Tiote vows to continue his tough tackling ways.

Tiote will battle on.
Cheik Tiote has established himself as one of the key players for NUFC this season, and at a bargain £3.5 million you can’t say that he hasn’t been value for money.

Not only is Tiote a ball-winner, he is also a very gifted technical midfielder with an eye for a pass and a terrific work ethic. If there is one small gripe with him however, it’s linked with his ball-winning style and the fact that simply by doing just that he can rack up the bookings which can lead to suspensions. In fact he has already sat out six games this season through suspension, which isn’t ideal.

Alan Pardew has recently said about how many bookings Tiote picks and says that it’s something that needs to be looking at, but for me it’s kind of a hazard of the job. If you are going to spend your time putting tackles in, then law of averages dictates that you will pick up more bookings as a result. If you change that then you change the player, which is why it’s nice to hear that Tiote has no plans to alter his game.

“To have got 11 bookings is maybe too much but I do my job and I have to tackle,” Tiote told The Journal.

“Maybe next season I will get less bookings. Maybe I tackle too much. The manager hasn’t said anything to me, because he knows if I don’t tackle, I’m not the same player. The referees are different in England. If you do something wrong they give you a yellow card straight away. I’ve had to learn that.”

The crux of it is that fans love to see a player putting in 100% and they love to see a player getting stuck in and chase a ball down from 30-40 yards away. You can hear the cheers when a tackle goes in and generally speaking it’s regarded as a sign of commitment to the cause. Being honest, it’s part of the reason why we love him. Tiote continued:

“You can hear the cheer when I get a tackle right. They love this type of player. There’s not too many players who do that but you need to work for the team, and if you do they recognise that. I’ve never played for fans like that.”

Tiote has been outstanding for us for this season. Who would have thought that when we signed the virtual unknown back in August? I know I certainly didn’t. His performances have left me feeling slightly annoyed that he hasn’t got the recognition I think he deserves.

Take the PFA Player of the Year award for example. Not a mention of Tiote. It was the same today when the Football Writers Association named their Player of the Year, with Scott Parker being the recipient followed by people saying how wonderful it is that the award has gone to a player outside of the top tier of clubs and how great it is to have a 100% effort player getting the reward they deserve.

Utter claptrap of course. Parker may be getting the plaudits at the moment, but is he really any better than Cheik Tiote? Not a chance. We, as Newcastle fans, have seen both of them close up so we are in the ideal position to judge.

Anyway, rant over about that. Hopefully next season Tiote will get the recognition he deserves.

I won’t hold my breath on that though!

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47 thoughts on “Tiote vows to continue his tough tackling ways.

  1. Really glad he isn’t changing his ways.
    One of our best signings in a long time.


  2. Had a dream last night that we were playing at Old Trafford next season and Shola and Sigorthson? scored so it was 2-0 at half time. 😆


  3. Good, we need him to stay exactly how he is!

    Toonsy you must really want to beat me if your getting an Xbox 😉


  4. 2
    Posted April 22, 2011 at 11:50 AM
    He is the best newcastle player by far

    yo wont be sayn that when ben arfa gets in his stride m8


  5. MM hows you mate,good i hope.
    ime a bit suss of him,yes he was a good player but would like to see a bit more of him first but signs did look canny.

    by the way your on wrong thread m8 😉


  6. “Blackpool v Newcastle”
    “Expect a rarest of clean sheets and a much-needed win for the Seasiders.”

    Thats based on what other than Andy Grays pathetic hatred of all things newcastle united… 🙄


  7. Toonsy, you keep telling your self that 😉

    Nah it will be decent if you get on like, am sure you’ll show Jobey and Spencer up 😆


  8. He’s an absolute monster of a player. I do wish he could reign in the tendency to pick up a yellow card in every game. I don’t know if that’s possible to do without impacting his overall play.

    I’d also like to see him whack a few shots per game… given the fughing screamer against Arsenal. If he added 3-5 goals a season, man, what a superhero he’d be.


  9. Dan 😆 😆
    I beat spencer 4 times yesterday, best scores were 5-0 and 4-0 😆 😆 😆


  10. Am sure he was pleased about that 😆

    When toonsy gets an Xbox we should make a league with all of us in 😉


  11. He was getting a bit upset. 😆 😆
    aye, i need to play you again, see if i’ve improved like 🙂


  12. x-boxes leave me cold – get yasels a life – gan oot an play 3 pots in or summat 😈


  13. Too hot 😯

    It’s really foggy here. Although that’s probably because I live right next to the sea 🙁


  14. @batty
    I’ll have a word with my source to see where Tiote is gannin.


  15. 1 match ban for 5 yellows, 3 matches for his red card and a 2 match ban for 10 yellows I think 😉


  16. Please forgive me,but i shall say this.

    Scott Parker deserve the award. 😉

    Everyone can see how bad west Ham is,and yet Parker the key for The players to have that drive not to give up.

    He has been influential for West Ham.


  17. AoD.

    Has Nolan or Barton not been influential for us? Yes, and we arent battling relegation. Better goals/assists rate than Parker too.


  18. Dan – Dunno. I just got a text from the radio station asking if I’d do a bit. I told them that I wasn’t writing for .org and they said no problem as it was me they wanted to speak to 😯

    Must be my sexy voice 😆

    They are going to phone me in a bit 🙂


  19. I’m glad he’s under the radar. Helps to keep him off the scope of Champions League clubs, if he’s not ‘fashionable’.


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