Jonas out of West Brom game, plus some other bits and bobs.

Jonas out of action.
Newcastle have been dealt yet another injury blow as Jonas Gutierrez has now been ruled out of the season finale against West Brom on Sunday.

Gutierrez picked up the injury at Stamford Bridge last weekend, which is a shame for the lad as he had really started to pick up his performances in recent weeks. Still, he’s played virtually all season so I guess he deserves a bit of a rest, and with Shane Ferguson fit we’ll at least have another option on the left for our final game of the season.

Meanwhile, in the bat-cave, Alan Pardew wants the team to end the season on a high. He isn’t the only one of course as I’m sure most of us would like the team to win the final game of the season. Three points is likely to give us a top-ten finish, which would be a fantastic achievement for our first season back in the Premier League.

In terms of transfer activity, Daniel Sturridge is likely to alert many clubs as he has stated that he wants first-team football next season, which is something he isn’t guaranteed at the moment. There are also strong rumours linking Charles N’Zogbia with a move back to St James’ Park, along with rumours that the former No14 would be open to a move back to the North-East, although hopefully not with Sunderland who are also said to be interested.

Pardew has also said that he wants a couple of top class players, exciting players if you like, in the mould of Gascoigne, Waddle, Pedro and so on. Perhaps not good examples really as the club sold all three in their formative years for the money. Still, if Pardew can pull it off at least we’ll have them here for a bit.

“Next year the most important thing is that we improve. The period that I’ve been here has been fantastic with the size of our squad we’ve had, but we need some offensive players,” said Pardew “One or two players that Newcastle have always had, gets bums out of seat players, that little moment that lifts you.” “We’re competing with Champions League clubs to get those sorts of players”

Pardew continued: “Players like Beardsley, Gascoigne and Waddle but they’re expensive and difficult to purchase. We’re competing with Champions League clubs to get those sorts of players. Hopefully we can get one or two of those in and keep the basis of the squad we’ve got here who have been brilliant.”

“Securing the good players we’ve got here isn’t easy either, we need a squad big enough to attack one of the cups. This year though we didn’t have a squad big enough, in the modern game you must have 20-22 quality players.”

That just about sums it all up for the minute and gives us a variety of different topics to chat about. None of them are worth an article in their own right in my book which is why I’ve summarised them and put them all into one handy review of the current news.

Will Jonas be a miss? Will Zoggs really return? And will we get those players who can get the bums of the seats at SJP?

Your thoughts please.

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167 thoughts on “Jonas out of West Brom game, plus some other bits and bobs.

  1. @stu

    Looks like you’re running rings round Stardust – keep up the good work. 😆

    Stu you did say I don’t give a fck who sponsors SJP but with it’s history steeped in tradition, you would be happy with Greggs bakers @ SJP. ? ❓
    I can understand adidas, puma or some other sports company but not any company.

    Again it would have to be the right price and you mention £5m as the minimum. Do you really think £5m is enough to cheapen the brand of SJP?

    Nowhere near enough. Surprised at your views.


  2. I see Pardew has said he’d like a winger and a striker to go with what he has already!

    Just one striker? I’m yet to be convinced that we have at least one striker capable of performing consistantly in the PL. We need at least two strikers this summer.


  3. Bobby Shinton number 9
    Posted May 20, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    By the very virtue of the asking price for sponsorship it would filter out the cheap and tacky companies like Greggs.


  4. @TGS

    I’m not ganging up on Stu its just coincidental Stardust is jousting with him at the same time.

    Stu has Dusty against the ropes and his brain is ringing . His legs are like jelly and there’s a minute to go in the round.

    Exciting bout actually. 😛

    Besides Stu is my only ally on here, it’s just I disagree with this particular point.


  5. I’m not surprised your ‘bored’ Potty – that’s ever since we caught you telling porkies about having a business degree 😆

    Ok Ok in the interest of blog peace – you’re dead to me Potty – that’ll keep everyone happy – and you can snuggle as many melons as you want without recourse :mrgreen:


  6. @stu

    Tombola @SJP for instance ?

    There are a huge list of sponsors in the premier that could compete for the naming rights with brands I would hate to see devalue the brand SJP.
    I’m off to play Footy for the 2nd time today but I will later look at some of the companies who provide shirt sponsors for premier clubs.

    I’m even not sure if Greggs, ad I used as am example, cos it’s a Newcastle company and just expanded country wide couldn’t afford £5m.

    Is Dusty not banned yet? Where’s Toonsy when we need him?


