Newcastle are acting early in the transfer market.

Pardew ready for transfer action?
One of the main criticisms over the last few years has been the delay in which Newcastle seem to have acted with in the transfer market.

I’m not going to go into reasons as I don’t want the comments to turn into a fizzing debate about Mike Ashley, again, but it is fair to say that for the most part we have been left wanting in the transfer market and that the transfer periods under the current ownership have been less than impressive, aside from the January window in the Championship and the window at the start of the season of course. For me, I’d say that they were a success in all honesty.

There are calls for the club to show a bit of ambition and strengthen the squad accordingly, but the problem with that is that the longer the transfer window drags on without making a signing the more doubts start to creep in. Not only amongst fans, but amongst players aswell. This is why it’s nice to hear that Newcastle are already in talks with several players over summer moves to St James’ Park according to Alan Pardew.

“We’ve had two or three meetings, we’ve contacted some players who are out of contract in the summer. We’re allowed to do that,” Pardew told the Sunday Sun, blissfully unaware that most fans already know that out of contract players can be spoken to.

“We’ve contacted a couple of clubs about players who are under contract to see their situation. We’re very much down the road in signing the sort of players we think can add to the club.”

The fact the we are, apparently, already in talks with players is a good sign. It shows a willingness to get things done which has often been missing in the past. Whether it’s just empty words or not remains to be seen, but I live in eternal hope that the club will realise that it needs to do something this summer.

As I’ve said before, I’m not bothered about investment levels and I don’t really care how much we spend as long as the team, and squad as a whole, is stronger than what it is now. At times we have lacked the depth in the squad to cope with the injuries and suspension that inevitably mount up through the course of the season.

That will need addressing in the summer, so with Pardew claiming that any incoming players will have to have played at a high level for us to be interested in them I hold out some hope that we will get decent players in.

Pardew continued: “All of the players that we’ve contacted have good experience. It’s more about having 150 games under your belt than a 19-year-old with potential.”

“They need to have played at a very high level for us to be interested in them and to warrant coming here, in my view. There may be one we take a fancy to, but most are established players.”

It’s hard to take any of this seriously to be honest. On the surface they are good words from Pardew, but so were the words about Andy Carroll being “100% not for sale”. The only way that doubts can be cast aside is by seeing signs of action because at the moment these are just words.


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47 thoughts on “Newcastle are acting early in the transfer market.

  1. Just have to wait and see, actions speak louder than words.

    Pardews done a hell of a lot of talking leading up to this window, said himself this is the time to judge.

    Like you said toonsy I dont really care how much we spend aslong as as a squad we are stronger which is the main thing. People are stupid to think we will spend the 35 million, I’ve said before I rekon we will spend about 20 to 25.


  2. Andrew – I just don’t see the point in counting the money out. I mean does it matter if the squad is stronger?

    The only people who it matters to are the ones waiting to stick the knife in! 😉


  3. It’s a matter of time before the anti Ashley people kick off if he doesnt spend 20 million on one player.


  4. You’s are saying you want the squad to be stronger, so does that mean buying mainly squad players and keeping the starting 11 basically the same. Or buying players with the quality to go straight into the starting 11?


  5. I don’t really understand this squad player thing. Surely you buy people to compete for first team places.

    I guess you might buy young ‘uns for the future – thewy could be squad players


  6. We shouldn’t need to spend anything more than 20 – 25 million really, but as Andrew said if Ashley doesn’t spend big money on one player the fickle fans will get the bedsheets out again


  7. Josh – Bit of both. There are certain areas where we need first team players (up front) which will make what we have backup, but there are also areas where we will struggle to find anyone better (like Tiote, Enrique) so we’ll have to get backup.


  8. We never seem to get people in for the start of pre-season but then again we never really seem to be panicking because we have no one at the end – in the summer anyways.

    We seem to do a lot of our main business from the season starting onwards.


  9. Hopefully getting some business done early give some of the new lads to settle in and get a pre season under their belt


  10. Aye Moreno

    One of the best races I’ve seen in a while, Webber started way down the order then some how finished third.


  11. getting players in specifically to be understudies seems like a waste of money to me. I’dsay it’d be better to create competition for first team places, and to maintain quality whenever you need to rest players – for instance after internationals perhaps, like the African Nations cup, or to challenge for cups.

    It just doesn’t make sense to buy a player you know would rarely play.


  12. I agree brisvegas, but if we are buying younger players as understudies, to learn from the more experienced players and get some form top level experience, then surely it will be more benefitial in the long run?


  13. The problem with kids as back up is that you end up with inexperience on your bench.

    You bring kids in to be 3rd choice and promote them as they perform. You need experienced players to compete with experienced players so that you always have a strong bench.

    Otherwise you end up with a bench full of Raylors and Perchs


  14. Well we all know Ashley wants to buy younger players who we can sell for a higher price. Pardew might want more experienced players but we will sign young players as well.


  15. By experience players I don’ think there going to be particularly old, I mean M’bengue has played about 90 games and he’s only 22.


  16. Yeahh I suppose like, but I can see players, for example jonas, nolan, barton etc, the players who have gotten us through the past few years not being happy, feeling that they will have a god given right to be in the squad, which ultimately brings down morale surely?


  17. Milkman, them three are all going to be in the squad regardless next season but it’s the staring XI that’s debatable.

    If they feel they have a god given right then that’s a bit hypocritical of them considering all the players are hinting for investment for new players for the summer, that’s meant to be reason Barton stalled on his contract, so surely if we some good players in there going to relish the competition.


  18. Andrew, I seen that. Just goes to show how slow our team is if Simpson is our fastest player because he actually isn’t that fast.


  19. Dan, I meant starting 11 not squad lol :’) In an ideal squad everyone would be competing for places, which is something, to a degree, Hughton used to apply, but seems to have dissappeared. Ideally everyone would be fighting for there place, but as much as we love Jonas, I think without Jose he will be useless, and most of his runs come to nothing, poor cross and a poor finish. We need 2 new wingers like. Collocini and Taylor are others who I think would be upset, Taylor was transfer listed not long back, I think the slightest thing might trigger him into moving. And Collocini has gotten practically all game every game for the past 2 seasons, I think he may get a shock if he is replaced.


  20. I’d prefer Williamson to play but from the sounds of it Taylor will start next season. I also thought Taylor has had it tough because it’s hard to come into the team as a centre back for a game then their out again so hopefully with a sustained run he will settle in alongside Coloccini.

    Jonas for me will be next in line to start on either wing next year and more than likely one of them will get injured and he will play the whole season again anyways.


  21. I think Simpson, Jonas and Lovenkrands aren’t as fast as people make out, there just not as slow as Nolan/Barton etc.

    Jose is probably our fastest player when he gets going.


  22. Simpson looked so slow when we played Derby last year, although he will injured he still looked to be running in treacle.


  23. Newcastle will test just how much Liverpool want their left-back Jose Enrique by insisting that promising Reds midfielder Jay Spearing, 22, moves the other way to St James’ Park.

    Sunday Mirror, I know. but he’d be good cover for Tiote.


  24. To be fair, looking into that report, I doubt it’s credentials. I mean is Wilshere really faster than Walcott? Hmmm.


  25. And Anal Oliver wrote if for The People 😯

    I just don’t report anything that kunt says. Geordie my arse!


  26. Jobey – Not if you don’t subscribe to it it isn’t 😉

    Ah well, second rate Scotish football it is then 🙄

    ‘Mon The Dons


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