Another Ranger own goal!

Ranger's shhoting practice.
As you are all probably aware of by now, our very own Nile Ranger has been acting the nitwit again.

This bad-assed mo-fo was pictured holding a gun in a story that was printed rather visibly in The Sun this morning. The club say that Ranger has confirmed that the firearm in question was a replica and was not a live gun. Utterly and hopelessly irrelevant in my opinion, even though it is apparently not illegal to own a replica gun.

This latest escapade further exacerbates Ranger’s “gangstaaaaa” reputation init blood and was no doubt a riot between him and his crew who took the photo while he was in his crib, most probably chilling before a night on da Gin’n Juice. Brap. Safe!

However there is a real serious issue at hand here. As I said earlier, I don’t really care if the gun was real or not. It was a stupid thing to do as he should know that he has a responsibility to act with a bit of maturity. Posing like a tosspot with a pistol that looks real is not acting maturely in my book.

People will say that Ranger is young, naive and mistakes will happen. True, but there are mistakes and there are huge mistakes. This is the latter. I don’t hear of Shane Ferguson ripping into work and busting caps in asses. In fact I very rarely hear about any of the other NUFC kids misbehaving. It’s just Ranger.

He is 20-years-old now, which is old enough to know better in my book. He is living a very privileged lifestyle that all of us would no doubt die to have but will probably never see in our lifetime, yet Ranger continues to act the bellend.

He cocked up big style with this one and I hope he is reprimanded by the club accordingly The striker claims to regret having the photo taken, but it’s easy, almost too easy, to avoid – don’t put yourself in that position in the first place!

No doubt some do-gooder will pop up and say that we don’t know whether or not the gun is real or not. Let me ask you this; if somebody pointed one of them in your face would you still be so blase about it? I know I wouldn’t! I’d probably need the toilet.

Guns rip peoples lives apart, and Ranger posing with one sends out the wrong message entirely. In an era in which gun crime is being targeted and has become less “fashionable” (if it ever really was in the first place), Ranger has only served to glamourise and publicise firearms.

The ironic thing is that it’s shooting practice he so desperately needs. Unfortunately not this kind of shooting practice though.

Hang your head in shame Nile!

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261 thoughts on “Another Ranger own goal!

  1. Jersey-Aye fair enough mate, we’ve each got our opinions that I doubt we’ll change at the drop of a hat anyway, just keep yourself safe yeah? 😛


  2. Jersey-my main argument was against what you said earlier-the u.s has less murders because of fire arms? Well the cities where its easy-Moscow and Nyork/Washington-sky high, london, far lower 😕


  3. Richie maybe but the club isnt exactly the great communicators especially compared to the sun 😆 :mrgreen:


  4. Moreno

    “Newkie, problem is, as he gets more limelight, gets more goals, starts to find his voice in the dressing room”

    Woah mate theres your problem, Ranger’s never gonna score 😆

    Do see your point though 😕 Pards will have to have some tough words, I was hoping Ranger would mature as a person at the same time as maturing as a player, but I guess theres no guarantee and not much evidence of it so far 😡


  5. Newkie I wasnt saying the us I was saying societies. The us actually isn’t great with guns especially in major cities. I live near new York and it’s very difficult to own a gun around here yet the crime rate is one of the highest in the world. Same with D.c., L.A. and London.


  6. Newkie,
    You just don’t see it happen often. Kid goes to Jail, gets kicked out of his club for stealing and instead of being mentored and turning over a new leaf….he gets the opportunity of a lifetime!

    I would love it if he could focus on his football and put his heart and soul into it but I have seen absolutely no evidence of this behind the scenes.

    His twitter status summed it all up today as he either doesn’t realise or doesn’t care the aggro he could have caused the club.

    I really think you need a certain degree of intelligence to understand where you are going wrong and change your ways and I really don’t see Nile having this.


  7. I mean, I heard Peter Lovenkands was going to take him under his wing. No offence Peter, nice gesture but how the chuff was that ever going to work? Joey has already said everyone takes the mick out of him in training!


  8. Jersey-Fair enough, I was mainly focusing on murder rates linking in with gun crime. If you get on to actual crime then it’s a whole new kettle of fish. It comes down to reported crime as well as “actual” crime and all that sort of stuff which just gets too complicated


  9. Moreno I agree but just wonder if so many would be wanting to kick him out if he was bagging goals. I was telling wor lass the other day that ranger looks a bit more focused now and it looks like he might be turning a corner but I’m know mind reader. From the evidence tho I just see him as a misled troubled youth who still acts like a kid and where I’m from I’ve been around lots of those kinds and I’ve seen them turn their lives around too. At 20 I’m willing to give him another 2 years and if he was a Geordie I think not too many would argue with me.


