Shepherd would have sold Carroll!

Shepherd would have done exactly the same.
Freddy Shepherd has emerged from underneath his rock to pass comment on the sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool, and has admitted that he would have done much the same thing had he still held the reigns of power at St James’ Park.

Shepherd is not well liked by many. He insulted fans and club legends, turned a £100 million cash surplus into a £70 million debt and filled his back pockets with pay and dividends throughout his ten year tenure at NUFC. On the flipside of that though, you could never accuse him of not backing a manager, even if it was to the detriment of the finances of the club.

Still, despite his bumbling nature, Shepherd is still a fan who still likes to have a say on things at Newcastle. The sale of Andy Carroll has been one of the biggest talking points of the season to date, and Shepherd has decided to have his say on it.

“Selling Carroll has left the club weaker but, on that decision, I would have done the same. The reason I say that is the player had been given a contract five weeks earlier – all he had to say was ‘I’m going nowhere’.”

“He had been given a good contract from what I hear. People might not agree with me, but it’s a point of view. If he was so loyal, why did he leave?”

“I’m not knocking him. Personally, I think he’ll be the next Alan Shearer. He’ll be England’s No 9 for the next 10 years. I signed him originally as a kid and you could see there he had something. He used to boss centre-halves – you could tell there was something there from the start – and I wish him luck.”

I actually agree with Shepherd 😯

If Carroll really wanted to stay he could have said no to the deal and stayed at Newcastle. People will no doubt disagree with me and say how he was forced out, but I don’t buy that at all.

It was a great deal for the club, but it will only be a great deal if the money is used in the transfer market and to help sort the club out for the future. Time will tell on that one of course.

It’ll be interesting to see what people think of Shepherd and his take on the Carroll transfer, especially those who subscribe to the theory that Carroll was forced to leave just so that Ashley could stuff his wheelbarrow full of money and run.

Your thoughts please.

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102 thoughts on “Shepherd would have sold Carroll!

  1. I blame Owen. If he wasn’t so sh!t Carroll would still be on the bench, we’d be in europe and besides, it just feels better…. :mrgreen:


  2. Asked if he had no choice but to move to Anfield, he replied: “Looks like it.”

    Utter ******* 😆 😆 😆


  3. @toonsy
    Keep burying your head in the sand and blame Carroll.
    After all the club have done, lied to fans, tribunals, **** on decent managers, then I will take not one bit of notice of them.


  4. Bobby – I don’t believe either of them – the club or Carroll.

    What I do believe is that if he really wanted to stay, as Shepherd said, he could have said “no, I’m staying”.

    He didn’t

    Now here I am praying for my BBQ to light and for Carroll to snap both his legs to make it a perfect day 🙂


  5. Bobby @ 73 thats Carrolls side of it and we had Pards side of it so I would say that somewhere in the middle will be the truth,
    As for blaming the club I just wondered if you put any of the blame on Carroll and Nolan ??
    JG thats just how I feel, I would have been gutted normally but By handing in the transfer request in Judas made it easy for me to accept, simply because if he didn’t hand the request in he would have still been here now.
    As you said @ 41 Shay should’ve waited till we were safe, or at least helped us get safe
    Should Judas not have done the same ?


  6. BS9 i know it’s easy to pick the geordie lad over the idiot board but they were BOTH at fault and both to blame.
    they both wanted money they both got what they wanted, and we’re left in the lurch as usual….


  7. @Big Dave
    Shay and Carrolls situation were poles apart.
    Shay was threatening to leave way before the window.
    Carroll had pledged his undying love and was going nowhere.
    I prefer to believe Carroll rather than the club who have been proved to be liars by a tribunal.
    How can you not read Carrolls account and have sympathy?
    He was forced out. Full stop in my view .


  8. Dave, judas should’ve died in a toon kit after all the sh!te he was talking.
    did i come across as favoring one? 😯
    they’re both cants but at least shay put in years of quality service.
    still should’ve stayed… 👿


  9. BS9 so explain to me how he was “forced” into putting in a transfer request? thats the smoking gun imo


  10. Bobby I do have some sympathy for him, and I do believe that our club is run by a bunch of lying tossers, but I still think that some of the blame lies on Carroll and Nolan.
    As I said we know what we have in Fat Mike and Owl Heed as apart from MA owning the club he has no other ties to the club, But I had a lot more faith in Carroll because he was a Geordie playing in the No9 shirt of his Hometown club


  11. 1. Liverpool make several bids for AC
    2. AC is made aware of the wages on offer at LFC
    3. AC asks for pay rise
    4. NUFC say no, you’ve just signed a new contract weeks ago
    5. AC…but I want more money
    6. NUFC say if you want more money wait until the summer to renegotiate your NUFC contract or put in transfer request
    7. AC puts in transfer request
    8. £35m bid accepted

    Both parties had the opportunity to prevent it happening & neither did but I do feel this more AC’s doing…


  12. Dave 😆 then he should’ve died rather than give up his “dream” 🙄
    Hope they don’t try that with ranger, he might shoot back 😯 😆


  13. @witters
    You’re simplifying it and taking all the emotion out of it.
    My main point which I’ve explained time and time again is, Carroll is a young lad, capable of making rash decisions. It was a heated situation which I believe the experienced party, Pardew and Ashley should have rejected all offers from Liverpool and Carroll.
    I can’t see any problem or difficulty in convincing Carroll over the following few months.
    They didn’t want that. They were happy with the money. Carroll made a rash decision and he may or may not regret it but I certainly don’t think he would have regretted being here now if the club had shown they wanted him .


  14. @BS9

    It’s as simple or as complicated as you wanna make it.

    They did rejects all offers…until he put in a transfer request.

    It may have been a rash decision but it was his decision nonetheless.


  15. Tell you what, id the rumours of a swap deal plus cash with Liverpool are true I don’t think it would be that bad.

    Spearing has been class in this game 😉

    Tiote’s understudy 😉


  16. BS9 for all your explaining I am still waiting for you to explain how you can be forced into putting in a transfer request ❓


  17. @Jersey Geordie
    If the club are telling you that they want to sell you, as a 21 yr old lad, how do you feel?
    Are you mature enough or brave enough to say the club are not receiving £35m and refuse?
    How does he know how the fans will react having refused to accept liverpools offer?
    Many fans think it was a good deal and may have blamed Carroll if he stayed and his performances dipped and value dropped.
    When the club are saying we want to sell you and want you to put a transfer request in with all the above pressures and little time to think about it, well I suggest that is forcing the issue.


  18. Bobby Carroll comes across as a bit thick but he wasn’t stupid enough to not know that he would have been looked on as a bigger hero to the Fans because he was brave enough to stand up to the fatman to stay at his beloved club.
    Did you say if you thought any of the blame fell on Judas and Nolan ?


  19. Of course Carroll has to take a proportion of blame but through Youthful naivety, hastiness or plain stupidity but the club for me should have guided him.
    They didn’t want that, they wanted the money.
    Maybe Carroll doesn’t regret any of it, but I’m erring on what’s likely.


  20. Bobby maybe he wasn’t the type of player to be guided as he thought he knew it all.
    But I still cant believe that he wouldn’t have known that if he had of told MA to **** off that he wasn’t going anywhere he would have been a bigger hero in the eyes of the Fans.
    I do think he was hasty and hot headed and I do think he will regret it but it is something he will have to live with


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