Pardew will still play Barton.

Alan Pardew.

Alan Pardew.
Pardew and Barton will be together next season.
Alan Pardew has today responded to the news that Joey Barton will not be offered a new contract at Newcastle.

Whilst a deal seems a million miles away at the moment I guess as fans we have to hope that the situation will change. It will require a bit of give and take from all parties but whilst Barton is still our player there is still a chance of the stalemate being broken. It won’t happen anytime soon though according to Pardew.

“I spoke to Joey on the last day and I think we were both resigned that this contract was going to be a problem,” Pardew told The Journal.

“Both of us are thinking next year we’ll be together and we’ll go on from there. Unless it changes over the summer and there’s a bid in that the board, myself and Joey feel works for Joey, I think he will be here for the start of the season. The thing about contracts is, times change.”

“We decided the best way was probably to wait for the season to end. Joey pulled all the way through and he’ll pull next year, even if he’s in his last year, I know he will.”

Now I’m not privvy to any inside information or anything like that, but for me the sticking point seems to be the length of the deal offered.

That seems to have been the recurring theme in all of these negotiations. Barton quite rightly wants the security of a long term contract and has even, allegedly, offered to take a pay cut to get that security. The club want what is best for them, which is probably to take advantage of Barton’s offer of a salary decrease whilst not offering the security that the player is looking for.

Is Alan Pardew upset about it though? Apparently not. As he said earlier he is happy in the belief that Barton will remain as committed to the cause next season, but he also believes that the damage was done way before he arrived on Tyneside back in December.

“I’m not upset about it,” Pardew insisted. “I was more upset when we thought we’d agreed and there was a change of heart. I knew it would be a problem to come back from that.”

“There was a lot of history between Joey and the board before I arrived. I just wanted to be honest with Joey and match him with clarity. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve been open and up front with him, I made him the captain.”

Once again through the general game of brinksmanship between board, agent and player it’s the fans that will be missing out. In fact I have a suspicion that Pardew will also be disappointed about it all, despite his claims that he is not upset about it all. You don’t need to be upset to be disappointed remember…

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Half of me is thinking that there is no way back for Barton after his criticism of his bosses whilst the other half of me is hoping that this is much like the Steven Taylor situation which was eventually resolved.

Time will tell, but it doesn’t look hopeful at the minute.

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36 thoughts on “Pardew will still play Barton.

  1. Seems Bartons agent is the problem the greedy kunt, Wouldn’t be surprised if the board had engineered some problems like


  2. Whats all this about a board ❓
    Do we have a board? who is on the board?
    I was under the impression Ashley is the board.


  3. From what pardew says I’d take that as they have withdrawn the previous contract offer & won’t be offering a revised contract…

    He’s gone…but I’d be interested to gear the clubs rationale cos at the moment it feels like this is the clubs choice.

    Given his experience I think I’d prefer him to stay for one last season.


  4. From the same Journal article this morning:
    “Barton’s deal expires in June 2012. He is prepared to accept a pay cut in return for an extension. Barton (pictured right) has been offered two years with the option of a third, but wants four with the possibility of a fifth”.

    Read More…z1NXXr3Ovc

    If that is correct the club are right not to agree it. A 2 year extension takes him to 32 (or 33 with the option). a 4/5 year deal takes him to 34/35.


  5. Ahmed @8

    “We’ve given a player a deadline this week,” he said. “We think that’s 60-40 in our favour.

    “We are pitching for a striker we bid for – that’s been reported. We’re hopeful on that but we’ll have to wait and see. And we’re pitching for another couple of players. I’m sure the fans are disappointed about the Joey situation but we are trying to take the club forward by signing players.”

    Midfielder Mehdi Abeid’s arrival is not expected to be confirmed until July, while the striker in question, Lorient’s Kevin Gameiro, has encouraged reported interested from Valencia.

    Fellow forward and United target, Lille’s Gervinho, has promised a decision on his future next month.

    “After the match with Ivory Coast (on June 5), I will go for holidays,” he said.

    “I have already made my choice. Either I will leave or not, everyone will know it later. It is a personal choice.”

    Read More


  6. Ahmed, yeah what 3hourswasted said.

    Apparently the player with the deadline is Gervinho and the striker is Gameiro.

    According to someone who works for SSN no one will match our bid for Gameiro!!!


  7. Sounds good but lets wait and see. I do like the quote of,”I’m sure the fans are disappointed about the Joey situation but we are trying to take the club forward by signing players.”


