Newcastle on the trail of £19.2 million Belgian?

Newcastle Lukaku-ing at Romelo?
Some rather fanciful transfer news now as it has emerged that NUFC are mulling over making a bid of around £19.2 million for Belgian Wonderkid, Romelu Lukaku.

Two words: No chance!

Whilst, at 17-years-old, Lukaku would no doubt fit in with this ‘building for the future’ gig that we’ve got going on at the moment, I really can’t see one of Europe’s hottest prospects – a prospect that has been coveted by teams such as Chelsea an AC Milan – turning up at St James’ Park with a ball underneath his arm.

In fact I can’t see Newcastle spending nigh on £20 million on any individual player for the forseeable. This doesn’t really bother me as long as we continue progressing on the pitch. If we can do that by signing free agents it wouldn’t concern me one bit, unlike some who seem to be clamouring for the club to spend a fortune again. All that matters to me is that the team and squad improve.

So where does this latest link come from? The Metro. The very same paper that has linked us with Emmanuel Adebayor over the last few days. I’m struggling to get the point to be honest. Are they trying to play on our deluded reputation? From where I’m sitting it is they who are coming across as the deluded ones!

I have no doubt that much of our business will be done cloak and dagger style over the summer, as it has been over the last couple of windows. There may well be some tentative rumours from ‘sources’ and in the press, and some of them may turn out to be correct, but many of them will be incorrect, much like this one to be fair.

It doesn’t stop us speculating though as most of us love to discuss the various merits of a particular player before rubbishing them. It’s nice to dream eh?

As we are speculating transfer news I may aswell reveal that I’ve decided on a date to start my big database of transfer links over the summer, and I’ve kind of fudged a way of doing it to give you as much information as possible including dates, links, sources and so on. The date it starts will be Monday, 30th May.

I’m hoping that it will turn into a kind of reference tool for people, although my main motivation is to see just how much rubbish is spouted about us over the summer. I’m guessing it will be quite a lot…

So back to Lukaku, it would be absolutely superb if it ever came off, but I can’t see it to be honest. Mind you, the lad does want guaranteed first-team football and would more than likely be able to be sold on for profit so I can see some business sense behind it.

On the flipside of that though, you could also view it as a huge gamble. It would be like laying all of your eggs in one basket, or betting all of your money on red.

Unfortunately for those who would like to see a big money move in the summer, I feel that we will be spread-betting in the transfer market and laying little amounts here and there on the Roulette table that is the transfer window.

Ah well, keep the faith I guess.

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39 thoughts on “Newcastle on the trail of £19.2 million Belgian?

  1. I would love it!!

    Right I’ve put the tagline into the article and now am off to bed.

    Later mate 🙂


  2. Great prospect,

    19.2million for him?

    Nah! 👿

    what is worse is his young tender age,potential a Ranger+Balotelli issues rising. 😯


  3. Just became aware of lukaku a couple months ago. Can’t believe he’s rated at 20 mil. I guess potential is a big thing I would think anything over 12 would be too much. Maybe I’m just cheap, ignorant, or both 😯


  4. Somehow, I don’t think we’re going to sign any ‘wonderkids’ ever. 20M for a 17 year old who plays in the belgian league? 10M+ for Connor Wickham?
    I wonder what the financial advisors in these clubs are thinking nowadays. With the new fair play rules, I’m guessing transfer fees will be a lot less ridiculous in the years to come. So there’s no potential for a big fat selling fee in the future. Just the hope that the kid does really well and is worth the initially inflated transfer fee.
    Mental early morning rant over. Go to sleep folks. 😮


  5. Toonsy aye but Carroll was already showing the goods in the prem. I guess that’s the extra 15 mil 😕
    Surely it’s out of control though. Didn’t man u sign Ronaldo for something like 12 mil at 16/17?


  6. A signing of this magnitude would go some way to getting supporters to back Ashley and prove “the £35 million won’t be reinvested” types wrong. But ashleys never gave a ***** before so I doubt he does now either 😉


  7. More chance of Jay being able to reach the porn shelf in a newsagents unaided ….so actually less than nae chance 😉 😆


  8. Jay….not that size matters, but I’m getting a 2.4m sat dish installed on Monday 😀 ……..too late for Villa game tho 🙁


  9. No chance of us spending 20 million on a single player, press will link us with everyone going until we spend the 35 mil, we’re the only cookers outside top 6 with any cash


  10. 😆 at least we got to see a win at Brum, should have been one at Rovers as well like. whey away shopping, hasta pronto 😎


  11. Richie, you’ll find that canal+ plays every top 4 game, so if we are playing them you’re fine! Every bar in Benidorm has skysports as well…. 😯


  12. Plenty of bars showing it up our way – the bars along the front of the La Finca golf resort outside Algorfa. Not much atmosphere, though.

    As for this rumour, I sincerely hope we don’t look at this deal or anything like it. Player prices are about to plummet, and anyone spending 8 figures on a teenager is taking a huge gamble with limited resources.


  13. no way will ashley spend that sort of money on one player your dreaming,he will want 4/5 players if he “is” going to spend all of judas money,and i think we need 4/5 bodys in the door as there will be more out-goings in the summer,players in the 5/8 mil bracket and players out of contract will be the aim imo


  14. Richietoon……..Fenwicks, Kaufhof or El Cortes Ingles…..women just never change mate…. 😆 😆

    Sunny greetings from the Canary Islands 😎 😎 😎

    Howay the lads….!!

    bit late with my comment…pity worky had a go again at the blog….on the back of DJG going a bit radged…..sad stuff… 😥


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