What do you think of our new home kit?

Nolan looking portly in his West Brom kit!
Newcastle have unveiled their new kit for next season today, and on first inspection I have to say that I’m not massively keen on it.

It’s the same kit that was leaked a few weeks back, which is disappointing as I had hoped that those leaked images were a pisstake. Apparently not. As pictured, it has just the two white stripes and is predominantly black on the front with those ‘iron on’ cheap, tacky sponsor and club badges still featured. It reminds me of a West Brom kit in all fairness.

And how about our new goalkeeper shirt? What are your thoughts on this? It is very similar to the current Tottenham Hotspur home kit in my view.

In fact it could well be the Tottenham home shirt that has been bathed in a tub of urine to achieve that incontinence yellow effect.

We’ve had three new home shirts in three seasons now, and I’ve only bought one of them – the Adidas one!

In my view the stuff that PUMA have trotted out is pure pants. It looks shocking, feels cheap and tacky and is doing nothing to justify me shelling out Β£45 or whatever it costs on one. Needless to say that next season will be another season where I stick to my retro shirts. It’s a shame my 1993 shirt is more like a boob tube these days as I quite liked that one.

Anyway, the decision has been made and won’t be changed so we have to stick with it. It doesn’t mean you have to buy it though, unless of course, for some strange reason, you actually like it.

The official club website is offering a free home ticket with a pre-ordered shirt for a limited period of time as some form of sweetener.

A free season ticket wouldn’t be enough for me to buy that!

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66 thoughts on “What do you think of our new home kit?

  1. That strip is hideous.

    It looked alright when no one was wearing it as it looked like it had less black on it at the sides.

    Fat Nolan looks as fat as his 6 sisters put together in that picture.


  2. Does it signify St James Boulevard or Scotswood Road dual carriageway?


  3. @David

    Did you say on the first pint I hated it on the 6th or 7th it’s growing on me?

    Keep drinking fella, I’m the same with lasses!


  4. lol Bobby. There’s only one thing that is really bugging my about this new kit and its the nufc crest. Why is it overlapping on to the white stripe? its not like its half on white, half on black its just a fraction onto the white and it just makes it look rushed. I mean there’s enough black for it to be completely surrounded by it.

    Perhaps this will be less annoying with beer as you suggest.



    Someone get the link up! It’s horrific!


  6. I like the current strip apart from the cheap plastic Northern Rock badge on the front so I was excited for a new shirt…

    At 1st glance, I don’t like it but it’s refreshing to see something a bit different from the usual and the go faster stripes will suite Ben Arfa as he burns up the wing πŸ˜‰

    I’ll buy it, although mainly in the hope that it’ll be a trophy in years to come after an amazing 2011/12 season…


  7. Sorry for quick change of subject but ;

    I accept it’s down to the club to convince players to stay. But I don’t accept for one second you need to wait til players come in.

    It’s about Ashley sitting down with the players and manager and explaining his intentions and providing promises.

    I don’t buy this wait and see by who we buy. Some purchases are completed on the last day of the window .


  8. Bobby, sports direct logo?!? Oh God, you gotta be kidding me… ??


  9. Actually, I just noticed the collar… Might spend my Β£40 at Toffs instead.


  10. Now now Bobby, before the wind up gets to far please remember the rules on kit sposorship as per the Premier League handbook πŸ˜‰


  11. The new kit?

    I think folk’l like it cos it’ll take fans’ minds off the crap football we’ve been serving up of late!



  12. I’m hearing the 2nd and 3rd kits are going to be a black one and an orange one.
    I’ve always worn either puma or umbro boots and have some cloths from puma so I thought puma would do a good job with the kits but these two efforts are poor IMO….


  13. Not a fan at all really. It might look better in the flesh though!

    Don’t mind the keeper one.

    Are we getting new away shirts this year? Anyone know when they’re released?


  14. I don’t know where they come up with these colours…
    Think addias is making the best kits. Hope we go back to them next year.
    Although I’m a fan of birmingham’s kits this year. Who makes them?


