What’s the story behind Neil Taylor?

Backup or replacement for Jose?
A rather obscure name has been linked with us over the last couple of days, and that name is Neil Taylor.

The Swansea City left-back has been the subject of intense media speculation over the past few days with various news outlets suggesting that a deal for the 22-year-old is at varying stages of being thrashed out for a fee that is said to be just Β£1 million due to some release clause in the contract of the player.

Again we are touching on what I talked about the other day about the way that NUFC seem to be able to hunt down these cheap contract clauses. If you haven’t read it you can do so by clicking here.

Anyway, I’m getting off track here. Basically I’m just wondering what the point is in signing a relatively unknown left-back for a knockdown price. Of course there may not be any truth in this but to be honest it seems to be a bit of strange link for the press to just make up. I mean it’s hardly one to hold the back page for now is it?

The way I see it, and yes this is where I am going to come down on the Ashley regime a little bit (I note that I get blasted from certain people who don’t like the way that I try to keep a sense of balance πŸ˜‰ ), but the way I see it is that Taylor is good for two things.

The first one is that we have somehow managed to persuade Jose Enrique to stay at Newcastle and sign a new contract. Now he may well have stayed anyway as he still has one year remaining on his current deal, but we’ve always needed a backup left-back. In fact I think it’s been about five, maybe more, years since we’ve had a couple of players who can play left-back at the club. Could this be where Neil Taylor fits in?

The other option, and this is the one that would really send out the wrong message to fans, is that Neil Taylor is going to be Jose Enrique’s replacement. We could see the back of one of the best left-backs in the league to be replaced with a player who has made just 18 appearances in the Championship. Hardly inspiring is it?

Personally, and I think this will be a pretty unanimous call, I hope it’s the first option. Unfortunately the problem is that you can’t rule out option two. Or the third option is that it’s just more paper crap of course.

For all the hype regarding the talk of the Cabaye’s and Gervinho’s I guess it’s worth pointing out that none of them have actually signed on officially yet so effectively we’re still in limbo with regard to the kind of players we are waiting to see at St James’ Park. There is a good game being talked at the moment, but just how serious are those playing the game being?

So in an unlikely way, the signing, or not, of Neil Taylor could be one of the defining moments of our summer.

And I bet you wouldn’t have thought that a few weeks ago!

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63 thoughts on “What’s the story behind Neil Taylor?

  1. Nice article Toonsy. Definitely hoping that it is option 1….the switch in lb targets from Izzaguirre and M’bengue to Taylor is also a pretty good pointer that Jose might be close to a new contract….
    And congratulations for Newsnow Toonsy….well done mate πŸ™‚


  2. Option A for me…
    We have a thread bare squad as it is.. and although Fergie has done well at left back in cover for Jose, I don’t think the club see him as a long term solution.. I’ve got a feeling that Jose may stay… All the hyper-boil regarding him going to Liverpool seems to have died down… all though like passing wind…silence can be deadly πŸ™‚


  3. Definitely thinking it’s option 1. I just have a feeling.

    That would also mean, if Jose has signed, and we have Taylor as cover, then S.Ferguson is going to tilt in the direction of the left wing, giving Jonas some good competition! He is our own Gareth Bale! haha.

    Exciting times ahead if all of this paper talk is actual contract paper!


  4. Really can’t see Enrique signing a new deal. Hope we will hear something official today!


  5. I hope it,s option 1 , but their is even a 4th option . We get this lad as back up ,Enrique leaves for about 8 million and we get M’bengue or Izzaguirreas a replacement for 5million . Now that sounds a bit more like Ashleys way of doing things , 1 out 2 in and 2 million pocketed .


  6. STayor Raylor and Naylor. We’ll be come the Home For Wayward Taylors!


  7. So they have worked their way through the list of targets and decided on the cheapest option, well there is no suprise there then, leopard never changes its spots.


  8. Just hope that everyone who is saying option 1 is doing so from an informed point of view?

    I haven’t seen him play, let alone judged him over a season or so.

    He may be better than Jose – he may be worse – he may be much of a muchness.

    Can you all honestly say you know enough about him?

    Give him a chance either way!


  9. I have a feeling Jose’s, mind has been changed, however if it has, I feel it is beacause he can see that we are active in the market, which is good news all around.

    I’ve aslo heard that he could be offerd up to 70k a week by are very own dan πŸ˜†


  10. Just a thought if there’s anyone can add to it:

    The club’s financial year ends June 30 and I wonder if there’s anything to suggest that signings’ll not be announced until 1 July at the earliest – thus taking the costs into the 2011-12 accounts?