  8. I’d love Gameiro but he clealy doesn’t fancy coming here, even if they accept our bid, will he come when he wants spanish football so much?


  9. 3hours

    Massive fan of Joey and his performances this season but 2/3 years is a sensible move by the club and any more would be daft at this stage. Understand Joey’s reasons for going for a long term contract but I also see the clubs argument.

    Surely an indication they aren’t selling soon, otherwise why would they care about the extra 2 years? Maybe just to spite him?


  10. Incidently, re “Pardew will stil play Barton…”
    He will play whoever he is told to play/whoever is left at the start of the season.
    He is not the type of manager to walk out if he doesn’t get his own way, or if players are bought and sold against his wishes.
    He just bends over takes it dry and gets on on with it.
    A bit like us really. 😕


  11. Who knows, but maybe a couple of good seasons and we acheive something and improve then he will set an example to others who will follow too. It’s a risk moving from any job, not to mention country and all the rest of it. Maybe he saw Geordie shore and was put off


  12. I think what we’re seeing here is the tough side of being an early adopter of the new way clubs have to be run. Lower wages, and far more balance in contracts in favour of the clubs.

    If McKay is encouraging Joey to hold out for something as utterly daft as a 4-5 year deal, then it’s no surprise – the guy only gets paid big money if Joey moves, and it’s a pretty obvious way to engineer that. He’s effectively a professional ****-stirrer.

    But if it is true, then Joey needs to get real too. Taking a pay cut is one thing – but so will every big player over the next few years; it’s inevitable.

    But why would any club sign him into his mid-thirties? Apart from the age thing, we’re a long way from being sure he’ll stay on the wagon and out of trouble. We’ve all been paying his wages – well over £10m now – but have had to that for a protracted period while he was in clink.

    We’re going to see a lot of this. Older players can no longer expect clubs to be their pension funds. Look at Smudge – we’re paying him several mil a year when that’s clearly not what he’d get if he was to be after a new contract right now.

    Sorry, Joey – love you to stay, skipper. But you’re going to have to choose between another happy 3 years or a miserable 4 somewhere else where you’ll not get anything like the treatment from club or fans that you get here.

    It shouldn’t be hard. Just stop listening to that amoral, self-serving, corrupt, ****-stirring waste of carbon emissions you call an agent. 👿


  13. Just a for things I’d like to touch on:
    1) I’ve not seen Gameiro play before. He does a have decent record but how good is he?
    2) He is said that he’d like to sign for Valencia but I think they’ll not be able to match our offer. They are in a serious financial mess and so from that sense things look good.
    3) Gervinho is a good player but he has said he’ll go to a champions league club or stay at Lille. I don’t think he’ll choose to come here. Would love to be wrong though.
    4) Does anyone know what position Abeid plays in?


  14. I guess we will start to hear some **** that is being quietly released by the club to make Joey look like the villian in all this.
    The same way they done it with Saylor, there was loads of lies going round that was coming slyly from the club to make it look the club was the innocent party while Saylor was the quilty party.
    The club now knows it works because a lot of the fans fell for it and turned on Saylor, so I guess the same will happen with Joey.


  15. Anyone else starting to hear ‘Gameiro’ and think ‘Owen’? Do we really want someone here because they didn’t get a better offer?


  16. He may not be motivated by the cash, but prefer the warm weather instead.


  17. Whumpie
    Posted May 27, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    “Anyone else starting to hear ‘Gameiro’ and think ‘Owen’?”

    Nope. To put in perspective, at £60k a week it would still be roughly half of what Owen was on.


  18. Thanks Dan. I hope you’re right about Gervinho! Gameiro does look a classy finisher from what I’ve seen now.


  19. Whumpie I see what you’re getting at but I think Gamiero’s profile being considerably smaller than Owen’s will be a big plus. At first I wasn’t keen for a player to come who didn’t absolutely want to be here, but as a young, ambitious professional, you’d hope that he’d take to the challenge of the prem and try and show the world what he can do. Add to that the increasing number of french-speaking (quality) players in the squad, and he may just end up liking it here!


  20. Whumpie – To think some people think im negative!

    How do ee know he doesnt want to come here. Only yesterday you were advocating players coming here just to put themselves in the shop window. Now you think it’ll be Owen all over again! Jeez!


  21. Anyway about to board a flight to Dublin so I expect us to have signed someobe bywhen i gat back tonight.


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