Newcastle 0-0 Manchester United – Video highlights.

For those NUFC fans who haven’t already seen them, or simply for those who wish to have another look, here are the highlights from the 0-0 draw with Manchester United on Tuesday.

A bit belated, but better late than never I guess….

Hopefully this well deserved and hard fought for point against the title-challenging Red Devils will set us up nicely for the weekend trip to Blackpool. A win there would be fantastic and would mean that we could most definitely brush off any lingering fears of relegation.

It was a committed performance from the lads in black and white last night. They really dug deep and I’m very proud of all of them. They all played their part in a performance that, at times, needed all hands to the pump defensively whilst also creating trouble for Manchester United at the other end.

Ultimately the main highlight on reflection, certainly in the eyes of the media anyway, has been the decision not to award Man Utd a stoppage time penalty. Amusingly, the BBC fails to even mention the fact that we had a penalty appeal waved away, but that doesn’t surprise me.

What I will say is that both penalties could have easily been awarded, so it’s kudos to the referee for at least being consistent. Whether he got the decisions right or wrong didn’t matter in the end as both teams got the same treatment.

Howay the lads!

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146 thoughts on “Newcastle 0-0 Manchester United – Video highlights.

  1. I was thinking that,

    Just like he got his season ticket cheap because he passed for a child 😐


  2. Jobey, im not having it, your all just mocking me. KUNTS.

    I like Kyle, but does he even have a Geordie background? 😆


  3. No, youll all just laugh at it 😆

    I’ll see if I can get on but my internet is being abit slow.


  4. I dont need to be a pussay… I get to much of it anyway 😉

    And ye but come on, a thread about Raylor? Who gives a shyte about that, and do I write it then send it to Toonsy or what?


  5. Well im not doing it Jobey, hed just laugh at it and not put it up anyway 😆

    Moreno can you write that in English please 😆


  6. Hahahaha, Jobey you watching road wars?

    This lad was in arm lock, the copper lost it so dropped the lads hat so he could put him back in it when the lad bent down to pick it up. was funny as man 😆


  7. Good evening everybody! I will be paying your swlnging city a visit in May(The Birmingham match)and I wonder if any of you have some good pubs to recommend.Preferably not to far away from ST.JAMES PARK.I am a cancer survivour with only one lung left,and not to keen on long walks.


  8. Arrowhead, thats a shame because you have to walk all the way up to level 7, not a nice walk.

    Erm as for pubs the ground is more or less in the city center, but I am not sure which pubs allow away fans so I cant really help on that one sorry.

    However there is a away ground guide website for every team in the football leauge that might be usefull, It gives you travel info, where to drink, parking and other info and also reviews, I would link it but my internet is running slow.

    Anyway hope your all well now mate and best of luck for the season.. apart from when you play us. 😈 😆


  9. Richie man, there all putting pressure on me aswell, trying to make me do a Raylor article.


  10. Spencer….arrowheads a toon fan(I think)……get ya sel a raylor article done.

    Andrew….I’m sure just one of you could have shot down his arguement, no need to gang up like 😉 😆 😆


  11. Oh right, well theres the strawberry which I no of which is like more or less next to the ground but is fill with faithfulls, and theres a few further down in the city.

    Im only 17 so maybe some of the older ones can help you. 😆

    And got Richie just when I need someone to keep faith you tell me to get it done aswell 😆

    And so for thinking your a Brummie 😆

    Well Ive got you all help I can, whatever you do, enjoy the match 😀


  12. Since 1993 RM last won. 😯 🙄

    so now Barcelona 1 La Liga more or so confirmed.

    Real Madrid 1 CUP confirmed.

    UCL here we come. 😆 😉


  13. Arrowhead…you’ve got Shearer’s bar which is under the Gallowgate stand, The Strawberry which is just opposite the Gallowgate and you also have Rosie’s at the top of Stowell street and The Black Bull on Barrack Road are close too.


  14. Richie whats sam jacks or summat?

    Ive heard it can be a great laugh, and Im gunna try and get some of my mates up for my 18th next year..

    Is it any good?

    And The Shearers is a rip off man, 😆


  15. Aye it is a rip off but if yara Toon fan ya should go at least once…..and it’s the closest 😉

    Sam Jacks isn’t as good as it used to be imo, but a young whipper snapper like yourself will love it 😆


  16. 😆 Ive seen some of the drinking games and that and it looks a right laugh 😆

    Ah well, a toon game, go to sam jacks, then a night oot on the toon cant get much better than that 😆


  17. Looks class richie ive watched loads of videos before, I might just try and sneak in next time I come up 😆


  18. richie im 6-4 man, just wouldnt say I look 18 unless ive had a mop-chop and what not, still wouldnt say I look 18 then tbh 😆


  19. Big film.

    Just wrote an article, all ready to put it up and then realised i couldn’t put a picture on. 😐


  20. If it is I’ll actually come and kick the shyte out of you.

    Green streets putting me in mood for a scrap 😆


  21. that couldbewolfy’s a right ****ing bell 😆
    I think Kyles getting abit pissed of now 😆


  22. 😆 😆
    He hasnt replied, Ive made a couple of comments to night and he tryed to come back and thorw a gay joke, when the fact is he no’s that im not gay and no’s hes a grimsby fan 😆

    He’s a good laugh really 😆


  23. Anyway what’s this thread about, and could they of picked anyone worst than elija wood? Hes a right little weed 😆


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