The Entertainers – Where are they now?

A memorable afternoon!
The meeting with Manchester United last week brought back memories for many NUFC fans.

Believe it or not, there was once a time where we could match them throughout the season. A brief time all the same, but it was also a very enjoyable time where we managed to beat them 5-0 at St James’ Park in match that will live long in Tyneside folklore.

The team that Kevin Keegan assembled for that day was something else. Filled with flair and skill it’s fair to say that it’s up there as one of our best teams ever. Unfortunately, it didn’t win anything except praise from pundits and neutrals as Keegan’s Entertainers became the second team of many people up and down the country. Much like everything though, it didn’t last and one of the most exciting and attacking teams we’ve ever seen was gradually broken up.

That 5-0 victory over Manchester United was arguably the pinnacle of that era, buy what happened to the players that played on that day in 1996? Some of them are obvious, but some aren’t. Lets take a look at what they are up to now.

Pavel Srnicek – Pav retired in 2007 and now runs his own goalkeeping academy in his native Czech Republic.

Steve Watson – Steve is now a development coach with Huddersfield Town. Lee Clark, another ex-Mag, is his boss.

Darren Peacock – Despite much searching, I’m unable to track down what he is doing now. The closest I could find is that he is now living in either Canada or Portugal although this is unconfirmed.

Philippe Albert – Philippe works as a pundit for Belgian TV and also runs a successful fruit and veg business.

John Beresford – ‘Bez’ is currently a TV pundit for ESPN.

Peter Beardsley – Pedro is currently the reserve team manager at the Toon.

Robert Lee – Lee is a pundit for Singapore TV these days.

David Batty – Another one that is hard to track down. He’s done a it of charity work and TV work, but I can’t track down what he is up to now or whether he is involved in football still.

David Ginola – Ginola owns a vineyard these days and creates award-winning wine. He also frequently appears on TV in the UK as a guest on football shows and match presentations.

Les Ferdinand – Sir Les is currently coaching at Tottenham Hotspur whilst also working for the BBC on occasion. He part-owns a motorsport company which encourages drivers of Afro-Caribbean origin to take up motorsport.

Alan Shearer – Is still working for the BBC on Match of the Day and is yet to take the full-time plunge into management.

How about the subs who appeared on that famous day? What are they up to now?

Warren Barton – Barton work as a pundit for Fox Soccer Channel in the USA. He is also president and head coach of San Diego Flash.

Lee Clark – Clarky is currently manager of Huddersfield Town and has them in the hunt for autmoatic promotion to the Championship. Failing that a play-off spot awaits.

All of these players played a part that day, and all of them should be remembered for it. It wasn’t just about Ginola’s bullet or Albert’s lob – it was about the team, and they should all be remembered for it!

One more time……

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36 thoughts on “The Entertainers – Where are they now?

  1. still remember that day like yesterday , would love another team like that and i dont think pardew is the man to bring them days back πŸ˜†


  2. Seems like if you’ve played football at a certain level then you are locked for a job as a pundit? Many players might have been good players, but it is certainly not many that make a good pundit.

    Anyway lets just pray we will one day get back to the entertainers level πŸ™‚


  3. β€œAndy will be a real handful to go up against if he plays – he’s so strong and one of the best in Europe.” πŸ™„

    Decent half a season in the championship and a decent half season in the premiership doesnt really make him one of the best in europe, Reminds me of Heskey signing for Liverpool after looking great for leicester in div 1 as it was and the prem.

    After a ok start it went to ****, 10 years on and they get hold of another overpriced, backstabbing c unt who wore number nine for his home town club…


  4. Ice- It’s good in a way, but bad in a way. I want season tickets to be easy to get a hold of for when i go uni in a few years up there. Best not all be sold 😐 😐


  5. JOBEY,if he sells oot of season tickets,why spend a lot in the transfer market πŸ˜‰ your already sucked in,or is that just my evil mind πŸ˜€


  6. Ice

    I get to matches when possible and certainly arent in a position to get a season ticket with family and wok commitments, So season ticket holders tell me where to go if you like but theyve given the fat **** license to not buy players IMO…


  7. Ice- Spose, i just want a season ticket badly, but i also want players, big decisions πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  8. Ice- What you doing on during the day? Batty being kind and giving you time off work? πŸ˜†


  9. CC/Ice if he didnt have the season ticket money then he’d have an even better reason for not getting players, he’d just say there’s no money there to buy players….end off.
    For the record I think the 10 yr price freeze is a terrible idea, from a business perspective and the football side.


  10. Can’t you opt out of the season ticket plan?
    If there’s an opt out surely there’s no license.


  11. Shearer @ 2-

    You’re absolutely right. Wish they’d **** off like. Why divvent they just buy the whole team? God I hope we trounce them. I’d do a jig ffs! 9-0 the Toon, and Barton (a boyhood Everton supporter) goes right up to Dogleash, drops his draws and moons him in front of all their asshole supporters.


  12. RICHIE he couldnt dee that mate,they have more or else said they will “spend”some of the carroll money,now he might spend less imo 😐


  13. That is disapointing for sure , Hopefully Pardew has seen enough of him in training to decided if we should sign him or not and maybe it will keep his price down if we do decide to sign him


  14. Can’t believe our bloody luck…well maybe we can get him on loan next season then.


  15. Barton to Liverpool *sigh* [shakes head and wonders why people still take the papers so seriously].


  16. So, our chums from the red side of Liverpool now – and that’s on top of Jose! Being fair to them though, they’re reportedly after Blackburn’s Phil Jones as well. Ok, so they’re in the market for players but when will just ! off and look somewhere else. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put the kybosh on Friday’s wedding by expressing interest in other players – the band of the Coldstream Guards!


  17. Ice….I’m saying if there was no season ticket money he’d have an excuse to say there was no money available, I don’t mean just this season but any season. The Carroll money doesn’t enter the equation and as Jersey says you can opt out of the 10 year thing at the end of any season. πŸ˜‰


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