Simpson in line for five year deal?

A new deal for Simmo?
It looks like Danny Simpson could be the next player in line to receive a five year deal, if the Daily Mail is to be believed.

The ever so accurate Mail reports that Simpson has already sat down with the club and held preliminary talks over a new deal which will see him tied to the club until the age of 29 as well as being the beneficiary of a pay rise from the Β£10,000-a-week that the right-back is currently on.

Now I’m all for long deals and stability, if a player is good enough to warrant it. In my mind Danny Simpson doesn’t fall into that category and is easily replaceable, so why try and tie him down for so long?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Simpson is alright, but just alright. He’s done well at times this season but then he has also had his fair share of shockers. The main problem is that he backs off attackers as if they are thrusting a knife at him, but at 24 he can still develop and will hopefully be able to knock that trait out of his game.

A five year deal to me would suggest that Simpson will be first choice for the foreseeable. Fair enough, he will probably do, but as the rest of the team is improved it will be his position that is highlighted as a weak spot and will be targeted accordingly.

Talk of an England call up midway through last season was premature in my book. As I said earlier, he is alright, but he is hardly an international class player now is he? In fact I have my doubts whether he’ll ever be an international unless it’s against someone like Khazerbaijistaniland in a meaningless friendly.

It sounds like I’m being harsh on the lad, but I don’t mean to be. He has faults to his game and I’m sure he will admit that he has faults if asked. He isn’t the answer for the long-term at right-back though, which makes me wonder why we are giving out a deal that will see him secured for his prime years.

What do you think? Would it be a good move securing Simpson? Or, with two years left on his current deal, is it kind of pointless giving him a new deal?

Your thoughts please πŸ™‚

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59 thoughts on “Simpson in line for five year deal?

  1. I wouldn’t be happy if we gave him a 5 year deal like, I think he’s alright for next season but we soon need to buy a better right back.

    Everyone knows how he backs off and off and it has cost us a few goals, one example was Spurs at home.


  2. Good deal if appropriate as back up wages. Good way to gauge his attitude. Guy Demel on a free available as competition. Right to talk to Simpson first.


  3. Mediocre player not worth securing, atleast not on that wage for that amount of time like.

    He’ll do for now and hopefully the new contract would give him a confidence boost knowing that his club believe in him, then maybe he will improve? Who knows…


  4. do yous seriously think if we want to be a top 6 team danny simpson is good enough 2 b our right back when the likes of gareth bale etc pass him 4 fun?? hes not good enough man!!


  5. Having said that, possibly worth securing for 5 years if we are to have him on the bench as sub in seasons to come after we get someone better in… Like you said Toonsy, I’m definitely one for committed players and stability.


  6. that car is claiming to be lambiare son
    @cwarr07 apparently you are Derek Llmabia’s son and that’s how you know everything,is that true


  7. I think two years is still a fair way…so we could wait, but it makes it easier to negotiate low wages now rather than later on….I think he’s decent, and to be honest I’d love to see Jonas on the right next year and see how his tracking back affects our right side. As I’ve said before, Barton’s lack of pace and infield drifting has often led to 2-1 situations with Simmo to deal with.

    He’s not brilliant, but currently he’s good enough for us at the moment…add into that he’s english, improving after a first real season in the prem (he didn’t play much at blackburn.) He backs off, but I’ve never seen him get completely skinned time after time like certain full backs.


  8. Oh and he also seems to be a decent professional , he has twitter and doesn’t run his mouth off, never seems angsty on the pitch, doesn’t hold guns and pose for stupid photos etc


  9. Something’s gone wrong. I tried to buy Olympic tickets. Β£100,000 has been debited from my account and now I’m the head of FIFA.


  10. cwarr07 Colin
    @MsiDouglas @SunderlandEcho Sunderland have accepted a bid for Jordan Henderson from Liverpool believed to be Β£12.5mil

    HAHAHA, they will be livid


  11. Mike_JW_Ashley
    Pard’s reckons we need some entertainers to be a top club. I’ll get a clown for the kiddies and four pole dancer’s for the half time show


  12. Disagree on one bit, Toonsy: “A five year deal to me would suggest that Simpson will be first choice for the foreseeable”. Doesn’t follow – I think it’s more a commercial thing to ensure he has value if we do replace him.

    I actually rate the lad. He’s not the full deal yet, but has often shown what he can do – including making Ashley Cole look like an amateur (instead of just a ****). He’s also a decent, hardworking lad that stays out of trouble, and we need more of those. Oh, and he’s English, which helps.

    I hope the Mail – for once – is right. But I also hope he has a fight on his hands for a starting place next season against a new option bought in for the task.


  13. He’s young and on low wages do I don’t see the problem with giving him a five year deal. Don’t think it guarentees him the starter spot cause his wages are low.
    Also what happens if he has his best season yet next year, gets that England call up, and with one year left in his contract, all the sudden we have an Enrique situation?
    Wages are low and at worst he’d still be good to the squad so I don’t see a problem with it.


  14. Jay jay

    I agree, a few of my mackem mates dont really rate him, he takes every single one of their set pieces and hardly ever delivers. I’m sure if they do get 12.5 million Bruce will be happy with that to find another player to fill his boots.


