Gervinho is coming to England, but where will he end up?

Gervinho? Gameiro? God knows....

Gervinho? Gameiro? God knows....
Don't be surprised if Gervinho turns us down.
The imminent transfer of Gervinho has become a hot topic amongst fans of many clubs including ourselves, Arsenal and Manchester City with probably more clubs talking about it in the background.

On the surface of it, if you believe any of the madness and speculation that is going around at the moment, it is those aforementioned three clubs that are at the forefront of the race to secure the Ligue 1 winner, but the question is just where will he end up? And do Newcastle really have a chance of landing the Ivory Coast international?

I don’t think it’s wrong to say that Manchester City and Arsenal are operating in a bracket that is above us at the minute. One day we may get back up there, one day, but being realistic it’s going to take a lot of time and patience with a huge slice of fortune squeezed in for good measure.

Could we really beat the likes of those two to a signing? Well it obviously depends on the player himself first and foremost. If Europe is a deciding factor for then then, no, we won’t beat the likes of Manchester City and Arsenal to a signing.

However there are reasons why we could still have a chance of landing some heavily sought after players. I mean we pulled off a coup when we signed Hatem Ben Arfa for a starter plus we apparently have a good reputation in France, which is a start, and has apparently helped us to the verge of signing Yohan Cabaye. They aren’t the only reasons why we could trump two of the big four though.

First off you have to take a look at where Gervinho will fit in at the other clubs. Is he really good enough to oust some of their players at the moment? His reputation would suggest so, but nobody really knows. With the pressure of being in the top four being so great perhaps it would put them off making a move for someone who is untried and untested in the Premier League.

We could offer a starting role in the team from day one. There is little doubt that he would improve our team and he would have very little competition to face with regard to a starting place. He could play in front of 50,000 fans every other week with his mates Cheik Tiote and Yohan Cabaye, and he would more than likely be adored for doing so.

Clutching at straws? Maybe. The players agent however is not giving the game away and is remaining steadfastly non-committal on the future of his client.

“Nothing is finalised on Gervinho’s future,” Pascal Boisseau told The Journal. “Gervinho will make his decision either by the end of the week or very early next week. He has many options and there has been a lot of interest in him.”

“For the moment, we’re not in a position to say anything about where he will go. I can’t say anything about Newcastle – we have a good relationship with them and other clubs. The matter is confidential and it is impossible to confirm where he will be going.”

It’s nice to hear that they have a good relationship with Newcastle – it could help when it comes to party invitations or borrowing some sugar at some point in the future. It doesn’t mean he will end up with us though. Equally there is nothing to say that he won’t end up with us.

So in summary, I do hold out some slim hope that Gervinho will end up with us, although the words ‘slim’ and ‘hope’ are particularly pertinent. Being realistic it’s unlikely that the player will turn down the chance to be challenging for honours at a Champions League club so we’ll more than likely miss out and I feel that waiting until the end of this week/start of next week is just dragging out any lingering hopes.

At least we tried though, which is more than I expected us to do. Of course we don’t know how hard we really tried but at least there was some flicker of intent for a brief moment. It could still happen but I’m prepared for it not to take place.

Now we should move onto perhaps more realistic targets.

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130 thoughts on “Gervinho is coming to England, but where will he end up?

  1. O’H, my mistake bud.
    So to clarify, You want to massage his asshole. :mrgreen:


  2. BB-

    I understand that illiteracy is a growing problem in England, but I’d be happy to direct you to a tutor who could help you with your slow but steady mastery of the English language 😉


  3. Sorry mate. I know these damned americanisms get everywhere.
    I should have put Arsehole not asshole. Thanks for correcting my ENGLISH. :mrgreen:


  4. JerseyGeordie
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 7:29 PM
    Bsn9 what number do you think gervinho will take when he signs for the toon?


    Surely he won’t sign with us due to our 25k wage cap and all 😉


  5. BB,

    It’s true. Us Americans are full of ingenuity. We take things from many different cultures and make them better, which is CLEARLY the case with the “English” language hehe :mrgreen:


  6. MDS-

    It’s true. But its important to note that “soccer” is an English term that goes back to the latter half of the 19th Century. So my point still holds 😈


  7. “Soccer” is the one Americanism i can’t stand. Even the Irish and Aussies now call it “football” I believe.


  8. Did i read somewhere we are having a press conference fri to annouce caybale? Maybe we will hear more fri


  9. I agree with O’H @ 4…. we just need a couple in with the brains and imagination to see that this could be the stuff footballers’ dreams are made of! Surely some of these guys must think to themselves, ‘hey, I could make a bigger impression playing *against* Man U etc, than for them (where I might sit on the bench)’



  10. I see Gervinho gave another interview today, and he didn’t mention anything to do with CL football.

    Not saying we will get him or we will not – I have hope though 🙂


  11. cwarr07 Colin
    As I’ve already said “Gervinho & Cabaye will be #nufc players. What more can I say?”

    Cwarr’s still claiming he’s coming. I can’t help thinking he’s set himself up for a big fall


  12. Susan-

    Thanks 🙂 I hope they see it that way!!

