Another perfect Saturday?

Ratboy to hurt his old club?
Last week on NUFC Blog I wrote an article where we could take a look at other games, the results, and what the implications could be for Newcastle United.

So, due to positive reaction and a few requests throughout the week I thought I’d do the same against for this round of fixtures, albeit belatedly due to a minor personal crisis and some ignorant shoppers. If you don’t know what I’m on about, you can see what I mean by looking at last weeks article here. Incidentally, every result did go our way, aside from our own, typically.

So what results would be best for us this week then? Let’s take a look the fixtures that have a chance of affecting us….

Birmingham v Sunderland – Sunderland are currently on 38 points, and if Birmingham win it would bump them up to 38 points aswell. There are plus points for either side grabbing the win to be honest. If Birmingham win it drags them closer to us whereas if Sunderland win they will overtake us. A draw would do, but due to my hatred of those red and white fizzers I’d really like a Birmingham City win.

Blackpool v Wigan – Once again another tough one to decipher. A win for Blackpool would more than likely spell the end for Wigan in the Premier League, and it will also drag Blackpool closer to us. I’d plump for a draw in this fixture.

Everton v Blackburn – Easy call – Everton win. That would keep Blackburn struggling at the bottom.

West Brom v Chelsea – Another easy call – Chelsea win.

West Ham v Aston Villa – A draw would keep both sides closer to the bottom and would be no help to either team really. A Villa win would put them on 40 points and would all but end their relegation fears. A win for West Ham would drag them out of the bottom three and put them on 35 points.

Incidentally, if the fixtures did go in our favour again we’d still be in ninth with only five games remaining for the rest of the league. Good stuff, although we do have the small task of Manchester United to overcome at St James’ Park on Tuesday evening.

Do you agree with my results? Would they be the best for Newcastle?

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58 thoughts on “Another perfect Saturday?

  1. I dare bet the beeb are in the ****, i glanced ower me shoulder to see wet spam 2-0 up after bents OG only for them to later say it was 1-1 and he’d scored at the right end… πŸ˜†


  2. Josh – Fair play to them and that and it’s nice to see new teams BUT for the people of Wigan not tot even bother with them really pisses me off. At least Blackpool sell out so there is interest. Wigan = zip, zero, nada.

    If they aren’t interested in the Premier League then why the hell should they take the space of a team whose fans would love it and add to it?

    And before anyone else pipes up, yes I know it’s not about fans and it’s results that count blah blah blah, but come on.


  3. CC carrying on from the previous thread I think it will be a good move by WBA I think Woy is a good and well experienced manager that works better with normal players rather than the liverpool ” superstars” πŸ˜†


  4. Big dave

    Aye totally agree Hodgson is a very good manager, One of the very few who i can stomach listening to after matches


  5. “And before anyone else pipes up” 😯

    Excuse me for expecting somewhere created by Newcastle fans, for Newcastle fans to discuss and debate, with maybe a bit of banter served up for good measure… πŸ˜‰


  6. I thought at first i didn’t want Sunderland to go down but after the grief i got for a season after we went down id love to see them relegated.


  7. CC
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 4:08 PM

    “Excuse me for expecting somewhere created by Newcastle fans, for Newcastle fans to discuss and debate, with maybe a bit of banter served up for good measure”

    I mean people who will have come back with the fact that their results have kept them in the Premier League and that the crowd should be of no importance to them πŸ˜‰


  8. Toonsy

    agree i cannot stand them, They are in the league thanks to that ego maniacal prick Whelan, If it was left to income then they would be in the conference.


  9. I’d actually prefer Villa or Sunderland to go down as I think they will strengthen more than the likes of Blackpool and Wigan over the summer and will make the bottom clutch of clubs smaller.


  10. i would love to watch el clasico but the point is 3:45am here and that is nothing to play for the league,i would rather watch the other 3 remaining el clasico matches.

    btw,i supoort RM and AC MILAN. 😳


  11. Aye angel i know what you mean, if Madrid win there may still be a chance but if Barca win its over.


  12. Josh – Probably not. I heard the wench talking about Britain’s Got Talent earlier so I guess she’ll have that on and I’ll be on here πŸ˜•


  13. Villa were unlikely to go down anyway, but the beauty is half their squad wants to leave and they aren’t exactly flush to replace the squad either.

    At least West Brom lost finally.


  14. Problem with West Ham going down is that they have the potential to take our Championship attendance record, don’t they?


  15. FJ – Upton Park is only 35,000 so I can’t see how they could take our record given that we averaged 43,000 last season


  16. Edwin van der Sar will play at St. James’ Park for the final time on Tuesday before he hangs up his gloves at the end of the season, and Steve Harper hopes Newcastle’s famous fans will give the Dutch keeper a fitting reception.

    The Manchester United goalkeeper, 40, has been at the top of his profession for more than 20 years, and could yet end his trophy-laden career with a treble-winning season as The Red Devils chase Barclays Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League success.

    The most capped player in the history of the Netherlands national team with an astonishing 130 caps, Van der Saar played for Ajax, Juventus and Fulham before heading to Old Trafford in 2005, breaking records and winning three league titles, one Carling Cup and one Champions League.

    In January, he announced that he will retire in the summer and Harper, who will be his opposite number on Tuesday, told of his admiration for Van der Sar ahead of the game.

    “The guy’s a legend,” he said. “He’s been an outstanding goalkeeper at some massive clubs for many, many years.

    “To play the amount of international games he’s played for Holland, and play regularly week in, week out in some of the toughest leagues in the world and in the Champions League, goes to show what a model professional he is.

    “I know Tim Krul’s a big fan of his but any goalkeeper who enjoys the art of goalkeeping must be a fan of Edwin van der Sar.

    “It would be nice if our fans give him a fitting send-off, because we won’t see him again at St. James’ Park – although it would be good for him to be on the losing side.”
    I totally agree.


  17. I thought they were taking the Olympic thing with 160,000,000 capacity.

    They won’t bounce straight back so I thought they’d get that in the Championship.


  18. Josh….I’ll be watching it here in sunny Spain πŸ˜‰

    Feck the derbies, much as I love them you can only tek the piss out of them twice a year, If they get relegated you can take the piss non stop for at least a year….sooooo much more fun πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  19. It wouldn’t matter how big the stadium is, you need to fill the ****er and they won’t even if they’re in the prem.


  20. Toonsy
    Wish you well in the new job. is it similar work or a change of career. Mysel I would have engineered a week or so holiday in between jobs. I am no slacker though.


  21. TlR – I did try and get some holiday in but the timing didn’t work out. I had 11 days off over Easter but when I got me papers back I got the start date and it was before that and I couldn’t risk dragging it out in case I lost it πŸ™‚

    Different career btw πŸ™‚


  22. he’s a dirty ****er anyway but he gets away with it half the time ‘cos “he’s just not good at tackling”…bollox none of his tackles are bad timimg, the dirty ****er knows what he’s doing everytime πŸ‘Ώ


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