Another one bites the dust!

Tiote back for next game.
You could be forgiven for thinking that Newcastle got hammered at Villa Park yesterday. However, this was not the case.

I’ll agree that our performance was very weak and I feel sorry for those who travelled to Birmingham yesterday and had to watch it. Mind you, it’s worth bearing in mind that we only lost the game because Villa were slightly less worse than us. We didn’t really get dominated for any long periods although it was glaringly obvious that we were never going to score given the lack of quality and options within the squad.

It’s worth bearing in mind though that whilst it is always disappointing to suffer a defeat, we are still on track for our goal of securing Premier League football for next season. That was the aim at the start of the season, and we look like we are going to achieve that.

This weekend was a nothing game really in terms of Newcastle United and the relegation race. None of the current bottom three gained any points and nobody above them managed to overtake us. In that sense this weekend was a ‘gimme’. Sure it was a chance to put a bit more daylight between us and the struggling pack, but ultimately it didn’t matter and we finish the weekend as we started it – both in points and league position.

It’s another game gone for us, but most importantly it’s another game gone for those at the bottom who can catch us. The maximum points that West Ham and Wolves can now get is 18, however unlikely that may be. That means that Newcastle need seven points to mathematically assure safety.

So how does the next round of fixtures look? Obviously we don’t play until next Tuesday, but the rest of the league are in action over the weekend. Let’s take an early look at their fixtures.

Birmingham v Sunderland.
Blackpool v Wigan.
Everton v Blackburn.
West Brom v Chelsea.
West Ham v Aston Villa.

That’s all the teams below us, and once again not all of them can win and consequently not all of them can gain ground on us. It’s probably a good job really as we face Manchester United, but hopefully it will be another game chalked off with nothing gained on us.

I still think one win will do it and will be enough for us to assure our Premier league status. And with players like Cheik Tiote, Kevin Nolan and Stephen Ireland ready to come back into the team for the run in I’m pretty sure we’ll get it.

Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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139 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust!

  1. Ugh Enrique off, piling injuries, poor performances and carroll scoring a blinder, gonna be a sh1te end to this season i reckon


  2. “There’s only one Andy Carroll” is the chant.

    It’s funny those same fans were calling him an animal thug after he scored an identical goal against them earlier this season. Now he plays for them, he’s fine.

    I guess it’s the same with us and Barton but still, money talks I guess.


  3. I reckon it’s great if Judas does well. We all know he gets too big for his boots. the higher profile and better he gets, the more problems will follow him round. Mark my words


  4. Moreno I hope your right.

    Can’t stand watching him play for Liverpool never mind scoring…Please don’t join them Jose πŸ™


  5. I hope he goes out tonight to celebrate and ends up doing something to get himself locked up. That’d be pretty good


  6. I suppose it he keeps improving like he did for us, someone like Chelsea or another big spending may try and buy him and we get more from the sell-on clause.

    lol, maybe Barcelona will take him as the target man Ibrahimovic was meant to be πŸ˜›


  7. Do Liverpool have money though?

    They spent Β£60m in January on Carroll and Suarez, but they pretty much made that all up in the sales of Torres and Babel.

    They showed no financial power at all, just a good ability to rob people blind.


  8. Aye and who was the mug, Abramovich. Although I hate them I think they do some cracking business. Two young up and coming strikers from the sale of one striker who was showing questionable form and attitude. How the hell did they manage that? Once again Newcastle managed to get mugged again for a local star. Would Liverpool have sold Gerrard to us, er no.


  9. 2-0. Kuyt strikes again.

    Liverpool are a far better team when Gerrard doesn’t play. I think they may well get rid of him for big money in the summer, he doesn’t fit the Kenny style of play at the moment.

    I fear one or two transfers and they will be a force again.


  10. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Carroll nodded it onto the Man City defender.

    They will give it to Carroll now he plays for Liverpool, if he had played for us, it would be an own goal.


  11. It’s a bit of a ****ter isn’t it, seeing your club selling all their best players and seeing them perform well…

    Ah well.


  12. Andrew just let it wash over you man.
    else you’ll end up topping yourself.

    I’ll go with Moreno’s plan @ 86


  13. Are we really on the up even? Next season I reckon we could struggle. Worst case scenario atm is Enrique and Barton going and them being replaced by untested forigners bought on the cheap. Happy days eh? Why is supporting the toon such torture. How have we always seemed to attract such clowns as owners and chairmen. πŸ™


  14. “Second Season Syndrome” has struck every team that comes up except Stoke and we seem to be dismissing it as if it isn’t a concern.