    MDS- soccer IS a British term 😀


  13. Afan – Well he has certainly put his neck on the line. If it doesn’t come off he will have no credibility at all. He doesn’t have much now but you know what I mean…. 😆


  14. Well that seals it . Stardust has claimed to use his intellect to establish Gervinho is in the bag.

    I told you I was right, he won’t sign. Why? Cos Stardusts always wrong! 😛

    Ive no doubt we will land a couple of decent buys but they will come out the blue, not players on the fans radar and will be in the £5m bracket.

    Please tell me how much you believe Gervinho would cost? £15m with big wages would be my guess.

    Please put yourselves out of your misery and forget about him. 🙄


  15. Toonsy/afan-

    Here’s to hoping that cwarr is spot on! I still think Gameiro is coming too. I have this weird feeling that the recent silence and possible moves to Valencia/PSG are really just smoke and mirrors meant to keep other English clubs away. Still to the best of my knowledge, we’re the only club to have a bid accepted for the lad.


  16. BS9-

    What about Ben Arfa? That was a summer-long saga, ffs! Farthest thing ever from “out-of-the-blue” like…


  17. as a city fan, i really hope you guys get him, love newcastle as a club, and as a city, was even very glad to see barton playing so well for you!

    i would hate to see this guy at city as i fear his talent would be wasted, and the premier league deserves to see this guy week in week out…

    always loved newcastle when they were at the top, hope they are back in the years to come!



  18. Bobby – Please tell me how much you believe Gervinho would cost? £15m with big wages would be my guess.

    He has a release clause for 8 million according to the Journal, even so he only has 1 year left on his deal so it will be less than 15 million.


  19. craig chisholm – Posted June 8, 2011 at 6:43 PM

    The Gervinho link brough me here then I read a couple of the post in this place.

    Best advise I can give is keep reading the papers and swallow that **** down and be more concerned about your own clubs finances as that area could do with all the attention it can get.

    No one player makes our club come or go. Check our Premiership record.

    Nuf said.


  20. Bluethorp, really nice to get the support from ya! I honestly can’t say that i hope man city do well though…


  21. @ohurley

    Ben Arfa was at the toon on loan for a year and totally different circumstances. He was having problems at Marseille. No other major clubs were vying for his signature.


    thanks for that at least not all fans are full of abuse.
    ime not sure you have the right manager like what do you think of him


  23. BSn9 – which of Fenwicks windows are you going to use?
    I think it has to be on Northumberland St or it doesn’t count :mrgreen:


  24. @AndrewT

    i cant say i blame you, i hated chelsea for being so lucky, and im glad its us and not someone else, but if it happened to anyone else id feel the same as you! 🙂

    but still wish you all the best of luck, god knows you lot deserve a bit of luck just as we did, peace 🙂


  25. Goonerton
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 8:28 PM

    “No one player makes our club come or go. Check our Premiership record.”

    Because football started in 1993 with the invention of Sky….. 🙄


  26. Jobey – I hope Nile Ranger doesn’t see that. Someone is moving in on his turf. Could be water pistols at ten paces 😉


  27. I hate chelsea esp since Roman come along , but I have no ill feelin towards City , no matter how much money they spend. Good luck to them and I hope they enjoy any success they get.


  28. Let us hope ambition is present ,yes I look through rose tinted glasses but a surefire start for the toon ,over being the bus conductor on Man city’s team bus. I dont think even toonsy could drive a bus that big.he has faith in his ability’s but he avoids a top heavy vehicle that the wheels will eventually fall off when the owners get bored. 😉


  29. I hate chelsea esp since Roman come along
    The only Premier League (or whatever it was called back then) match I’ve ever attended was at Stamford Bridge and Dennis Wise scored a brace 😯


  30. Heh.

    Nice banter.. a little warped, but then again.. things do tend to get a little warped in around newcastle.

    I’ll get the main out of the way. I’m an Grumpy Arsenal Bastard that criticisises my own club just as much as any other club.

    And I couldnt really give two [censored] if Gen whatever comes to Arsenal or not. His quality is unproven where it matters.. the premier league.. many more forwards with greater reputations and pedegree have been taken for mugs in the prem.

    Plus this attitude thats already there – with him talking about I will decide this, and I will decide this.. you’d think he was the african leo messi. Which he isnt. He may be a good player.. he may be a waste of money.. he’d be a gamble for any club he went to, not to mention that African cup of nations meaning he’ll do sod all come the end of jan.

    Now i’m sure NUFC wants good players.. but whats with the arsenal negativity. You stayed up.. you even took 4 points off The Arsenal. Yet there’s at least 4-5 posts with dimming verdicts on where Arsenal will end up as if there’s a football armageddon about to take place. Arsenal will finish in the top four, again. And not win bugger all. Again. Taking 4 points off Arsenal and then decrying arsenal as a fading team is almost like saying.. well if we can beat them.. they must be crap.. which means Newcastle are what then? heh.

    SIgh. Anyway I can’t be bothered with negativity.. it’s too damn hot. Chris Hughton deserved better, Tiote looks a good player. What a fool Given was for leaving. And Ashley needs to be shot in the back of the head with a BBGun. Ooops.

    Cya next season.


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