    Doing so’d mean that those up-front costs’ll not be included in the 2010-11 numbers.

    Comments appreciated from any financial wizards in our fraternity.

    Stardust, is this within your sphere of expertise?



  11. Lesh – That wouldn’t make sense mate. It would make sense for them to pay it all out now whilst they have the Carroll the cash and so on, otherwise they’ll show a huge great profit this time around and then a whacking great loss next time around.


  12. Oh and lads and lasses, can you confirm that I was at work on Saturday. Apparently I’ve been deleting comments from Craig Chisholm, which is quite frankly a minor miracle πŸ™„

    Can’t believe some people are so upset about me having my own blog. Upset to the point of lying no less.

    Diddums πŸ˜›


  13. Yes Toonsy, that thought hasd occurred but there is of course the option of taking the Carroll dosh forward in anticipation of costs going forward?

    But that too would result in the same outcome as paying within the 2010-11 year!

    What I’m picking up is there’s been not a squeak from the club or the players in question and I’d expected a denial from any of those parties had the trannsfers been unfounded speculation.

    That’s what makes me think that there’s a lot in the Gervinho, Cabaye speculation


  14. Toonsy, an afterthought to your view that ‘otherwise they’ll show a huge great profit this time’……

    or maybe enable the club to break even with the prospect of increased revenue from next season compensating for transfer fees post 1 July?



  15. Think it’s going to be more of a case of spend while they can mate. Of course nobody really knows until it happens, but I can’t imagine that making a profit will go down too well with fans who can see that the team is desperately in need of strengthening.

    You see this summer there is no hiding place for Ashley in my opinion. It’s the acid test if you like. Everybody knows we have the cash to spend, without him having to dip into his own pocket, so even by his own imposed rules there is no need for us to not strengthen the squad.

    If he does then it keeps people off his back. But if he doesn’t then he’ll just start to attract criticism again, even from me. I;m just holding out some hope that this time around he can get it right.

    I still don’t think Ashley is the real problem though – I think it’s Llambias.


  16. Toonsy, I agree that making a profit will go down too well with fans who can see that the team is desperately in need of strengthening. Hence, carry Β£35m forward to 2011-12 and bingo, the club breaks even! as it likely will by the end of that year.

    Could this be an incentive to delay announcements – assuming of course that we’ve got theplayers to announce!!

    On a totally unrelated topic, Notwithsatnding the time the server was down, all weekend I’ve been having and still have problems connecting to the site from my mobile – i get a message that there’s a problem in trying to connect to ‘this page’ and should try another link. Connecting to other sites is fine.

    Any thoughts Toonsy?


  17. Thanks Toonsy… first I’ve got to find out how to do so!!

    I’d thought that maybe it was confused now that its faced with newsnow on the same page



  18. Dont think there is any point in delaying signings, for any reason.
    Makes more sense to wrap up the deals asap b4 we lose out to other clubs as per previous seasons. ie Modric πŸ˜•


  19. well you told us you were at work, I reckon you were covertly deleting comment from craigchisholm πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  20. Lesh

    It could be delayed but it depends on the reasons behind it, if they want to say clear the overdraft, or repay Ashleys loan.

    But they also have increased PL turnover, and decreased ammortisation, we have a decent amount of working capital this year.

    They may even straddle the window with diff signings but I doubt it – I think we will act early to dispose of a chunk of the Carroll cash in line with their announcements and hive off some of the PL revenue, nice problems to have though!


  21. Stardust – what does this mean ❓

    “…I think we will act early to dispose of a chunk of the Carroll cash in line with their announcements and hive off some of the PL revenue,…”

    what announcements ❓ Also I dont understand what you mean.
    sorry to be thick lol


  22. Rich – Aye that’s right. Really I was not at work, I just sat here all day not posting waiting for comments to delete πŸ˜†


  23. I actually think Jose might stay! If he was going to leave I rekon he would have handed in a transfer request by now.

    Apparently, albeit twitter talk, we are willing to make him the second highest paid player at the club – im guessing about 70k with Colo being on 80k.


