Is it true? Have we signed Cabaye AND Gervinho?

Double deal for these two?
There have been plenty of rumours over the last 24 hours suggesting that NUFC are on the verge of announcing Gervinho as a Newcastle United player.

Reports in France suggest that Newcastle have paid a combined fee of around £14 million to secure the services of the two Lille players, which going on previous valuations would value Gervinho at about £10 million with Cabaye coming in at around £4 million thanks to the clause in his contract.

How true is it? Well that is the £14 million question isn’t it? I expect that we’ll start to hear a bit more about transfers in general now that the international break is over so I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

What I will say is that the French press are usually far more accurate than our own, but it’s not exactly a foolproof system of working so I’ll refrain from getting the party poppers and champagne out for now.

If true though you’d have to give the club a round of applause. That will stick in the throats of some fans of course, but two of the top talents from Ligue 1 for £14 million would do for me.

As I’ve said though, we’ll see, although I do expect to see movement in the near future. Whether that is movement of players coming to Newcastle or players ruling themselves out of a move to Newcastle is something only time will reveal.

In the case of Gervinho and Cabaye I hope it’s the former!

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44 thoughts on “Is it true? Have we signed Cabaye AND Gervinho?

  1. got a sneaky feeling that both will go through. hope they start focusing on a out and out forward because Gervinho is more of a right winger.

    On a side note, I like that the club is targeting winners (i.e Cabaye, Gervinho & Tiote). Always good to have players with winning attitude around.


  2. Lets recap the situation……

    Our “Geordie benefactors” thought they had stitched up the ****ney barra boy, and sniggered behind there collective hands regarding “due diligence” and stuff…..

    Meanwhile the loyal toon army fans sit back, watch relegation and think FFS whats happening to OUR CLUB…

    Several years later we have a bunch of supposed “yes men” at the club…(you probably need to hoy in Geordie boys John Carver and Peter Beardsley in there)…but we are where we are…….

    Until they are signed it is all waffle, but we seem to be trying to sign greta players on the cheap, through a bit of sneaky dealings….

    If we can get away with it well done, but at the same time we may lose our own players by this method…..

    Times have changed….but hopefully we aint gonna see any more Kluiverts and Owens at the club…


  3. the sunda sun is saying owl heeds off on his hols this week coming,so i carnt see out being sorted till the rat is back..


  4. Hitman, if the deals are in place it will just be getting them signed sealed and delivered 😉


  5. On the contrary, they’ll probably make more progress without him being there.

    I can’t see them needing snap on the spot decisions to be honest.


  6. The Sunday Sun is also reporting that we are moving Ranger on. Can’t say I am too arsed if I’m honest.


  7. ranger has had his chance,nolan is 29 and still has 2 years left on his contract..right moves by the club


  8. I would assume that they get along ok. So its a good bit of business as they wij help each other settle in. Big week ahead me thinks.


  9. Where are the Nolan rumours coming from, not that bothered about Ranger to be honest tho surprised given that he signed a 5 year contract recenly


  10. Agree with Hitman – a 31 year old Nolan won’t be the most mobile of players.

    I wonder if we were witnessing the clever dismantling of player power for the new contracts – remember Bartons – I’m only signing a new contract if Nolan gets a new contract etc.

    The club hive off Jose with a new big deal, sideline Nolan as they don’t need to give him a new deal and be prepared to let Barton go if they have to (don’t agree with it)

    For me one player who needs a 4 year deal now is Colo.


  11. What the hell was the point in giving Ranger a five year contract then 😕 Guess theres some more behind the scenes stuff. Would still like to keep him and loan him out a whole season-maybe to brighton alongside Kaz, but not a massive problem if he goes really. Think Nolan by 31 will be struggling, unlike a Barton at that age, still lets hope he doesn’t get hissy as he’s been a great player and captain for us.


  12. I really couldn’t give a toss about Ranger, he sounds like a complete bell end. As soon as the gun pics came out I would have sacked him.


