Cabaye the lad? NUFC blooper confirms signing?

Cabaye deal done?
The rumour suggesting that we’ve signed Yohan Cabaye has been going around for about a week or so now I guess.

Of course there is a serious reason to believe the speculation on this occasion aswell after the player and his manager both confirmed that Cabaye was on his way to Newcastle. Still nothing is ever certain when it comes to Newcastle so a lot of people, quite rightly, are awaiting official confirmation of the deal before debating the merits of the player.

Has the confirmation been leaked from the club though? I don’t mean in a cloak and dagger secret source kind of leak either. I mean in a balls up, sh*t that shouldn’t have happened kind of leak.

Apparently there was a video added to the NUFC website earlier. Not the bog standard website before you all rush on there and have a look. I mean the NUFC TV website. Now I don’t pay for subscriptions so I can’t validate this, but apparently there is a video up there entitled “Cabaye first interview”. Have a look for yourself here.


The question is, why is it Cheik Tiote in the image? Well I bet it’s simply a test using the last video uploaded. When, or if should you prefer to maintain that stance, the signing of Cabaye is confirmed they will just pop the video of him in instead of the Tiote one. Kind of like a test run if you like.

Of course it could just be someone pissing about and having a laugh at our expense, so what we really need is someone who has NUFC TV online to confirm this for us. I used to have it many moons ago but cancelled it, eventually, after about a thousand attempts so I’ve been reluctant to sign up again, even using the free trial vouchers that I’ve got sitting around somewhere.

It would be nice if somebody can quantify this. In the meantime I’m off for a few hours kip!

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100 thoughts on “Cabaye the lad? NUFC blooper confirms signing?

  1. @70 Liam Southern Toon

    the chuckle brothers would be good in the dressing room, probs better players than smith also 😀


  2. Fulham have appointed Martin Jol as their new manager on a two-year contract. The Dutchman succeeds Mark Hughes, who quit the Premier League club last week after just one season at the helm.

    Welcome Him back to epl. 😎


  3. Bobby – I have not contradicted myself. Last time I checked Gervinho wasnt in Barcelonas starting 11 each game, and has not set the world alight. Yes he is a prospect, but thats all he is. He isnt a marquee player yet so why shouldnt we target him?

    He is an improvement on what we have, just like Cabaye is an improvement.

    I dont know what wages are paid, just like you, but frankly players like Tiote and HBA wont have come for my hourly wage would they. I have said a couple of things which I know to be fact yet you choose to shoot me down so I will let you have your opinions and I shall have mine.

    Really not in the mood to argue with you. I am tired and totally jacked off with the prix I work with.

    Off home now to bed so maybe speak later


  4. Mark @ 76 – your probably right they could be like iniesta and xavi ‘to me to you’
    one reason why barca are so good is that they are never more than 5m apart from each other the passing is so short and quick and so hard to get back.
    Maybe we could try that at the toon?
    Cabaye, tiote and nolan in the middle keeping possession close and then spraying out to wingers such as HBA and Spiderman with pacy tall striker upfront?


  5. batty…I’m just gonna wait until somethings confirmed on the club site, no hopes or expectations = no disappointment.


  6. Booby,

    I personally think you’re over-rating Gervinho, he’s a good player, can’t just stamp him with CL class though. He’ll end up here, which CL team is he going to walk into like?

    Saying Tiote was an unknown is ludicrous too.


  7. Why do people keep saying Gervinho is an out and out striker, he’s not.

    He can play there if someone is injured but his natural position is either on the wing or in the hole where we have Benny


  8. I hate to say it but barton is replaceable;

    he owes us a hell of alot and whilst he has been arguably our best player but how much is loyalty worth we stuck with him when others laughed at us.

    We took abuse but maintained our faith in him and he has rewarded us …. but for one season. We dont know the situation but if he is demanding a lucrative contract he simply doesnt deserve it. He should realise that no matter how good he has been he has a lot to prove. I dont want to see him go but if he does we should try and get in someone similar with good passing ability and vision.
    Someone like tarrabt maybe?


  9. I hate all the negativity on here. I’m with the likes of Raffo and Andrew. We do stand a chance in getting Gervinho. Why shouldn’t we? Yes we finished 12th last year but there’s no reason to think we can’t be in the top 8 next year. The club may aim for a top ten finish but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to aim higher. We boast players like Ben Arfa, Tiote, Coloccini and Gutierrez and we could be used as a stepping stone for a player such Gervinho who has great potential but has not yet played for a top team. Why us as a stepping stone you might ask, well if he comes here, he’ll be one of the main men in the team, will be playing in front of big crowds every other week and would have a chance to show how good he is. It doesn’t mean we will get him but for all those expecting Shane Long to sign, I suspect you lot will be getting someone better than him…!


  10. Cheers Batts, but I disagree with you 😯
    I think JB, Jonas n Nolan will stay, for 1 more season.
    Jose Enrique tho is a different matter. I think its in the balance at the moment and could go either way.


  11. Woo hoo hoo hoo. Raffo is stewing in his bed in a hissy fit . He hates everyone!
    Those at work, me, himself. 😆 😆 😆

    Uh oh. Others are changing their tunes now about the quality of Gervinho.
    Yous need to make your minds up whether he’s a CL player or not?
    If I said he was not, yous would say he was.
    Ive said he was and yous are now saying he isn’t . 😆 😆

    Pathetic really. 😉


  12. I think there is more to it than whether a club is in CL next season that determines where a player chooses to come. There’s the money, the place, the chances of regular first team football, the ambition and facilities etc. What’s the point of coming to a CL club and finding you are 3rd choice and play 20 minutes every 3rd game – and never actually in CL??


  13. What exactly is a CL player?…..other than the obvious definition, Viana, Lua Lua and Griffin all scored for us in the CL, all CL players then 😉


  14. Bobby No 9. Why all the hatred especially to fellow toon supporters. I suggest you go down to the stadium of ****e and follow the miserable mackems. !!
    Oh and i hope we do get gervinho if only to make you feel stupid and crawl back into your hole.


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