Is there really any rush for Nolan’s new deal?

Nolan says no to NUFC contract.
It’s been said that Kevin Nolan’s representatives have rejected a proposed new contract from Newcastle as the terms on offer fell short of what the player would expect.

The details of the deal on offer are not available to the public, obviously, but it’s pretty obvious what has gone on. An improvement may be offered, or an improvement may not be offered. Who knows? I’m willing to bet two things though with the first one being that this is the club playing hardball, again, with the other being that this news will bet met with howls of derision from some fans.

I’ve noticed that the reported cooling of a new deal for Nolan has attracted the attention of a certain section of the fans who now suggest that failing to keep hold of him over the summer would represent a failure on the part of the club. I mean didn’t it start out as just keeping hold of our players who are entering the last year of their deals, like Joey Barton and Jose Enrique? So where has Nolan come into all this?

The fact is that their is no rush to offer Nolan a new contract. He still has over two years to run on his current deal so there is plenty of time for things to change. It’s not of paramount importance.

Yes Nolan is our Captain and he is no doubt a very influential player when it comes to the dressing room, but he is hardly a world beater is he? I mean don’t get me wrong, he has scored some important goals for us and those four goals this season against the Mackems will ensure that he has a place in the heart of the Newcastle faithful for some time to come, but he is not irreplaceable. Far from it in fact.

Kevin Nolan will be 31 by the time his contract expires. Given the fact that he is hardly the most mobile player as it is it’s unlikely that will have improved on his speed a couple of years down the line. People say that the games can pass him by now and that sometimes he can be a complete passenger on the pitch, so imagine what it will be like in 2013?

Is it a bad thing that the club are being careful not to tie someone, who may or may not be a spent force in 2013, up at this very moment? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as such, but there needs to be a delicate balancing act from now on.

First Joey Barton and now Kevin Nolan – two influential players, who have both not managed to resolve their respective contract issues? Could this be the end of player power at St James’ Park? Both Nolan and Barton have had their say on team matters under Chris Hughton and perhaps Alan Pardew works differently? Who knows?

Makes you think though doesn’t it?

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91 thoughts on “Is there really any rush for Nolan’s new deal?

  1. Bobby.. Boycotting your club because you arent happy with whats going on off the field? Pathetic, call your self a true loyal fan…


  2. Jobey what subjects you doing? when i move to newcastle I think i might go back to y12 and do A-levels instead of a BTEC.


  3. I really want to do media, it any good?

    I was thinking start againd do Media, double English and GCSE Maths cos i only got a C 😆


  4. How do you swear? It tells me the comment needs to be moderated when I do, And I no English is w@nk, but its good to have.


  5. Wenger says to Gervinho we can offer Champions League Football (all be it via the qualifiers). Pardew says to Gervinho we can offer under soil heating at our training ground.What a quandry for the poor chap!


  6. Spencer, been going since 1968, yes i call myself a fan and believe me, i know when we are being ripped off, Ashley doesnt need any more of my hard earned, hes had plenty up to now and put jack **** back in by comparison.


  7. Bobby – ripped off? Dear boy, you may find the use of a calculator prevents you from posting whoppers online – now run along, chop chop

    I hope you were equally vocal when fat freddie shepturd was in charge – the real villian of skulduggery


  8. I am late commenting on this, and I can understand those who think there is still 2 years left and we have time. Look where waiting till the last minute gets you – Enrique!!

    I would like to see Nolan stay and hope something can be worked out.

    We did not win one single premier league match when Nolan was not playing.


  9. STB @ 45

    Agree with virtually everything you say.

    If everything go’s to plan Nolan should be a bit part player next season and defunct by next summer. Nevermind giving him a new contract what are we gonna do with him for the next 2 seasons if he decides to run it down like Smith. As good as they have been over the last couple of years I just don’t think Barton and Nolan we be that important anymore. Both are slow and have peaked. If we want pace and flair I can’t see what use they would be in 3 or 4 years time when both will be past their best.


  10. Toonsy didn’t take you long to pull the knives out on Nolan. Didn’t you say the other day you voted him for player of the season? 😆


  11. Got to agree with Bobby and whumpie here.Too many are too quick to dismiss Barton&Nolan as if we somehow deserve better quality and,importantly,that these better players are lined up waiting to sign – lets see what we have at the end of the window!
    Take out Nolan’s goals and we would be playing the Hammers next year.The dressing room influence of these lads has kept the spirit up inspite of the management and kept a paper thin squad upThis is positive player power and will still be needed next year ,especially with new players coming in-they understand the fans.
    Ashley is a gambler-he may not be stupid financially but he is when it comes to understanding what makes a football team work.I dont think he likes the relationship Barton &Nolan have with the fans


  12. Weren’t Barton, Nolan and Enrique ….and a few others…instrumental in getting the club relegated too ? 🙄


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