  15. i cant decide if i like it or not. Its different ill give it tat. I prob would buy it


  16. JG – Someone unheard of :mrgreen:

    Xtep :s

    I’ve never really given a toss who makes the shirts as long as they look good. I think Adidas were going stale anyway, but my god the are miles better than PUMA.


  17. I simply love the current away kit of Inter Milan..

    with dragon on the side.

    My friend says looks like some gangster,hooligans playing football. πŸ˜†


  18. Toonsy sign them up they sound cheap which will please cashley. If they can put an effort in for us like they did for birm, I’d be pleased.
    Don’t think I’ll be buying this puma one.
    Why are these company constantly trying to reinvent black and white stripes πŸ˜•


  19. Orange away kit?! :O That could be interesting to say the least!

    Black third kit sounds alright. I think I’ll wait til those come out, to see which one to buy.


  20. Look on the bright side: for the first time in history, the cheaper Chinese knock-off shirt will be better quality than the genuine one! πŸ˜†

    Looks like an undertaker’s been run over by the truck that paints the ‘no overtaking’ lines on the roads. Fekkin’ ****e.


  21. Our colors are black and white- plus the blue from the badge. Our shirts should be those three colors only IMO


  22. Some of the other images out there look better. Helps if you see the whole thing.

    Still no sign of any pics of the back, though.

    One thing that cracks me up: to see the launch vid on the official (.****) site, you have to be a member! What marketing genius!



  23. @whumpie

    Seriously. I wish I could transfer the link but it’s got sportsdirect across the back of the shoulder in red and blue letters!!
    It absolutely spoils it!!!!!! πŸ˜₯


  24. BS9 – hmm. Thought that was against FA rules. I smell a wind-up..

    Need a link or won’t believe you!


  25. @whumpie
    That ruling changed for next season . Apparently a few other clubs are doing likewise but the adverts have to be a certain size and only on the back!


  26. Also, I note the sheer lack of ANY club doing the same, even those that have already released their new kits….

    Don’t fall for Bobby being a tosser.

    Bobby – Put your fishing rod away.


  27. Jobey – A 100% correct nerd πŸ˜‰

    There is nowt that Bobby knows about the financials that I haven;t already looked into. Nothing B)


  28. Anyway – the pic on here is pretty nasty; there are better ones, and it does look much better in context. Probably still won’t buy one, mind. Because it’s made by a 3-year-old chinese kid. Ironically, probably in the same sweat-shop as the knock-off ones!


  29. This is ****e, why not keep it simple black and white stripes all the way??? This looks tacky and there aren’t enough white stripes. The addidas CCC shirt from last season was really nice. Why not kep it at least similar to that?

    Puma don’t make good shirts.


  30. Whumpie @ 47 – Look at post 19. I can’t help it if people don’t read every post πŸ˜‰


  31. Arran, yeah overall I like it, I’ll be getting Benny on the back!

    By the way I read your article the other day but haven’t been able to comment lately because of my laptop but it was a good read mate πŸ™‚


  32. Aye the back is alreet! πŸ˜› Still not sure on the front like! I’m really intrigued about a supposed orange away kit!

    Yeah, I think I’ll probably go for Ben Arfa, Tiote, or a new signing on the back.

    Thanks mate! πŸ™‚ There shall be another one by me up soon! πŸ™‚


  33. Aw ma gawd! Aw ma gawd !
    πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  34. So disappointed by this kit. Horrible. When Puma were first announced as the kit makers I was pretty excited, they make some awesome looking strips for overseas clubs, and some of the African national sides.

    I also remember this little beauty being rumoured…


    If only. I’ll be sticking to my Adidas championship strip again I think, or maybe see what the change strips are like, this season’s weren’t bad.


  35. 😯

    Not sure, think it might grow on me. At least it looks like someone has actually been paid to design a new one and not just move the badge a little and tweek the collar.

    I like the keeper top already though. Looks really good compared to the old green or blue ones.


  36. I like how it looks like an italian clubs strip or something. Looks a bit more classy than the old one.


  37. Remember the lemon sherbet away strip though. Everybody hated it at first and by the end of the season people loved it.


  38. I did not like it to start with, but now i think it is a good kit!
    The keepers kit is neat too!
    Does anyone know when change strip is out? πŸ˜€


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