The 2010/2011 NUFC season review – Part II.

Cheik Tiote's memorable screamer.
In part one of the season review I managed to cram near on five months worth of football and NUFC shenanigans into a 1000 word article. You can read it here.

So now I’m going to try and do much the same with this article, although obviously I’ll focus on the second half of the season this time around. We left off after a 2-0 defeat to the hands of Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in what was our last game of 2011, so new year, new article as we head into 2011 with a rather grim looking trip to a barren wasteland both in terms of results and venue.

However Wigan away wasn’t bad at all this time around. I was in the stands that day and had the luxury of being driven to a match. Needless to say I distinctly remember being pissed as a fart in the stands and having a sore head for the majority of the way home. That feeling was dampened though by the fact that we grabbed three points thanks to a Shola Ameobi goal – a priceless goal in fact against a fellow struggling team.

Now Shola only played that day because Andy Carroll had picked up an injury in the previous match against Tottenham, so fortunately Shola managed to step into the breach and answer our prayers whilst the player formerly known as Carroll, now known as Judas, recovered from what we were told was a minor injury.

Newcastle fans had another unlikely hero in the next match against West Ham aswell. Step forward Leon Best, who had been branded a flop. He’d been begging Pardew for a chance which he duly gave to the striker by giving him his full Premier League debut. That faith was repaid as Best scored a superb hat-trick in a 5-0 demolition of another team that was struggling at the bottom of the table. Six points from two ‘six pointers’ is about as good as you can get. Hatem Ben Arfa also signed for us permanently despite his horrific injury, but the good times ended right there I’m afraid.

BOOM! Along came another kick in the nuts. Stevenage away should have meant a relatively safe passage through to round four of the FA Cup. I won’t go there.

BOOM! And again in the next game as Asamoah Gyan snatched a lucky equaliser in the Wear-Tyne derby return at the Stade du Shoite. It wasn’t quite payback for the 5-1, but it hurt all the same.

BOOM! It’s getting predictable this, but just a few days later Newcastle again conceded in stoppage time to drop another two points. This time around it was Tottenham who were the beneficiaries of our propensity to switch off.

And finally: BOOM! Transfer deadline day. Need I say more? I think it’s all been said and done to death now to be honest.

The big question mark was how Newcastle would react to the sale of a player who had become vitally important to the team. In a way Carroll was a symbol of the new Newcastle United, until he signed for Liverpool. Us fans soon got the chance to see how we’d react, and it wasn’t pretty. Forst off we lost away at Fulham and looked dejected in the process. Then Arsenal came to St James’ Park and had the game sewn up at half-time as they went in four goals up.

Or did they really have the game sewn up? Let’s see.

Quite simply remarkable. We witnessed history in that match as it was the first time that any team had come back from 4-0 down. I just couldn’t believe it and for me it was the game of the season. I’ll never forget the sight of Cheik Tiote running the length of the St James’ Park pitch celebrating that equaliser. Magic.

That game seemed to spark the lads into life. For a bunch of players who had seemed so down and out and looking like they were heading for the relegation zone they done themselves proud. A creditable 0-0 draw at Ewood Park followed before an even more creditable 2-0 victory over Birmingham City at St Andrews followed. The lads seemed to back on track.

February came to an end with a 1-1 draw at home to Bolton. It was my Mrs’ birthday and I took her to the match especially as a present to her 😀 In a month that started so badly we actually ended up gaining six points from it.

March turned out to be a month to forget. There was only two games due some international or another, and we lost both games. Everton got us back for our win at Goodison earlier on in the season by beating us at SJP while Stoke did the double over us, in style, by beating us 4-0 at The Britannia. I was there, and I wasn’t happy with what I saw. I’ve seen milk turn quicker than Sol Campbell!

The start of April saw St James’ Park host another six-pointer as Wolves came to town. The pressure before the match was immense given just how alarmingly close we were dropping to the relegation mix at the time. Fortunately though, when it really mattered our boys pulled it out the bag as they secured a 4-1 win which effectively secured our Premier League safety, if not mathematically.

A narrow defeat to a hopelessly out of form Aston Villa followed before draws against Manchester United and Blackpool took us ever closer to the magical mathematical safety mark. Newcastle then had the chance to put one over their former No9 as they headed to Anfield. I’m still not convinced that we turned up that day as we, quite rightly, lost 3-0. The most disappointing thing for me was that we weren’t even at the races.

However, on the more positive side of things, that was to be our final defeat of the season. Birmingham were sent packing from St James’ Park after suffering a 2-1 defeat before the team rocked up to Stamford Bridge and claimed and unlikely point with a last-gasp equaliser from Steven Taylor. It finished 2-2 and it was no less than Newcastle deserved in all honesty.

So here we are – the final game of the season. I think we all have the result fresh in our minds but just so I can say that I’ve squeezed it in, I am of course referring to the 3-3 draw with West Brom last Sunday.

I think you’ll all agree that there has been something in this season for everyone. On a personal level I’m struggling to remember a season where we have had so many memorable individual games. The 5-1, 6-0, 4-4 will all take some beating.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this two part season review.

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143 thoughts on “The 2010/2011 NUFC season review – Part II.