  24. Batty ive just deleted that c@nts craigs comments ,he is such a prick along with that andycapped <<<< rich thats what toonsy sent me πŸ™‚


  25. Batty – πŸ˜†

    I honestly can’t believe that I’m so despised for setting up on my own πŸ˜₯


  26. Andrew – Isn’t Colo on much less than that? I remember the Deprtivo site said at the time that the deal would be about Β£35k a week? πŸ˜•


  27. batty…sounds about right πŸ˜†

    Toonsy….ya not despised mate, just intensely disliked πŸ˜‰


  28. I just don;t get it mate. It’s like I;ve done something personal to them all FFS πŸ˜†

    It’s shame really as Craig is a decent chap. Lies a bit but he’s alright I guess. MandySpac though is something else. That boy could bore an ******** into a wooden horse. Anyway, enough ****ing now.

    If they can’t handle somebody questioning their views then it’s more fool them πŸ™‚


  29. toonsy, Posted June 6, 2011 at 10:07 AM “I honestly can’t believe that I’m so despised for setting up on my own”

    I don’t think you are Toonsy. You seem to have a lot of support here. There’s bound to be arguments here and there mind.


  30. Toonsy…don’t worry about it mate, like ya say though craig’s ok usually, prob just got a bit peeved if he thought you were deleting his comments and reacted a bit.


  31. Tonsy man, your blog is doing alright, for the vast majority of us its an alternative viewpoint/discussion.
    You’ll always get snipers who post sh!t without getting their facts right, diven’t worry about it, and dont take it so personally, just let it go and carry on blogging πŸ˜†
    I find the differing views interesting, but the snipes/ counter snipes boring in the extreme.
    Some peeps just like a wind up, which can be funny, but tend to get wearysome after a while πŸ‘Ώ


  32. Hugh – Do you think it’s fair and right the **** that I get? Please bear in mind that it is only coming from one direction at the moment?

    If they don;t like my site then fair enough, but they need to pipe down about it. Half the comments on your site this morning have been ****ing about me or my site. The three wise monkey of Craig, Chuck and Andy really are obsessed like.

    I mean I’ve asked everyone on this site to try and calm it down with the backbiting and such when we called the truce thingy, yet the same doesn’t happen in return. It’s not on fella and I feel let down that the same kind of thing hasn’t been returned if I’m being honest.

    Still, if you guys are going to allow it then it’s up to you, but it’s a shame to see some of your posts (you’re the only one writing) get ruined by a few peoples vitriol and lies about me.


  33. BB – Sorry mate, but if they are willing to sit there and make personal remarks, judge me based on my comments they read on the web and snipe then of course I’m going to take it personally.


  34. Hitman – In contrast, I say fair play to Hugh/Worky as they have stuck to this truce thing, as I have. It’s a shame some of their posters don;t follow their example like you guys have done on here and stopped the backbiting when I’ve asked you all to.


  35. From the FA website

    The FA have confirmed that the International Transfer Window will open on 9 June for all clubs in the Premier League, Football League and Conference National.

    Domestic transfers remain unaffected and deals can be done as soon as a club’s season is over following the completion of a club’s last competitive game.

    The transfer window will close at 6pm BST on 31 August (7pm European time). The FA have been working closely with the Premier and Football Leagues who, in turn, have been liaising with other senior European Leagues to try to agree common deadlines.

    And from the BBC

    Transfers – June 2011
    Page last updated at 22:14 GMT, Tuesday, 31 May 2011 23:14 UK
    E-mail this to a friendPrintable version Although the transfer window formally opens on 1 July, domestic transfers between clubs in the same association (eg England or Scotland) can take place as soon as a club completes its last competitive 2010/11 fixtures.

    However, many transfers or signings, although agreed and announced at this time, will not formally go through until 1 July because the majority of players’ contracts expire on 30 June.

    Outside of the transfer window, any club may still sign players on an emergency basis (such as if they have no goalkeepers available) with special dispensation from their competition’s governing body, for example the Premier League.

    Players who are out-of-contract free agents can be signed outside of the transfer window if they were unattached when the previous window closed, although most leagues have their own deadlines for clubs to register players to play during the season.


  36. I wouldn’t worry about signing announcments to be honest.

    Let’s worry if we’re going to see the Carroll money spent at all!


  37. Its more likely to be the judas’s 30 pieces of silver that gets used rather than cashleys dont you think. ❓


  38. BB, just the rumors going round at the minute.

    Apparently it’s to announce Jose’s signed a new 4-year deal….


  39. Lads. about Cabaye it’s worth me now saying that the guy is worth 10mil! Toon got him for about Β£4.5mil due to clause in contract! His agent only offered him to 2clubs on the proviso that he received 40% instead of usual 10%! Newc snapped their hands off!! Expect big things this summer!


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