  15. yeah I know a few makems and hey say he is (at the minute) massively overrated, sounds like a decent deal to me


  16. Oh how we love to point the blame at defenders & forever label them as a liability…

    I agree with Bobby…


  17. If this is true someone at the club must see a chance for some development, but it’s easy to see that he isn’t the best because if he was fergie wouldn’t have let him go on the cheap. also i’d hope that as we get a better quality of player at the club over the next few years Simpson would be replaced.


  18. crikey… Bobby is talking sense! Also a massive pad on the back for simmo!


  19. Think its a good idea to sign him up for 5 years , he has had a good season , Yeah we could prob get a better right back but we could also have a lot worse and as pointed out he is still developing. Good solid player


  20. Although at the minute Simpson doesn’t exactly tick all the boxes, we have to remember that he’s still young and learning.

    One thing Simpson has got that many players we have had in the past didn’t…was full on commitment to the cause and also the fact that he genuinely loves the club.

    That’s all well and good i hear you all say, but what about perfomances to match you say ?

    Well look at it like this.

    Simpson “in my opinion” will get better and better and he will come on leaps and bounds just from his first season playing regular Prem football.

    How many players have we let go in the past that we have basically deemed ****e and yet they go on and turn into a cracking player for other clubs.

    Quite a few isn’t there and that’s because the club in the past and the fans weren’t patient enough to afford those players the time to bed in properly.

    Also, take a look at Enrique and Coloccini.

    Those two players started off playing for us and looked like a pair of donkeys at first didn’t they and in truth, not many gave them the lickings of a dog.

    Enrique was deemed overweight and error prone and coloccini was regarded as a defensive clown. But look at them now that they have bedded in.

    In my opinion, we need to afford Simpson that very same chance and i believe we will have a very capable right back who can consistently go head to head with what’s put before him.


  21. Im with Toonsy on this one, Simpson is like Shola in that he cant and wont push on from being mediocre, not his fault but he is championship material at best, typical of our club that we are offering him a bumper contract but not our player of the year, Barton.


  22. Something not right about the Cabaye transfer?

    Although he’s announced he’s joining us, the BBC have said “BBC Sport has learnt that Newcastle have yet to enter negotiations with the holding midfielder.”

    If that’s true, is he really prepared to come without knowing his terms?



  23. bobby.

    Is it possible that the club and Manager know more than we do about the potential of Simpson?


  24. RE Henderson and the mackems not rating him.

    Are you lot winding me up???

    What do the mackems know about football for a start?

    He is a local lad who is 21 years old. He has years ahead of him in the top flight. If they are saying he is over rated then they have no idea what the word ‘potential’ even means. He has already represented his country at the highest level and with guidance from a good experienced midfielder (not Lee Cattermole) the boy can go far.
    The reason they are saying he is over rated, is because he is their saviour at 21 years old and hasn’t been able to single handedly drag up a sinking ship.


    “I’m sure if they do get 12.5 million Bruce will be happy with that to find another player to fill his boots.”

    Ha. Glad you have faith in Bruce’s ability in the transfer market. You are in a very small minority there mate.


  25. I don’t have faith in his transfer market ability Moreno. Just rekon he would take 12.5 million to find another player instead of Henderson.


  26. Not Sure if this is Charles N’Zogbia’s Twitter…. but he just retweeted this message.

    @CharlesNzo please resign for Newcastle, Imagin you ben arfa and cabaye in the same team we’d be a fantastic team RT please!!/CharlesNzo


  27. I think they are daft tbh. they have him tied down for 5 years and saw us getting 3 times that for a player who made his international debut at the same time.

    Fair enough, 12 million is still silly money money and it’s no doubt because he is English but he has the potential to be the heartbeat of their team for years to come.


  28. funny like all the statements comeing oot of toon today are from j.carver,is pardew on hols,or told to keep to his gob shut πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  29. Ahmed@:20

    More like fat Ashley saying nah our clubs ****e we dont want you, i think i’ll keep this cash πŸ™‚


  30. JoeBlack57 Joe Black
    #nufc will turn to Sow if Gameiro keeps playing the waiting game. Bid accepted, player reluctant to join, waiting for a Spanish club.


  31. 45
    Posted June 1, 2011 at 2:20 PM
    Pardew is talking to Gervinho and Gameiro trying to secure their signatures…

    Where did u hear that mate?


  32. Just seen that Aaron Spear is joining Fulham. Quite disappointed to hear that as he was said to be a wonderkid back then when we signed him as a 15 year old. All the best Aaron.


  33. if we get 2 out of the 4 we are looking at nzog , gervinho , gameiro and ba then i will be very happy


  34. Everyone’s talking about how we need to deepen our squad and have two players at every position, so how can this be a bad deal? Even with his current shortcomings, Simpson is easily good enough to be our second-choice RB for the next 5 years.

    If his pay raise was something ridiculous like 30k/week, it wouldn’t make sense. But if it’s somewhere in the 15k – 20k range, that seems about right to me.


  35. JerseyGeordie
    Posted June 1, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    ‘Also what happens if he has his best season yet next year, gets that England call up, and with one year left in his contract, all the sudden we have an Enrique situation?’

    If that happens I will run past Fenwicks butt naked. πŸ˜›


  36. Looks like Danny has signed up then, he posted on twitter #commitment so presume it’s a done deal
    Think it’s a good thing myself, he’s young and I expect him to get better next season


  37. i think simpson should run till the end of contract and see how things go for him next season,it looks like young james tavernier will be challenging him next season. looks like tav is ready now.


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