  13. If the club recieved an offer between three to four milion for Nolan they would be fools not to accept it.
    In the new Newcastle is he gonna be making the starting line up.


  14. Personally I would loan Ranger out but if the club are selling him there must be something pretty wrong with his attitude.

    On Gervinho, there’s some prat on Twitter saying his signing is being announced tomorrow and Enrique is set to sign a new contract.

    Utter bollox I imagine.


  15. Aye I’d like to believe that it’s true about Enrique and Gervinho but I can’t see it.

    What a start to the week that would be though eh? 😉

    Apologies for the loss of the site earlier. The server blew up 😆


  16. Rumours are circling in Hungary that Tamas Kadar will go on loan to an Eredivise club next season from Newcastle.


  17. anyone seen this Taylor lad play ? its about the only rumour of the day that looks like it could be for real . 21 year old from swansea and apparently we could get him for 1 million because of a clause in his contract . We are getting good at this clause in contract stuff 😛 If true ,but it is sunday 😉


  18. New article up. I know Moreno has one planned aswell 🙂

    In the meantime I’m off to work 🙂


  19. Toonsy
    I dinnae think anyone oot side his own family knows who he is.
    Imagine 3 Taylors in our team. brilliant


  20. Yaalreet Toonsy….divent let the blog server go down again… 😥

    I need my toon fix, and this is the place to be…… sensible dialogue from sensible punters 😉


  21. Batty- I’d love to see that. The lad has a real future IMO but won’t get the minutes here next year that he needs to develop.

    As for Nolan- leader of the team and for that reason I hope he stays. He’s got 2 years left and hope he sees them through- but I wouldn’t offer him a new contract. We will have other players for the off the striker role where he s at his best. 2 years will also allow for a new set of leaders to emerge


  22. Stardust@14….spot on there….

    But it’s a risky business which could all backfire if we don’t sign adequate replacements AND strengthen the squad.


  23. batty if true it could well be FC Utrecht , Erwin Koeman is their new trainer and he was the Hungarian national team trainer in his last job.


  24. Batty@17…pinky and perky are gonna join widow twanky at 5under1land… 😆 😆


  25. MDS@34…I think you’re right, maybe Nolan won’t be offered a new contract, especially since he has 2 years left….


  26. TGS …dunno mate….. 🙁 …I’m still here…

    If it has blown up, Toonsy’s gonna have some trouble fixing it from the M1…


  27. @MDS Pardew said in a interview the other day that Hatem Ben Arfa was to play down the middle in a supporting striker role, could mean Nolan being sold this summer?


  28. What we have to remember is, players will always want away, players will always want bigger contracts and players will always come to this club.

    In the days of Shepherd and players holding the club to ransom, we got exactly what we deserved. ‘Mercenaries’.

    I’d love Nolan to stay but i haven’t a clue what’s went on behind closed doors.

    The point is though, one thing that Mike Ashley is not and that is he’s nobodies fool and no pushover.

    If we have a wage cap and/or a set age limit in terms of legth of contracts, then to me, that can only be a positive move, because not only do we retain a younger fitter squad but we also have scope to sell on for a good profit, or at least not lose out,should a player decide he’s unhappy and wants away.

    With older players, we don’t have any scope for that and i suppose it’s better the club offer them shorter contracts, to see if they are still cutting it towards the end of that contract and if they are, then further extend by 2 years or so if the player is willing and fit and able.

    For me, the only way progressively forward, is to bring is younger quality, while adding some up and coming youth now and then.

    At least that way, we will basically have a conveyor belt of talent (hopefully) adding to a successful team, which in turn becomes a magnet for the next batch of quality younger potential transfer targets.


  29. 2 years left for Nolan, use him for another year and then take whats on offer. Offer Barton something for another year or two, but don’t break the bank. Ranger is obviously a nutter, but I would hate to see him come back and hurt us. We are so thin up front that sending him on loan may have paid dividends in the end.
    Let’s get these signings announced and in for the 1st day of preseason.
    Looking forward to 7/26 in Columbus, OH


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