The keeper conundrum.

Who will become the No1?
Going back a few weeks now, but I thought that the goalkeeper situation for next season would be pretty much sorted out by now.

Amazingly it isn’t, and I would argue that now the competition is hotter than ever when it comes to who is going to get the nod to be our number one next season with Tim Krul, Steve Harper and Fraser Forster all putting forward a strong case to be the main man in goal for Newcastle next season.

Tim Krul has had a fair few games in goal for us this season whilst covering for the injured Steve Harper. In the first spell I wasn’t entirely sold on him if I’m being honest. He made some good saves but he also looked unsure when it comes to dominating his penalty area. His kicking, well that was just another flaw in his game and I was slightly relieved when Harper regained his fitness and took his place back in goal.

However, and I understand it’s only two games thus far, but this time round Krul looks completely different. He pulled off some fantastic saves against Manchester United during the week, which is fine and is something he is capable of, but yesterday is the game that made me think twice about him. The way he rushed out of his box at times had an air of authority about it and he judged everything spot on. Even his kicking was vastly improved.

Then you add in Fraser Forster, who has had a solid season in the SPL with Celtic. He will be back on Tyneside over the summer and will be involved in a three-way battle for the number one spot. From what I’ve seen of him he seems to be a good shot-stopper and can command his box with authority. Perhaps he could show he is worthy of the number one spot next season?

Then there is Steve Harper. Granted he is getting on a bit, but you know what you are going to get with him. He’ll be a good, solid ‘keeper that can be relied upon. The problem is his age. Being polite, he isn’t going to be around forever so perhaps we need to look at trying a new guy out now whilst we still have Harper that we can call upon?

You see it’s far from cut and dry who will be number one next season and there will need to be some tough decisions made. My feelings at the minute are that Tim Krul is edging ahead, but that could all change. It really is too close to call so it will be interesting to see what happens and who, eventually, ends up getting the nod.

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  1. President? 😯 I thought he was King!

    He’s the worst poster on there, by a country mile, ******ing helll, that sounds like a Holloway saying**


  2. Still, let them crack on being the bitter bunch 🙄

    You used to be able to get balanced debate on there. Not anymore. Everything is a sly dig at Pardew.

    I think the stats suggest that people DON’T like that 😉


  3. JOBEY sorry i tend to agree with toonsy m8,i think clint and maybe a odd guy gets on that seem to have any footy knowledge,or banter it is in short supply on org

    djg is often on there that says it all 😆 😆


  4. Icedog- 😆 😆

    Did you see the other day on their blackpool thread, somebody has asked where the football banter threads had gone. Getting restless on their site 😆 😆


  5. Spencer where is that Raylor Thread or do you just talk a good article ❓
    Toonsy @ 77 I think the no of bloggers back that up aswell 😉


  6. Big Dave-I wrote it but sy and jobey didnt like it so it didnt make the grade mate, hard time’s really 😥


  7. JOBEY well it can tend to get a bit boreing 3 guys always talking to themselves under diff nicks 😀


  8. Here ya go 😉

    Ryan Taylor, loved by lots, hated by some. He doesnt really have a favored postion and can play anywhere on the right flank. His ecstatic pace and abilty to get past a man, along with his silk touch really puts him up there with the top players in the leauge, to go with that he also has a pin-point accurate ball whether that be in open play from a dead ball situation.

    With Ryan taylor being 26 he has his best five or so years of his playing time ahead of him, and I for one hope that Pardew gives him the chance he deserves because I really belive that Ryan Taylor will become an important player to this club in the next few years.

    😆 😆 😆


  9. ****ing class article that man, i had a video link but didnt include it, ill find it now


  10. DAVE kna m8 i dont think i did,i always go to bottom of thread to see who wrote it first before i read comments.anyway dave why comment on there they never answer unless you wait a few days 😀


  11. what you on about big dave, that was it you cheeky kunt.

    and i cant find the link.


  12. Ice I normally just look at the top right to see who posted last, I do feel a bit for CLiNT as he was always a decent Lad but he will learn the same as everyone else more so now that worky has thump on the payroll now


  13. aye but theres not much more to say about him really?

    Anyhow ive just noticed a couple of mistakes in it 🙁

    It dosent help that I dont have word on this computer 😆


  14. im only young dave, still learning my buisness man,

    Take it you dont like it? 😥


  15. Toonsy there is only so much padding you can do 😆
    Spencer I like Raylor but > ‘His ecstatic pace and abilty to get past a man, along with his silk touch really puts him up there with the top players in the leauge, ???? really 😯


  16. ye, Dont see why he isnt in first team, my inside info has told me that Barca are looking are a swap deal for Raylor out.

    Messi + Villa and 20mil in.

    make what you will, heard it here first.


  17. Spencer I do like it kid and I think you have done well but you need more in it mate, I still have faith in you that you can do it you just need a wee bit more 😉

    Ice dont know what happened to hughie maybe training for his next fight 😆


  18. Jobey – I’ve just done one anyway. I’ve made some adjustments aswell if you want to check?


  19. Spencer do you want me to write one out for ye and then I will email you it then you can tell Toonsy it’s yours ? dont worry I wont tell anyone 😉


  20. Spencer…..sorted out the mistakes for you, no need to thank me 😉

    Ryan Taylor, loved by some, hated by lots. He doesnt really have a favoured postion and can play anywhere on the right flank quite badly. His lack of pace and inabilty to get past a man, along with his sh!t touch really puts him up there with the worst players in the league, to go with that he also has a pin-point accurate ball whether that be in open play from a dead ball situation which never fails to find an opposition player.

    At 26 Ryan taylor’s best five or so years of his playing time are seemingly behind him, and I for one hope that Pardew never gives him the chance he doesn’t deserve because I really believe that Ryan Taylor will become an important player for a non league club in the next few years. 😆


  21. not nice that richie, what if he comes on here, really knocked hes confidence then havent you mate, 😆


  22. it wont let me post comments on the new one?

    Anyone been on footyrumours recently?

    Jobey seems to have lost his mind.


  23. It was good advitising that if you ask me, I would of put my name but didnt want to look a nutcase 😆


  24. Clint is the only lad worth poaching from .org…writes some real class articles, speaks a lot of sense…the rest ower there are all wingers and Pardew bashers, prawn sarney brigade, especially AndyMac, Chuckle-less and that other bloke Trojan69 and a half…wasters man… 😆 😆 😆


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