  7. Shame for Jonas but I’m sure Lua Lua will get a chance at some point – not sure if he will start though with him just coming back. Be interesting to see who Pardew plays, maybe Nile will get a start, I would prefer Lua Lua to start though.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Fergie on the left and LuaLua on the right this week. Then Barton and Raylor or Smith in th middle. think it will probably bethis though:



  8. MDS

    I dont think Smith will start, I could be wrong but I can’t see it happening. Im gunna go for;

    Shola Ranger

    Fergie Barton Raylor Lovenkrans

    Jose Saylor Colo Simpson

    I would say Lua Lua will start but with him coming back from such a serious injury I think he’ll come on as a sub again. Loven started on the right last week and I think he will again. Hopefully Best is on the bench.


  9. Bobby No9 I agree with you 100% on the naming rights, imo it is cheap and tacky and only there to promote sportsdirect.
    I would love to see how much we have got for the embarrasment of having sportsdirect@SJP. If im right they only done the sd@sjp to show potential sponsors, so where da **** are they and where is the money ?


  10. I agree on the naming rights, we aren’t exactly going into administration so don’t need to sell our souls.


  11. Dan-

    Part of me is glad that Osaze is out, but he’s a player I like and respect. Got a lot of Nigerian mates and he’s everyone’s favorite. Crackin’ player on his day!


  12. @stu

    You say ;
    I don’t give a fck who sponsors the naming rights of the ground.

    I asked if you would be happy with a company like Greggs the bakers sponsoring SJP but you
    said they couldn’t afford it.

    These are the sponsors of the premier league teams;
    F&C investments  sponsor Birmingham.
    Acorns Hospice Sponsor Villa.  
    Lassa Tyres sponsor Bolton. 
    Tombola sponsor Sunderland. 
    Chaucer sponsor Wolves. 
    Home Serve sponsor WBA. 
    Autonomy sponsor Spurs. 
    Chang beer sponsor Everton. sponsor Blackpool. 

    You still happy Stu?

    Bearing in mind Emerites have the stadium named after them outright and sponsor the shirts. The deal is £100m over 15 yrs. That works out at £6.6m per year .

    To attach a name to SJP is different and would cost a fraction of the arsenal deal bearing in mind we are sponsored by Northern Rock for our shirts, I don’t believe any deal would be attractive enough to devalue a the SJP brand.

    Surely you don’t think Tombola @ SJP is worth it for 2-3 million. ?


  13. Moreno
    Posted May 20, 2011 at 6:23 PM
    Macho Man is dead? Noooooo!
    A sad day…


  14. Bobby – I don’t think any of them businesses you mentioned could really afford to pay sponsorship of £5m per season. It’s more likely they pay £5m over 3, 4 or 5 years.

    I see Harry Redknapp has been over to France three times to look at a couple of players. That’s probably Gervinho or Gamiero.


  15. Bobby I often thought that a Club should be an integeral part of the community and shouldn’t be all about making money, but should give something back to the community that supports them.
    If the club naming rights are to stay I think it would be so much better if they were to do something that would make the club look better in the eyes of everyone and be of benefit to others.
    My suggestion would be to rename it from Sports direct to The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation @ SJP


  16. Meant to add instead of getting paid for the name rights they should do it free and make an annual donation to the SBR foundation, IMO the club would benefit far more from it than a few £mil and others would benefit from it too.


  17. Dave but surely if you say not to raise money from the name change you forgo the right to criticise the club for not buying players?


  18. Stardy in this day and age I dont really think £3-4 mill is a lot, but apart from that how much do you think we have received for the naming rights over the last 2 season that we have had to put up with the Tacky cheap sports direct, and how much do you think we will get from SD for the next 2 season.
    As I said I dont believe that the naming right are for anything other than to promote SD 😉


  19. @big Dave

    I’m a bit lost with that concept. That’s extra cash we are losing (albeit a good cause).

    You might as well keep SJP as it is and send a donation anyway.


  20. @stu

    You say those companies couldn’t afford £5m?

    Who will pay £5m when Emerates pay £6.6m for 15 yrs which includes shirt sponsorship.
    Arsenal are an elite brand playing CL football every season.

    You haven’t thought this one through Stu?


  21. Dave – 3 – 4 mill – 1 x Tiote a season? 3 x Bests, 3/4 a Ben Arfa – all adds up fella.

    Over 10 years that’s 40mills worth of players – you have to max your opportunities!

    HITMANNNNNN! Cheers for that 😆 😆 😆


  22. I see Harry Redknapp has been over to France three times to look at a couple of players. That’s probably Gervinho or Gamiero.


