Would Connor Wickham be worth the money?

Connor Wickham - Is he worth it?
There was a bit of news about yesterday, in the local rags no less, that suggested that NUFC still maintain some interest in Ipswich Town striker, Connor Wickham.

The 18-year-old is regarded as a bright prospect and has been courted by a number of top clubs. At 6ft 3in the lad is already a first-team regular at Championship level and has represented England at every level from schoolboy right up to the under-21’s but, and this is the sticking point for me, goals haven’t exactly flowed from the Hereford-born striker.

This season he has scored seven goal in 36 league appearances, which isn’t great in fairness. Granted the lad has age on his side and can improve, but I wonder if it’s a wise move investing so much money in a player who has yet to prove that he can score goals consistently.

Alan Pardew is apparently pursuing other targets first, which is a good thing in my opinion as I reckon we could bet a better deal elsewhere. With Wickham being young and English it means that he is going to attract a premium on his price, for some reason, and would likely cost upwards of Β£10 million. That money could definitely be spent more wisely in my opinion.

It’s a risk that I don’t think United can afford to be honest. For Β£10 million we could get Gervinho or Kevin Gameiro who both have proven goalscoring records, albeit in the French league. In my mind that is a much safer bet than punting the same amount on a kid who has scored 14 goals in 71 Ipswich appearances.

If we had strikers who could be relied upon at the club already, plus the money to do so, then I’d probably try and sign him for the future, but to expect an instant impact from a young lad is too much of a risk.

So whilst Wickham can score goals like this:

My worry is that he doesn’t seem to score enough to warrant all of the praise that has been put upon his shoulders. We need a proven goalscorer, and whilst Wickham may turn into one evetually he wouldn’t solve our immediate need for a striker.

Would you take a punt on Wickham?

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162 thoughts on “Would Connor Wickham be worth the money?

  1. Thanks for your kind invitation to supper (@87).
    Love to but Í’m full o’ cold and pi$$ed off with it!.
    Anyway, enough of me, we’ll have a joust Friday. Oh, and do bring Stardust along!!


  2. Don’t get people who support multiple teams at all and to be blunt and perfectly honest I haven’t got any time for them. You either support the toon and give them your all or you don’t.


  3. I guess you have no time for me then. Since Newcastle aren’t my first team or birth team, I guess I am a glory hunter who loves all the trophies the team has won.


  4. Bollox to that TC.

    I was born in Newcastle and first saw them play in 1964. I’ve been a Newcastle fan ever since. But it’s hard to go to games when I live on the other side of the world.

    Recently, Australia started up the A-league. I won’t go into the problems football has here as most of you wouldn’t underwstand them, but, to cut a long story short, I went along to games as much to support the new league as anything else.

    Brisbane was my local team. I fell in love with them. I’m now a season ticket holder and have missed just 3 home games in the 6 years the league has been running.

    There is no doubt you can love two mistresses. I often wonder who I’d support if Newcastle and Brisbane were to play in the World Club final.

    But if that were to happen I don’t think I’d care; it’d mean both sides were successful. πŸ˜†


  5. Aye don’t agree with that at all TC. As a Newcastle fan are you somehow incapable of obtaining joy from a normal football match? If so then thats very sad to hear. In random matches something might just inkle you to support one team over another, underdog or some other reason, maybe you like a player, their ethic, or the kit, it doesn’t really matter.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d only describe myself as a newcastle fan, but if I happen to be watching foreign football then i’ll try and get to grips with it and by chance I might just start rooting for them on the very few occasions they’re on TV


  6. I must admit, I’ve picked several teams across various leagues. As someone mentioned above, it provides a bit more emotional attachment to the sport and league. Newcastle are by far my #1, and the only blog I routinely follow is this one. But, as I am a yank and want to support my country’s league as well, I adopted the New England Revolution as my MLS team. Primary because they had an epic frontman in Taylor Twellman, but now it’s just because I am not keen on switching…though I may adopt a Western Division team as well since they’ll likely be on the TV more often.
    When I first started watching soccer (aka football πŸ™‚ ) I had access to BPL, SPL and Bundeliga. So, I picked Newcastle, Celtic and Schalke as my teams…no real reason…just something grabbed me about each. My friend is a Barca fan, and he got me watching them, so I picked them as my Spanish team and then I support Inter in Italy.
    I am not passionate about most of the teams I support…Newcastle and New England are the exceptions. You won’t catch me swearing at the TV or chucking my beer away because Inter missed a sitter or Schalke gave up 4 in a game (ug), because they’re just teams I want to see do well, not teams I’d get a tattoo for or learn the songs for. I just think it does add a bit more to have a stake (even if only in your head) in the leagues your watching.


  7. There’s a difference between supporting a team and following a team.

    I look out for the results of one or two other teams, but when it comes to actual support I’m strictly monogomous.

    But you’re right funky jesus – I have no time for you and patter.


  8. Toon Chicken
    Posted May 6, 2011 at 7:36 AM

    But you’re right funky jesus – I have no time for you and patter…..

    i agree the plucky’s patter stinks the place out – but then again so does yours – chicken ****.


  9. When I was in Germany I used to go and watch Werder Bremen, in Spain wor lass is from Madrid and is a Real fan(and toon season ticket holder for 6 years) so I watch them if there’s a match on in Madrid…….but the Toon’s the only team that can set my mood for the week πŸ˜‰


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