  1. man utd v barcelona prediction – man utd 1 barcelona 3

    reading v swansea prediction – swansea 2 reading 1

    hope man utd win tho just bcos they are english club but a cant see the ****er happening


  2. Toonsy

    Wraith is a good guy, i speak to him quite a bit on twitter but one thing we have to remember is that Steve does promotion for a living and I would guess that the listening figures for his online radio show were the highest they have ever been today 😉 By miles


  3. afraid ive lost my contact in the village for a nod or wink,hes opened a new place in durham city a while ago,so has moved there easyier to get to the toon for work 😥


  4. Jobey you go the same ones as me? n’zogbia will defo be signing this window, WATCH THIS SPACE


  5. Army hes a class player him, been watching alot of celtic this season, ide have him. but ide rather we keep jose


  6. Piers morgan is having a go at all the lads now, Simmo and Routledge, looking on their wiki pages or whatever, what a fcking c*nt that man is.


  7. Right Dave, now you follow the blog, look at who the blog is following (ie: Laurent Robert, Warren Barton etc etc) and then follow them.

    I have followed you 😉


  8. Dave/Moreno – What I don’t get is the “I can’t quote it but here is what he said” bit. Isn’t that a quote of sorts?

    Personally I don’t trust Steve Wraith as far as I can throw the self appointed “voice of the fans”. Fat kunt. Still, I suppose a story like this breaks of the monotonous tweeting about taking his kids swimming etc etc 🙄


  9. haha, im loving it me Newkie, hes trying to say there crap, one of them should turn round and say at least im a footballer you fat (unt


  10. Army69- the Swnasea player being “rumoured” is Darren Pratley. Don’t watch the CCC much so don’t know much other than that he’s a MF


  11. Moreno @56 We should seriously try to get that trending on twitter. Everyone with an account tweet #piersmorganf*ckoffyoubignosedtosser


  12. MDS has a show on t.v. in which he interviews diff people on there lifes.
    used to do a talent show along with others too


  13. My understanding is that a new 2 yr contract offer would be signed this summer and run 2 yrs from this summer, not 2 yrs from the end of next season when Bartons contract runs out.

    Does anyone think different? ❓


  14. Dave – 😆

    just take baby steps mate, try not jump in too deep, it’s a bloody minefield 😆


  15. Cheers Ice. Just read his bio online. He’s got a show here in the States now- never watched it mind.

    Looks as if he’s had twitter rows with Rio Ferdinand and Owen as well. Think Dave’s assessment sounds about right.


  16. Bobby @ 98 you never know we might find out more stuff from Joey, but if thats the case they are only really giving him 1 yr 👿
    But the prob is we dont really know whats happening


  17. @Bobby

    It could from the point the contract is signed (your scenario) or from the point his current contract expires. It depends what’s agreed between the two parties involved.


  18. Think bobby’s right, otherwise it would be called an extension, but it’s reported as a two year contract so basically a one year extention.


  19. JG…but if reports are to be believed the terms (money) are less favourable so I find it hard to believe a someone would sign a contract on worse terms when they have a year on better terms left…

    But I’d also expect it to be called an extension if it was from the point his current contract expired so i agree there.


  20. MDS-just imagine simon cowell, then imagine someone with less talent, less charisma and about 10x the ******* factor


  21. Witters, hence why it’s even more puzzling why they wouldn’t give him the 4 years.
    But once again we don’t know the whole story either.


  22. JG…just a thought but an extension might mean an extension of a contract on the same money….

    I still think it’s a bit of a stand off…


  23. If Barton doesn’t sign but stays to see out his contract, It can’t be good for team morale and dressing room unity.


  24. I think Joey and Ashley just hate each other’s guts! Then throw Owlheed and the agent into it as well.. 😯


  25. @bobby

    It depends on how professional Barton is surely? If he gets his head down, grafts & performs I don’t see a problem. If Willie Mackay is to be believed that’s what he’ll do.

    It’s up to pardew to determine whether he’s having a negative impact on the squad & act accordingly.


  26. rickyhhatton richard hatton
    @piersmorgan you’ll be needing grapes Pal when @lord_sugar chins you potato head <<<< 😆


  27. has anybody else heard that Ambani (apology if spelling is wrong) the Indian billionaire is poised to buy a premier league club.


  28. Lads, just a taste of what Joey has sparked on twitter 😆

    “Robbie Savage is a ****** and for piers morgan hahaha what a stupud goggle eyed fool, BARTON FOR A KNIGHTHOOD X”

    “@dannysimpson12 you and barton would **** **** up, piers morgan is a **** as is robbie savage #teamsimmo”

    😆 😆 😆


  29. Alan Sugar and Rio Ferdinand are getting in at Piers Morgan too, Barton has sparked twitter mayhem, lol.


  30. And the negative reaction:

    “@Joey7Barton robbie savage knows u tackle like a little girl and I think u acquired that tash from sucking andy carroll off u soft sh1thead!”

    “@Joey7Barton Robbie Savage is far more of a footballing legend than you will ever be! England’s best centre mid ahahaha oh dear Joey! #joker”

    But the quote that sums it all up for me…

    ” out of all the people he wants to talk to piers morgan and robbie savage, asking for some bad attention”

    Bang on.


  31. I’ve got nee idea about twitter.

    How can you tell it’s defo Barton and not just a stooge?


  32. More importantly where’s the new thread so we can continue the Barton & now Nolan debate! 😉

    Bobby…I’m with you regards twitter.


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