    That’s the ‘arry way. He lets the papers get wind of whomever Graham carr is scouting and then he makes his move.

    Can’t wait until he resigns in a self-righteous huff this year after he gets no transfer funds due to missing out on the CL. Then he’ll f-off to the England job…


  23. Can’t say I care much abut naming rights. It’s a long standing practice here in the States that I hated at first but now have sort of gotten used to.

    I guess I might feel differently if i were a geordie and SJP was a local landmark/sense of pride for me.


  24. ^^^ I guess I should add that it probably isn’t worth pissing everyone off over unless it is for a fairly decent sum


  25. Look, Bobby, if we don’t start looking at ways to increase the income we’re just going to have to sell our best players everytime we want to buy someome.

    We need to start punching our weight and realise just how big a club this is and how big an opportunity it could be.


  26. Bobby as I said IF we have to go ahead with the naming rights, try reading what I wrote 😉
    Stardy as I said it would be interesting to see how much we have got from SD over the last 2 season and how much we will get over the next 2 season 😕
    But IMO there is somethings that money cant buy, and to do something like that I think we would reap far more rewards 😉


  27. @stu

    I agree and as I stated right from the beginning I’m not against the idea.
    But it has to be the right sponsor at the right price.
    You say you don’t give a fck who it is and your minimum amount would be £5m.

    I’ve stated you haven’t really thought this through because the arsenal deal is close to £5m per season for an entire name change.
    Arsenal are way ahead of us in quality at the moment in all areas.

    As I say, I wouldn’t entertain the idea because the benefits don’t outweigh the downsides.

    Can’t see how you think we would get near £5m when our shirt sponsors pay £2m and is a far better way to advertise.


  28. How is all this naming crap the only things that’s being talked about? It probably won’t even happen.

    Newcastle United has a game this weekend! Can we discuss that rather than this financial stuff which is only getting people at each other rather than getting us focused on preparing to support the lads?!


  29. @big Dave

    I did read your post thoroughly and understood .

    We only have to go ahead with the naming rights if it’s deemed profitable and worthwhile.
    Why would donating money to a charity be profitable?


  30. @AndrewT

    We find it interesting that’s why? It’s what is happening at nufc.

    Nothing stopping you posting something interesting and see if others want to chat.


  31. @AndrewT

    Plus no one is getting at each other over it. We are discussing it.

    Stardust may be different but he is clueless.


  32. Bobby @ 114 😆 you must have been a hungry fish 😉
    But it would be profitable to the clubs standing and how we are seen by others 😉 But maybe its just that the cause is close to my heart 😕


  33. Evening all 🙂

    Well that’s the long courses over, now it’s me and the road 😀

    Hopefully I’ll have more time from now on 🙂


  34. @stu

    Then why were you saying we must look at the idea if there’s no chance of getting £5m?

    Do you think we will get £5m per season after looking at the arsenal deal?


  35. RIP Macho Man.

    “OHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!” You’ll be missed, man.

    How’s u guys tonight?


  36. Dave – Dunno mate. Not hand chance to get on all day as I’ve been doing more courses. I’ve had a quick look through and all I can see is people bickering repeatedly and saying much the same thing over and over again. Luckily I’m back to restore some normality and get some writing done 😉


  37. Oh 😆 alls good mate what about yersel how’s my little yankie pope head doing 😉
    Toonsy yeah its been like a round about 😆
    Batty was that Stardy in them pics you sent ❓


  38. @stu

    Do you think we will get £5m per season after looking at the arsenal deal?


  39. I’ve had a quick look through and all I can see is people bickering repeatedly and saying much the same thing over and over again. Luckily I’m back to restore some normality and get some writing done
    Perhaps another plug for the forum is in order. Seems a better place to swing handbags (cheers Whumpie 😉 )


  40. wouldnt it be ironic if david villa played for villa ,antonio valencia played for valencia ,and danny ****tu played for stoke 🙂


  41. Is there any cohesive plans for a gatherin on Sunday for blog members going to the game.


  42. I am proud to support the famous Newcastle Direct, oops sorry, meant the famous Newcastle United 😆 😆 😆


  43. Army – Aye, I’ve had work stuff to do today and haven’t been able to get on a comp all day. I usually get up at 4am to sort the blog before I go to work, but I was knackerrd after yesterday so slept in and could only get one article done. Apologies and all, but work comes first as that pays the bills.


  44. batty,
    You have to let it go mate, just forgive and forget the Stoke magistrates for convicting you of theft of a curly wurly from John Menzies 😆 😆 😆 😆


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