  10. Moreno-That’s a good point really, you’d think he’d at least be offering appologies or something…mhm, he really is pretty stupid 😕


  11. Jersey-Britain is sh1te with guns as well no worries, supposed to be illegal but I think most people know, if you want something that bad you can find it anywhere. The ones who cause trouble over here on an everyday issue use knives, not much of an improvement but meh.


  12. Yeah JG, and did these kids have 8k per week, fame and fortune and no real guidance? 😕 that’s what worries me about Nile.


  13. @Moreno
    Just got back from work.

    That’s a mighty big hole you’ve dug there fella. 😉


  14. I see where your coming from Jersey, i’m a fan of Nile and I still believe he could make it here – still has so much work to do on and off the pitch though. He gave a good account of himself against Chelsea, he got the assist for Taylors header.

    I keep saying send him out on a season long loan next season I really believe it would do him the world of good.


  15. Bobby 🙂

    I think a team like Blackpool if they get relegated, not too far away from here and its well away from London. They wanted him on loan early on in the season I remember.


  16. Andrew-To be fair to blackpool they have a squad that can score, after a season of not scoring I’m not so sure they’ll want Ranger..but then if they sell Campbell I guess they’ll take what they can get….Agree we need to get him as far from LAAAAANDAN as possible. Maybe ship him up to Scotland? 😆


  17. I rekon Ranger would fit in well at Blackpool, a 433 would probably suit him – Holloway seems a very good man manager too.

    Newkie he would probably aim a gun at Lennon and it would all kick off 😆


  18. Aye Andrew, possibly, worth a shot anyway, think he needs summit to bring him down to earth properly alongside a hands on manager, he clearly wasn’t too fazed when he got thrown out of the Saints.

    Nonesense, Ranger would go up there and crack some skullz, he’d put those Glaswegian nancy boiz in their place and show dem how a landan boy rocks! Brap! 😀
    That I’d like to see


  19. Erm, excuse me for jumping in, and no offense to anyone, but…..

    ‘I live in the States which of course is huge gun ownership and very high violent crime rate. Canada is huge gun ownership and very little violent crime rate.’

    Canada does not have huge gun ownership. Canada has strict gun control laws and yes, a very low violent crime rate. At least a criminal has to go to the trouble of getting a contraband one from over the border!

    And whoever mentioned London’s high crime rate, even without guns….. jesus if anyone here in London was allowed to own a gun, I’d be out of here like a shot. At least they have to get close to you to knife you, or throw you to the ground and kick you to death whilst taking videos on their phones.

    Can’t recall any of these big school massacres in countries with gun control laws either.

    Ranger is a moron….. I so want to believe he’ll come good, but he makes it so bloody hard! At least say something contrite on your twitter FFS!!!


  20. Susan…we did have the dunblane massacre over here though despite strict controls with 16 kids killed, though rules were tightened up even more after that to make them (supposedly) some of the toughest in the world and yet we still had the shootings in the lake district.Lunatics can always get hold of guns(sometimes even legally) if they’re determined enough unfortunately… on with your last sentence 😉


  21. Oh all right, I agree that a determined person will probably always be able to acquire a gun. But in a country where they are not generally prevalent, it’ll be much harder for some messed-up kid to get his hands on one.

    I’m Canadian and we are proud of our gun laws over there. Not to diss any of the US posters here, I’ve even been to Tennessee and the people were very nice 🙂

    Ship Ranger off to Toronto FC for a year 🙂


  22. Susan….agreed, though if you think people from Tennessee are very nice, you musn’t have bumped into OHurley off here 😆


  23. ah, he’s a good lad really…..for a yank 😉 😆

    batty…..yep…only the other day I sold one to some lad from London,lives in Whitley Bay tho, looked a bit familiar 😆


  24. MDS – thank you 🙂

    I have to admit you’ve bamboozled me there, I scrolled through the link but couldn’t be bothered to read it.

    All I can say is I spent 27 years there and never, to my knowledge, met anyone who even owned a gun… certainly never met anyone carrying one. As far as I know.

    My friend went to Atlanta a few years ago and said practically everyone she met there was carrying one. That scares the cr@p out of us 🙂


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