No way back for Barton?

The much publicised fall out between Joey Barton and the Newcastle owners continues to roll on via the medium of Joey Barton’s Twitter account.

In his latest outburst he has publicly criticised the transfer policy of the club after insisting that he will tell all when the time is right. He then went on to say that he had to be careful what he said as he is an employee still before reaffirming his desire to stay next season and bring a trophy to St James’ Park.

Now some will say fair enough about his comments. I do to an extent as everyone has the right to an opinion. However I do think all of these comments make any form of reconciliation seem increasingly more unlikely as time wears on.

Yes, as strange as it sounds, there is still time for this all to be sorted out, but it will take a bit of sway from all parties involved, especially the club, for something to be sorted out. Will the club be willing to sway in the future for someone who is being so openly critical of them?

Rightly or wrongly, Joey’s words will have repercussions. They may strike a chord with fans at the moment and some may feel reassured that there is a critical voice within the club, but realistically what is it going to achieve?

It’s a disaster in all honesty. They bloke who convinced Joey to get Twitter needs to be shot as it was only ever going to end up going in one direction. It took what, three or four days for it to end up going in that direction. Marvellous.

After being openly critical towards the club it is unlikely that those in power will make any effort to keep Barton. Why should they? I mean I never heard Barton, or McKay for that matter, moan for the three years previously whilst us fans were being treated to the dark side of Joey Barton. It’s all in the past of course and Barton does at least seem to have turned a corner, but could this be a case of his past coming back to haunt him in his own doorstep?

Perhaps getting Joey Barton onto Twitter was not the brightest idea. The lad is a straight-talker no doubt, but it’s clear to see that diplomacy is not his forte. I’m not saying that Barton should put up and shut up, but he is running the very real risk of turning what is supposed to be an outlet between fan and player into a bitter dialogue about his current employers.

Can anyone really see any good coming of it?

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214 thoughts on “No way back for Barton?

  1. Moreno πŸ˜† quality

    I linked a video of us beating Barca 3-2 with the Tino, and told them to take note πŸ˜›


  2. DJG@150,

    “but I’m not gonna go winding them up. To be fair we havn’t been in Europe for a long time now and we’re hardly in a position to mock them”

    Divvn’t be such a lass man πŸ™„


  3. Im not taking the piss outa man utd, its the fact rio gives it big all the time, but now he’s very quiet, they;re the ones wanting the argument, funny actually πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  4. To reach the final 3 times in 4 years is quite something. But there’s just a team out there thats better than them. πŸ˜›


  5. Im not bothered really it’s just like….

    Rival fan takes the p!ss.

    Man u fan ; Who do you support? er Everton, er Newcastle, er Tottenham.

    Howay man we’ll just get laughed out of court as soon as we reveal who we support. πŸ™„


  6. The best thing I heard from my manu glory hunter mates after the match was “Yeah we lost, but we went with humility which shows we’re first class ” blah blah-the funny thing is if there was one thing to jump on, one penalty, one offside, I’ve no doubt they’d be all over it like herpes. Instead they got completely outclassed and brushed aside like a pub team, and afterwards arrogantly go on about how humble they and fergie are? Lolz 😎 :mrgreen:


  7. They’ll just say what have you won this season? We’ve won the premier league and got to the champions league final. Then someone will say ‘we beat Barcelona 1 million years ago’;

    cringe. 😳


  8. DJG-nothing to be ashamed about supporting the Toon, nor with rubbing the mancs noses in defeat every now and then. Couldn’t give two sh1ts if we can’t compete with them currently, that isn’t the point.
    The defeats and averageness at least show we’re real πŸ˜›


  9. Aye at least we’re real fans. Wouldn’t be suprised if half their ‘fans’ bugger off and start supporting Barcelona next season. πŸ™‚


  10. Ayup-Their supports halves and doubles depending on the year…it halved when Abramovich bought Chelsea, doubled after they won the title again, and probably halved after last night like you said πŸ˜†


  11. Makes me sick – players and a manager that made the grade in the PL being discarded like old newspapers despite being the main reasons we are back in the PL.


  12. Looks like we’ve got competition from Arsenal for Gervinho and from Liverpool for Nzog. Hope we’ve got plan b


  13. I dont think we are after Gervinho anyway. More likely we wanted Gameiro from Lorient. But have to go looking elsewhere now. Maybe/maybe not.
    3 goals from Sow last night?


  14. What’s happening boys? ❓

    You’s don’t sound as excited today. Have you realised Cabaye is just a replacement for Barton ? πŸ˜•
    Some are now saying he doesn’t look as impressive as first thought. πŸ™„

    Uh oh. . It’s not as nice sometimes when you lift your heads out of the sand and face reality but it needs to be done at some stage. πŸ˜‰


  15. @stardust

    You’ve changed your tune from 1 day ago ❗

    You were jumping up and down like a 5 yr old school girl in the school yard, all excited cos the school visitor was Santa Claus and his reindeers!

