Jonas out of West Brom game, plus some other bits and bobs.

Jonas out of action.
Newcastle have been dealt yet another injury blow as Jonas Gutierrez has now been ruled out of the season finale against West Brom on Sunday.

Gutierrez picked up the injury at Stamford Bridge last weekend, which is a shame for the lad as he had really started to pick up his performances in recent weeks. Still, he’s played virtually all season so I guess he deserves a bit of a rest, and with Shane Ferguson fit we’ll at least have another option on the left for our final game of the season.

Meanwhile, in the bat-cave, Alan Pardew wants the team to end the season on a high. He isn’t the only one of course as I’m sure most of us would like the team to win the final game of the season. Three points is likely to give us a top-ten finish, which would be a fantastic achievement for our first season back in the Premier League.

In terms of transfer activity, Daniel Sturridge is likely to alert many clubs as he has stated that he wants first-team football next season, which is something he isn’t guaranteed at the moment. There are also strong rumours linking Charles N’Zogbia with a move back to St James’ Park, along with rumours that the former No14 would be open to a move back to the North-East, although hopefully not with Sunderland who are also said to be interested.

Pardew has also said that he wants a couple of top class players, exciting players if you like, in the mould of Gascoigne, Waddle, Pedro and so on. Perhaps not good examples really as the club sold all three in their formative years for the money. Still, if Pardew can pull it off at least we’ll have them here for a bit.

“Next year the most important thing is that we improve. The period that I’ve been here has been fantastic with the size of our squad we’ve had, but we need some offensive players,” said Pardew “One or two players that Newcastle have always had, gets bums out of seat players, that little moment that lifts you.” “We’re competing with Champions League clubs to get those sorts of players”

Pardew continued: “Players like Beardsley, Gascoigne and Waddle but they’re expensive and difficult to purchase. We’re competing with Champions League clubs to get those sorts of players. Hopefully we can get one or two of those in and keep the basis of the squad we’ve got here who have been brilliant.”

“Securing the good players we’ve got here isn’t easy either, we need a squad big enough to attack one of the cups. This year though we didn’t have a squad big enough, in the modern game you must have 20-22 quality players.”

That just about sums it all up for the minute and gives us a variety of different topics to chat about. None of them are worth an article in their own right in my book which is why I’ve summarised them and put them all into one handy review of the current news.

Will Jonas be a miss? Will Zoggs really return? And will we get those players who can get the bums of the seats at SJP?

Your thoughts please.

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167 thoughts on “Jonas out of West Brom game, plus some other bits and bobs.

  1. Bobby – I’ve not seen the correct in’s and outs of the Arsenal deal to be honest.

    When the club first floated the idea they were under the impression that £5m was achievable. Now I know their a little thick but surely they took proffesional marketing advice..?

    If it’s not achievable, move on and find money elsewhere.


  2. @stu

    It was estimated in the evening chronicle in July 2010 that nufc could earn up to £3m.

    Nowhere near enough for me.


  3. Remaining the stadium , bad bad move , i originally said yeah great idea, as i thought it would bring millions , but it wouldnt
    Samsung laughed at Chelsea when they wanted 10 MIl a year

    we would be lucky to get £1.5 mil A YEAR


  4. Arsenal get 150Mil for 15 years off Emirates , but thats including 5.5 a year for the shirt sponsor ,
    do they get like 4.5 mil year for the stadium


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    Enjoy the trip. For your sake I hope the have Sky in Heaven.



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  7. @hello

    Arsenal get £100m over 15 yrs which is £6.6m.
    That includes the shirt sponsors and the full naming rights , not just [email protected]

    I can’t see it being worthwhile for a couple of million to devalue the brand of SJP.

    The name is steeped in a century’s worth of history.


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