Skipper set to sign contract extension with NUFC.

Nolan in NUFC contract talks.
It looks as though Kevin Nolan will be putting pen to paper on a contract extension at Newcastle United.

The player himself has said that he expects the deal to be done “next week or the week after” on an extension that will see the current captain under contract to the club until 2015. Of course, it could just be the club fattening up the deal so that they can get more money for the player when they inevitably sell everyone at the club over the summer….

On a more serious note, this is good news as Kevin Nolan is a pivotal figure at NUFC these days. Without his goals we’d be deep in the mire and he is, in my mind, the player that keeps the rest on track. Put it this way, if Nolan had been captain back in 2009 I don’t think we would have been relegated.

This fits in rather nicely with an earlier article where rumours circulating suggest that Joey Barton has signed a new deal with the club. Barton said not so long back that if Nolan signs a deal then he will also. What odds on a double announcement?

If the contracts for these two materialise then I’ll have to give credit to the club. They said that once safety was assured that they would look at contracts, which they have if these unconfirmed reports turn out to be true. That will only leave Jose to deal in, but with little on the horizon in terms of contract talks it looks more and more likely that he’ll be off in the summer.

Meanwhile it appears that Newcastle could be offered some Liverpool players in the summer, with names like Paul Konchesky, Joe Cole, David N’Gog and Emiliano Insua all touted as possibilities. Of those I’d only take N’Gog and Insua as both of them are young enough to improve and have done a job in their respective positions before.

It’s getting interesting at St James’ Park already, and the season isn’t even over yet! Putting transfer links on the backburner for a second, the key job was to get some of our key players tied down with new contracts. They appear to have done that with Nolan and Barton, and there is still a chance, even a slim one, that Jose could sign yet. I’m not holding out much hope however.

So it’s almost good news all round!

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35 thoughts on “Skipper set to sign contract extension with NUFC.

  1. Can NUFC announce new players before the transfer window? free agents, transfers etc, Assuming not when does the window actually open is it 1st June??


  2. If a deal is agreed with all parties then yes. It’s only the registration that can’t be done until the window opens πŸ™‚


  3. From my expence in football manager yeah you can Premandup , but not sure how accurute that is πŸ™‚ Love that game


  4. Ive changed my mind about Ireland. I think we should spend some of the dosh on him in the summer. Not particularly because of what he has done, we all know what he can do. But because I think our side is fully of battlers and long balls. Ireland and Benny are like the cheese to go with all the chalk. It would be a gamble, no doubt about that. We are not in a position to go out and buy the players that everybody wants, we will have to gamble in the summer. Ashley is a gambler though, lets hope he is lucky.


  5. Apparently being injury prone, a pain in the bum and calling the manager a “bum” means Villa want rid of him.

    His injury prone ways mean we can lower the price me tinks. Sort his fitness over the summer and we get a great deal.



  6. Of course, it could just be the club fattening up the deal so that they can get more money for the player when they inevitably sell everyone at the club over the summer….
    I’m sure one or two will post a comment along those lines on this thread…

    Great to hear this news. Barton and Nolan deserve new deals. even if in a few years they are no longer 90 minute players. Their leadership qualities are worth their weight in gold. We have come a long way in that department over the past 3 years…


  7. Surely the likes of Nolan and Barton not lasting a full game is a good thing?

    It means we have more rotation in the midfield and the likes of Vuckic, Gosling, etc. might get match time?

    We have 3 strikers, 5 defenders and about 57 midfielders. Something has to give.


  8. FJ- I have great hope ofr Vuckic and Gosling and hope they get more minutes too- but I’d rather have Barton and Nolan in the middle than two players who have yet to prove themselves.


  9. MDS, I was meaning if Nolan and Barton only last 65 mins or so, we can give the likes of Gosling and Vuckic 20 mins or more game time.

    I think that’s enough time to make an impact but not so long that we are reliant on them.

    It’s an ideal position to blood younger players in. It’s the “Ranger System” with impact subbing.


  10. FJ- in that case I agree completely. Every manager talks of bleeding the youngsters until they actually have to manage- then they go with the vets. I’d love to see Vuckic be used in the way Fergie was this year. As for gosling, i think he has a chnce to surpass guthie on the depth chart next year and be the 1st or 2nd CM on bench.

    This year, injuries have forced us too hreavily on certain players. Would love to see that changed next year.


  11. Funky – you do know we only get 3 subs a game, right?

    We have too many central attacking midfielders. Why sign another who is showing signs od Owen-style crockedness and has a history of being a bit of a ****? Gutted though I am for Ireland it just makes a decision easier for the club on how to thin the herd.


  12. Yes, I do know we get 3 subs.

    We get rid of the midfielders we have no interest in keeping and then we can cycle through younger midfielders, giving them match time since the likes of Nolan and seemingly Barton struggle to be impactful for a whole match.

    The likes of Gosling and Vuckic can easily get 15+ appearances next season if we think about substitutions and how to use them properly. We do it right with Ranger, why can’t we do it with the midfield?


  13. Who are all of these CMs that we have signed for next season?

    regulars- Nolan, Barton, Tiote, Guthrie, HBA (I am not counting Alan Smith as I believe he is done)

    unproven youth coming off injuries- Vuckic, Gosling

    That’s not many when Pardew is talking about using 1 off a loan striker.


  14. FJ- I’d cut barton a break. he played an insane amount of minutes this year and may be tiring a bit. Plus he has been playing out of position most of the year. he was down right dominant when played at CM earlier on.


  15. I am not saying Barton is unfit, I was more talking about his rather horrid injury record for us. I never feel comfortable about him playing a full game without his feet smashing into little pieces.

    If we can get 70 minutes of full throttle Barton and give a youngster 20 minutes to get used to this division, I’d take that over risking Barton missing 15 games due to his feet breaking every step.


  16. Owen style injury proneness?

    We signed him with an injury we knew he had, and he picked up a niggle when he came, i’d say that was bad luck and not particularly injury proneness


  17. can remember that konshesky few years back agreed to join fulham done and dusted,till another club came in 11th hour and he went there,not a man of honour just a greedy git πŸ‘Ώ


  18. Alright, seen as you’re being an arsey focker, what was up with your internet? πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  19. πŸ˜† Dunno mate. Just wouldn’t connect. rebooted everything and nowt worked. Then it just came back on again πŸ™„


  20. DAVE remember when richie nicked that scooter in the rain,well the git still got it πŸ˜€


  21. ahhh, thought they might have shut down your router for too much viewing of inappropriate material…


  22. Why is it they make baby food in jars an incredibly stainable orange?

    I am going to stop eating it t this rate


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