    Instead it was the fat caretaker and his dogs with fake antlers. Didn’t matter cos the little girl was duped cos of her inexperience. 😳

    Oh how some people never learn from experience. 😯

    What’s happened to the potential line ups yous all proposed? Gerviho – Cabaye- Zoggy- Messi ❗

    Heads back in the sand boys and start dreaming again . πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  16. BSN9 I think Cabaye is a very good player. I certainly am excited and I do think he’ll prove to be a great addition. I also think it’s not necessary to call him Barton’s replacement for I think there’s a good chance Barton is staying, even if it’s only for one more season. People get upset if we make no signings whilst others get upset if we sign international players only to say they not “proven”. Give the lad a chance at least for Cheick Tiote was not a proven premier league player when he came this time last year…


  17. Can’t really get into twitter but this comment had me in stitches

    DazWilliams Darren Williams OBE
    @AlanCarr looks like Papa might have found #NUFC a new star in Lille midfielder Cabaye, pls give your old man a kiss (mean ur dad not c*ck!)


  18. @Ahmed

    I haven’t wrote anyone off yet. I don’t know enough about Cabaye to judge him.

    It’s when I hear others rave about players who have never played in the premiership, I roll my eyes.

    I hope he’s a great success but despite what you say about Barton not leaving, well I will be surprised if he is given much playing time by the time the season starts. That Twitter account is going to be his vent for his anger and there’ll be plenty of insults winging it’s way to Ashley.


  19. BSn9 – when you have competition for places, its not possible for everyone to get a game. If JB doesn’t leave, which is still possible, then thats a good thing. This new lad shouldn’t just be a shoe-in. He will have to push himself and prove his worth in pre season and training.
    TBH thats what you, I, and others have been calling for.
    Its a start, thats all. Now we need two strikers, and a right winger and a Left back to compete against Jose. (who I still hope is going nowhere lol)


  20. How do they find out about these release clauses in the playrs contracts ❓


  21. People complained that we wouldnt be singing anyone, now we are people complain because it’s apparently going to be be replacements…Ashley can’t win no matter what he does.


  22. Fair enough BSN9, let’s just hope that Barton stays and that competition for places will see the team doing better for that’s what we all want. The team progressing and building on last season’s positives. Nice article ILM!


  23. Really great article find ILM. explained more about the player and maybe why he has come over. It also helped to explain why it will be a while until NUFC confirm it.

    It was really good to read that he was a ‘combative midfielder’ and that he has a strong mentality and work rate


  24. To be fair Andrew, no one ever said we wouldn’t buy new players. But we need to improve the size and strength of the overall squad, NOT replace like for like just because someone has upset you.

    ..”Ashley can’t win no matter what he does.”
    What a load of drivel. Stop making excuses for the ****.


  25. @Andrew

    I don’t know who you are referring to regarding people who thought we wouldn’t sign anyone.

    I’ve never heard any blogger state we wouldn’t sign anyone? ❓

    Do you wish to clarify? ❓


  26. As I posted last night, Gervinho has agreed to join #nufc

    From Colin…..


  27. I have a friend (BSn9) that works in livestock freight at Newcastle Airport. He has just checked a little dog in a Prada handbag – reckons a footballer is arriving here this afternoon.

    My moneys on Stephen Ireland


  28. i suppose we will start to get a lot more JB slagging now. Up to now we MIGHT have 1 new player in, but from Pards took over we have lost 3-4 players from an allready weakened squad. So lets hope we atleast replace them πŸ‘Ώ


  29. We don’t just need to sign quality new players, we need to keep hold of the quality ones we have, Joey is one of those. Even “if” Cabaye turns out to be a better player the squad will be weaker without Joey, he brings alot more to that squad/team than just his performances on the pitch imo. It’ll be a sad day when he leaves the club.


  30. cabaye is in the french squad for 3 upcoming matches and after nufc will confirm that we have signed him. but u know what will happen on the last day he will get a broken leg or sumin like tht


  31. RICHIE ime sorry to hear that mate,hope things went as well as they can in that sort of thing,chin up m8


  32. Cheers lads, was just a shock cos he fought and beat lung cancer last year then died of a heart attack…but life goes on.


  33. condolances to you Richie, . πŸ˜₯

    but can I just add
    We don’t just need to sign quality new players, we need to keep hold of the quality ones we have, Joey is one of those. Even β€œif” Cabaye turns out to be a better player the squad will be weaker without Joey, he brings alot more to that squad/team than just his performances on the pitch imo. It’ll be a sad day when he leaves the club.

    Bang on the money with that post.
    we dont want to replace Jose with M’Bengue. Sign em both up.


  34. Big Dave
    Posted May 30, 2011 at 12:00 PM

    SRH would you put your money on that ?
    AP when is the press conf to unveil them all πŸ˜€


    No mate, but then I don’t gamble!!!!


  35. Thanks for the article ILM.. I like the part about ‘his teamwork and excellent mentality’!

    As for Joey, I hope he’ll be so desperate to prove a point next year, that with whatever playing time he manages to get he’ll be a superstar. Possible!


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