s never getting picked, so he’s just been honest. If that’s the case, good on him.


  17. Joey Barton in the Eggman Goo goo g’ joob.

    I think he is class. The fact everyone hates him makes me like him even more. Anyone who says he punched Pederson needs to get their eyes checked aswell.
    Brilliant how Rooney can wrap his elbow round someone’s head and that’s cool. Diarra can grapple people round the throat and De Jong can snap someones leg in two without so much as a free kick given. It’s one rule for them and another for the ex-cons who stub cigars out on people and beat up kids in McDonalds 🙄


  18. I am fairly sure this is another “lost in translation” moment like Enrique but even so, he has to have had a go at these guys in the first place for the translation to have been mixed on and the fact is, he is right and they are ****.

    He is better than Wilshere and this season he has certainly been better than Lampard and Gerrard. Someone still active and in form to play for England needs to step up and call out the England set up for picking the same team repeatedly despite none of the players being in form.

    That isn’t the best the country can offer, that is some form of elite club that never loses its spot. Is the squad picked on how has the most money, who plays for the biggest clubs or who has dirt on the FA?

    I thought it was about consistent form in the season.


  19. I don’t care how well the England team does either, really, not English, but if we went on form for all countries, then you might even see players from Championship in the England squad like when Jay Bothroyd got in.

    This would then spark interest in the lower leagues, more home growth and less reliance on foreign signings and maybe even a slight drop in the insane wage structures.

    It would be benefit all UK football.


  20. By the way lads, Grand National on Saturday.

    My (premlinary) tip would be WEST END ROCKER at 33/1 – each way


  21. So Joey Barton still thinks Tiote might leave. My god, maybe Cheik didn’t actually sign that contract after all. Can’t believe a thing the buggers say.


  22. FJ Bothroyd did make it into the England squad and to be honest mate it was a bit of a travesty. Capello pandering to calls for him to maintain his ‘form players play’ statement… there is simply no place for a 28 yr old journeyman in the England sqaud- what’s the point? If players from the lower leagues are good enough they move to the premier league anyway…and if they’re good enough after that they play for England- Lescott, Jagielka as two recent examples. I hate the England set-up but I am still an avid England fan (the naivety of youth?) and I want to see the best players in the country playing for the team at all times.

    Whilst Barton has certainly been one of the foremost English midfield performers this term, I genuinely think that Jack Wilshire is the brightest English midfield talent we’ve produced since Paul Scholes, and in my opinion should be the first name on the team-sheet for the next 10-12 years. He is absolutely different class and offers us (England) something we often fall short in- vision, movement, and to be frank, actual ability. If it was a choice between Barton and Wilshire, Wilshire gets the nod every time, for me. It also means we don’t have to worry about an aging Barton coming back from international duty injured…


  23. Bris – To be fair, Carroll left after recently signing a five year deal so a contract is worth precisely **** all in terms of longevity these days.


  24. So if Nolan signs then JB will sign ? Interesting by JB to tie the two together eh ? Then by all accounts, the prime reAson JB is waiting for before signing on the dotted line, is that the club are going to show commitment and ambition and sign up senior players. If Nolan is offered an inacceptable offer and refuses to sign, then is JB also outahere ?..

    Sounds like a smattering of “club must show ambition” and the club being held to ransome ……(doh..hope no-one from the club reads this…)…

    All three JB, Noland and Jose should be signed up pdq, cannot see it happening though…

    Regarding England…I hate the whole set-up…


  25. Well Nolan is apparently in advanced talks over a new deal? So make of that what you will.


  26. Off topic but it looks like Enrique will be ok for the Villa game,oh and Ryan Taylor as well. 😉


  27. Toonsy.

    If Bartons interview was right and Nolan signs a new deal then thats them two sorted 🙂


  28. well ime of the old school,a mans word is his bond,bits of paper can be read in all manners of ways just depends who is reading it,give me a honest man every time rather than bits of paper 😐


  29. toonsy they reckon the stumbling block with wor kev signing is that he want 2 boxes of mars a week but there only offering 1 ,greedy b@stard that ashley


  30. Toonsy

    You must love one of Ed’s latest article mate:

    Ryan Taylor Could Play Major Role AT Villa Park
    All In Capital Letters As Well!


  31. Joey has been tremendous for us season. One of the untouchables that we are useless without.

    Anybody looking for a grand national bet get your money on Creosote it goes well over big fences


  32. Ice – Indeed. I have a contract at work, but It’s not stopping me from getting another job 😉


  33. Hope we get all three of the lads signed up soon…JB, Nolan and Jose. A point at Villa at the weekend would also do nicely….I mean thats what Joses waiting for…survival to be assured…

    Maybe they are all in cahoots together… 😆 😆


  34. Batty….just heard that Nolan is due to sign a lucrative contract with Dickmans Pies…


  35. With what JB has said and how I feel that the FA have ruined our National team. What would your starting XI be


    Really cant think as regards RB whether to stick with Johnson good going forward poor in defence or take a punt on Simpson.

    can move to 4-3-3 with Rooney to the right of carroll and Downing down the Left.

    Pull it to pieces now boys.



  36. Munich…

    “Sounds like a smattering of “club must show ambition” and the club being held to ransome ……(doh..hope no-one from the club reads this…) Agreed!

    “All three JB, Noland and Jose should be signed up pdq” Agreed

    “Cannot see it happening though” – Why not?


  37. Gotta agree with him about Lampard who’s been on his way out for ages, Gerrard who’s obviously been injured and Barry who’s never been good for england imo, same as Lampard really. He talks the truth but he’s certainly not helping his case for an england inclusion…as for which other teams he could go to? Well none of the top four will sign him imo regardless of his current form, can also rule out Spurs i reckon, and sunderland and liverpool who already have plenty of middies of their own. Bolton could go in for him? But they’re the only team I really see as being better than us atm that might actually interest Barton, and even then we’re not too far behind them.


  38. Here’s me line-up for Vile Park:

    Lover, Strolla
    Fergie, Gootrie, Captain Convict, Spidey
    El Torro, Collo, Willo, Simmo

    Beat that! 😉


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