Pardew firming up his summer transfer plans.

Pardew plans ahead.
Alan Pardew has again reiterated that Newcastle are actively seeking to recruit players over the summer months, and claims that contact has already been made with clubs over the availability of players.

I’m sure Pardew is just as keen as we are to see the team improved. After all, an improved team that is getting results will improve his reputation in the football world. This is part of the reason why I believe we will see the squad strengthened over the summer. Another part of the reason is Mr. Ben (Graham Carr) who has been popping up all over the world scouting players. I doubt the club would go to that expense for no good reason.

Anyway, time will tell on that. It’s very much a waiting game for NUFC fans at the moment. Cautious is perhaps the most accurate word to use as we await to see signs of activity of incoming players at St James’ Park. At the moment though all we can go on is what we are told, which brings me nicely on to what Pardew has been saying today.

“We’ve made contact with a few clubs about their players, I think that’s important,” Pardew said. “There’s a lot to be done but the process has started.”

“Our chief scout Graham Carr and his team have been very much on the ball and understand exactly where the European market is and the targets we have.”

“I haven’t put a figure on how many players I want because it depends on the renegotiations of players we have,” he continued. “Joey Barton, Enrique and Kevin Nolan all need contract deals sorted out – and there are others I won’t mention that we still need to secure.”

The identity of the players we’ve enquired about will no doubt remain secret, but at the moment, and based on rumour alone, Kevin Gameiro and Cheikh M’Bengue are said to be two of the players that we’ve asked about. We’ll have to wait and see who the rest.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the summer to be honest. I’m not expecting Hollywood signings, but I am expecting the squad to be strengthened as a whole. Hopefully the bulk of the cash will get spent on our attack as, let’s face it, we need to beef up our goalscoring options.

Hopefully we can start to see all of these words put into action.

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32 thoughts on “Pardew firming up his summer transfer plans.

  1. I like the look of Gameiro’s game. The type of player we need up front in my opinion. M’Bengue of course only makes sense if jose leaves unless he can play another positon like LM as well.


  2. Aye, from what I’ve seen, Gameiro is a decent player. Sure I read that he wanted a move to Spain though. (Could be BS like!)

    A lot of people have had good things to say about M’bengue, so if Jose were to leave, he sounds like a good replacement!


  3. Not to pull a Dennis wise, but everything ive seen of gameiro only has him scoring on the counter. Nothing with him being productive while the team holds posession in the opposite half. Maybe that’s just how his team is focusing on scoring though?


  4. Well it will be the first big insight into the kind of team and football Pardew wants It will be interesting to see the calibre of the new recruits.Paper gossip and rumours will keep the blogs active but we won’t know till someone is seen at SJP Newcastle Airport. πŸ˜† Hopefully not getting off a National Coach or Bicycle πŸ™„


  5. You can rule Gamiero and Mbenque out purely on the basis that the press have linked them and the press are always wrong!

    I’m quite hopeful too on this. It’s in nobody’s interest at all to stand still at this point. Even if the conspiracy theorists (and KK) are right and Ashley’s wanting to sell… and I don’t think he is… then a strong window is needed. A strong squad and a zero bank balance will look a lot better to everyone concerned – including potential buyers – than a weak one and Β£35m in the bank.

    Wingers, full-backs and strikers, please. Oh, and some strikers. DID I MENTION THE FEKKING STRIKERS?? πŸ˜†


  6. The only spanner in the works of my optimism is January. Not so much the AC thing, but Ireland and Routledge. Adding to our strongest area and removing our only specialist RW are hardly indicators of a keen strategic mind. πŸ™„

    Let’s hope these both had reasons that we’re not aware of and that we’ll see a return to CH-style windows come summer. More Bennys and Tiotes, please. πŸ™‚


  7. I did think the Routledge deal was a bit wierd But hoped it was part of a deal to sign Taarabt or someone in the summer (Silly Me)


  8. I just really hope that we bring in two quality attacking players, be it strikers or wingers or Benny type players


  9. On the topic of the new kit-

    I kinda like it actually. The plain white sleeves kind of remind me of Arsenal’s kits. I like the back a lot too. It’s just different. I’m a traditionalist, so I prefer regular black and white stripes, but this ain’t that bad. As long as the lads play well, I couldn’t be arsed to care lol πŸ˜€


  10. @whumpie

    I’ve put my fishing rod away . I caught a monster before.
    Hook, line & whumpie. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  11. OHurley- Probably Taiwo, as I’m pretty sure his contract is either running out this year, or it only has about a year left on it, meaning he’ll probably be the cheaper of the two. Also He’s much more experienced at 25 years old that MBengue,


  12. Toonsy-

    I hadn’t heard that, only rumours. Like Jose to liverpool. Ya never know. Or Idk, maybe ya DO know lol


  13. Toonsy-

    Yeah you’re probably right. Maybe against all odds, Jose will stay. Any idea what the odds are on him staying as of now?


  14. whumpie, we probably need 2 wingers, 2 fullbacks, and 2 strikers. Doubt we’ll get 6 players in though. Probably have to rely on some combination of Fergie, Tavernier, Kadar, and Airey to come through


  15. MDS-

    I think 4-6 is actually reasonable. Highly doubt it’ll be above 6, but I could see us signing 6 players. I’m including Ireland in that mix too.

    And we’ll have Gosling and Benny back too. I hope the future turns out to be as bright as it looks like it could be.


  16. OHurley I think I’m gonna make the trip out there. Initially I wasn’t but I dont think I could live with myself with the toon coming over the pond and me not going…


  17. Pardew’s right in that until we know who’s staying we won’t know who’s needed. For me, with Ferguson covering Jose we only need a LB if Jose goes.

    BTW – anyone see this?

    “Higuain’s goal was good. Pique pushed me and I landed on Mascherano. He didn’t used to fall to the ground in England, but he’s picked up the bad habit of doing it here like everyone else.”

    And who said that? Ronaldo. The biggest ****king cheat since Klinsmann. What an utter ****! Hilarious hypocrisy!


  18. OH- very likely. Depends on what’s going on at work so I probably won’t know for sure until a week or two prior


  19. Question for you all, and I realize this is the wrong thread, but the “Big announcement” that was supposed to be made today…was that the kit thing?
    So no sale of the club? No Nolan, Barton or Enrique contract?


  20. Jersey-

    Same here, man. Nashville to Columbus is a nice little drive, but I couldn’t live with myself either if I missed the Toon. If you decide for sure, we’ll have to get contact info and meet up before the game. Do some tailgating and down a few brews, then sing our asses off haha.

    That goes for you too MDS πŸ˜‰


  21. If I am able to go, OH…I’ll join you for just about all of that.
    Still waiting to hear if I have to do the training event scheduled for the same week in the ever exciting town of Omaha. If not though…I am booking my trip to Columbus.


  22. Pardew keeps blowing his trumpet about his intentions and he’s going to wind up looking like a numbskull if he can’t come up with a few decent signings early on in the window.

    Also, does he not just drive up prices by talking repeatedly about how we’re going shopping? It puts the stink of desperation on us, doesn’t it?


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