    I said earlier we need to buy too many players that our alleged Β£35m will afford us and that is if it was all for transfer, that money has to cover wages too.

    We can’t improve our squad, at best we can hope we maintain the quality as it is now and hope to god our young players actually show some sort of talent.


  15. Why didn’t Stephen Ireland play in the reserves game today? I’m pretty sure that he’s in dire need of match fitness.

    Watch the waste never play a single game for us


  16. Are we really on the up even?

    Very good question. We signed Ben Arfa, Tiote and Gosling, but sold our most promising young player and will probably lose Enrique. I think that IF (and I know it is a big “if”) Ashley makes vailble the lion’s share of the cCarroll/Enrique money and we are able to add 4-6 quality players without losing anyone else, I think we will be on the up. This is the most important summer in the club’s recent history.


  17. Krul, Perch, Leadbitter, Nzuzi, Folan, Grieve, Tavernier, J.Henderson, McLaughlin, Richardson, Inman, Ferguson, Edmundsson, Sam Ameobi, Airey, Donaldson

    That was out team, finished 4-4, Airey got 2, Donaldson and wait for it….Perch πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  18. Well Villa are well keen to see the back of him. Thats never a promising sign like you want to sign players that other teams fans are desperate to keep.


  19. DJG
    Posted April 11, 2011 at 8:58 PM
    Well Villa are well keen to see the back of him. Thats never a promising sign like you want to sign players that other teams fans are desperate to keep.

    We’ll never be in for them tyoe of players, they cost too much.


  20. MDS

    Aye mate there hasn’t been 3 crap teams this year either it has been very competitve and will go right to the wire probably. Hopefully some crap teams will come up I think we need to hope that they will.


  21. Second season syndrome plus the fact that theres some tough teams coming up from this championship, qpr, cardiff, swansea, norwich, i know we played well against most of them last ]year but they play some decent stuff and we’ve already seen how we’ve coped against west brom and blackpool this season…If we lose enrique a solid replacement who could also play lw would be an absolute must-I don’t think we’ll “lose” Barton in that i don’t think anyones gonna come in for him really or we’ll look to sell him, but if he doesn’t sign up and he’s only got a year left well club might pack him off as well. I guess we have Gosling to play on the right in that instance but that just leaves us with a decent 11 and no outer squad yet again.


  22. AndrewNUFC
    Posted April 11, 2011 at 9:02 PM
    Stuart you seem a positive guy

    I’m a realist I’m afraid. Many on here and other blogs before this have slated me for it but I’ve been proved right time and again.

    The people running the club are proven liars, the owner is desperate to leave, but not prepared to lose face and take a loss(despite his imaginary for sale signs), we’ve sold our best young player and it looks like another of our best young players will leave in the summer (Enrique). Let alone the players we can get decent money for like Tiote.

    The future isn’t Orange, it’s Black and White. Very clear indeed.


  23. Would we not be better just leaving Barton on right wing and putting Gosling in the middle then? I don’t see Gosling getting in the team over Nolan or Tiote.

    I hope the match against Villa shuts up those against Nolan. “He does nothing but score” is not proven a myth after that shambles without him on Sunday.


  24. cant beleive you lot are gutted judas has scoerd ,did you think he was never gonna score agen ❓ πŸ˜†


  25. ‘I guess we have Gosling to play on the right in that instance but that just leaves us with a decent 11 and no outer squad yet again.’

    I think they’ve signed a crock there. Fair enough he was a bargain but I wouldn’t hold your breath about him doing a job for us. His knee just seems absolutely donald duck’d.


  26. Stuart79
    Posted April 11, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    I’m a realist I’m afraid. Many on here and other blogs before this have slated me for it but I’ve been proved right time and again

    Ive been proved wrong many times, but not as many times as toonsy’s predictions mind. πŸ˜†


  27. What we have to realise is this..

    Other clubs owners are like the guy who spends all his money on nice cars, our owner is like the guy who sells cars from a railway arch and then go’s to the pub for a pint.


  28. That Airey can find the net like, good lad! Wonder how much he’ll fetch in the summer when we sell him to Liverpool


  29. Some of the comments on ‘United for Newcastle’ make me want to cry with frustration. Some right divvys on there.

    Starting to get pissed off with that group, they just seem to stir ****e


  30. Sorry for late reply, fell asleep….

    They are just reporting sensationalist news stories which makes me think they are losing sight of why they were set up.

    The ironic thing is that their name is ‘United for Newcastle’ and all try seem to do is provoke discussion dividing the fans.


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