If we sign Demba Ba, it will be on our terms! (with video)

Monday medical for Demba Ba?
There are a lot of rumours suggesting that West Ham striker, Demba Ba has agreed personal terms with NUFC and will move to the North-East from the capital.

I’m not going to go into transcripts of interviews as, quite frankly, it’s kind of boring. When you start printing words spoken on talkSPORT that come from the mouth of a Daily Mirror reporter you are kind of giving an access through the doors of Narnia and into the wonderland of crap basically. However, the general gist of it is that Demba Ba has agreed terms because Derek Llambias told a Daily Mirror reporter about it. Apparently.

Seems strange considering that Dekka is about as tight as a duck’s arse when it comes to gleaning information from him, but hey-ho…. Here is what we could be getting.

Still, if there is some semblance of truth in these rumours and they do indeed turn out to be true then not only will Newcastle have secured a proven Premier League striker, they will also, more importantly, have secured him on their terms.

I know people will be apprehensive if Ba was to roll up on Tyneside. The player has a degenerative knee problem that has caused him to fail two medicals at previous prospective clubs, which combined with our quite frankly shocking history of injuries does not bode well.

No matter though. Here is Ashley to save the day!

You see people moan about Mike Ashley and how he is tight or has long pockets and short arms, that kind of thing, but at the end of the day it is exactly that kind of behaviour which will ensure that Demba Ba will be signed on our terms. Mike Ashley didn’t become a billionaire by wasting money unnecessarily now did he?

I feel, given the way that we seem to be able to coast in and exploit random clauses in players contracts, that the club will be fully aware of the state of play when it comes to Demba Ba. They will know about his potential problems and use it to leverage a deal that suits the club the best. Expect a heavily performance and appearance related contract to be on offer from us.

Now to me that is a good thing. It not only means that the player has to be fit to play – it means he also has to perform to make the wedge that modern footballers so desperately need!

I think that any deal we put to the player, or any deal that has been agreed if you believe the speculation, will be heavily weighted in our favour, unless Ba is playing and playing well of course. Judging by the few West Ham fans that we’ve had on here so far it would seem that the “playing and playing well” part won’t be a problem as he has received nothing but glowing praise from the Hammers.

This is exactly the kind of deal that Ashley is made for. Take one slightly damaged footballer, use said damage as a bargaining chip, package him up, and reap the reward – whether that be in terms of resale value or value of on the pitch performances. One thing you can be sure of though, is that Ba’s nobbly knees will cost him if he does move to St James’ Park.

See, there are some times where being prudent can be a good thing!

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50 thoughts on “If we sign Demba Ba, it will be on our terms! (with video)

  1. Great point Toonsy. Ba is definitely damaged goods, but goods that can really perform! This kind if deal is probably why it’s going to take the whole week to agree


  2. he does seem to have a lot of determination is a very good header of the ball and a decent bit of power on him

    with the added bonus of a cheap name on your shirt

    looks rosie pewpew


  3. i think our contracts dept is a load of crap and out of control. now it seems that Nolans new contract will only kick in if we break a top seven finish next season. what sort of stupid contract offer is that ffs? how can one man carry the burdon of all others, esp when his is only contract to carry such a load of pap with it? no wonder he will not sign it…what player would ffs.


  4. Yo Jersey,
    Happy B day 2 u,
    Happy B day 2 u,
    Happy B Day 2 Jersey,
    Happy B Day 2 u.


  5. Craig…where you hear that?

    I see there’s an article on .org but that’s littered with the word ‘allegedly’…


  6. witters… its in the mirror i think…same place thats saying we have Ba… so i guess if we are going to believe the Mirror over Ba we have to over this rubbish too – right?


  7. Well I tend to try & wait for it to be confirmed by the club…

    I think the difference is I want to believe the Ba news whereas I dont want to believe Nolan’s contract news (because as you say, it sounds utterly ridiculous).

    My gut feel is it’s an incentive i.e. He’s been offered an extended contract for ‘x’ years but if we finish 7th or above then he’ll get a pay rise for the reminder of the contract. Much in the same way you’d negotiate a wage reduction in the event of relegation.


  8. Wouldn’t want him as our main striker though, not with his dodgy knee.

    Looks like Sunderland are in for Nzogbia too…


  9. hitman,

    can’t find it mate, not been spammed or owt

    You post a link? sometimes it doesn’t accept certain links


  10. if thats the case that we carnt compete with the top 6,why has nolan got a top 7 finish in his contract(according too that ****hoose worky)


  11. yeah there is article saying we cant compete with anyone on salaries, that spurs can pay double us etc on pay to get players and that we will be looking for a top ten spot this coming season. Its a direct interview with AP so its not waffle. Well it is waffle.. cos its AP isnt it. this makes no sense at all with the other thing saying that the club offer for Nolan was conditional on breaking top 7… but then AP saying top ten is our goal. usual murky waters and head scratching! whatever!


  12. I never understand comments like that from managers. est to just not say anything rather than admitting defeat before they have even kicked a ball.

    The lack of ambition for a club who pays players millions and millions of pounds a year is shocking


  13. and we have another story that were going after a toip striker,do the powers at be not realise you need to pay top wages for top players πŸ˜•


  14. Thing is, if we are on about financial clout, means nowt to me.

    Can you honestly say that between Cabeye and Henderson there is 15 millions quids difference????

    Nah, Cabeye is better, proven champs league player and all round better player than Henderson, yet Liverpool spunk money up the wall.

    Doesn’t mean we can’t compete with them, just means we need to be smarter in the market, which so far we are proving to be


  15. yep … its all bollox isnt it. if we cant compete with spurs and somehow they can offer double the wages we can even though they have smaller fan base then i guess our huge offer to keep jose might not have been huge after all! i have no idea what to believe and will therefore think that all of them – club included are talking total and utter tripe.


  16. and i hope that these fifa regs saying clubs have to be sensible and not go nuts and run in debt without a care just cos they have mega rich benefactors etc are held true cos if so, we must be only club in prem that will be in europe soon!


  17. New thread up anyway. Before anyone gets on my back, or before I get accused of being rose-tinted because I’ve left out Pardew’s comments on wages πŸ˜‰ I’m going to do a full article on that πŸ˜‰


  18. craig,

    Suppose it depends on the individuals personal opinion of what is a ‘huge’ offer.

    I would class anything over 50k as being huge, while others would say that’s standard and huge would be 80k. Some might go even further.

    Who said it was a huge offer? No doubt the club were the ones who released that propaganda and their opinion of what a ‘huge’ offer is and Jose’s opinion could be chalk and cheese!


  19. Guys, seriously, what the hell are you on!? People saying they don’t see why AP is saying such things about wages. It’s pretty simple really. It sends out a message to agents, players, clubs and yes, the fans too. Why not negotiate expectations downwards? What are expectations at the end of the day!? We will aim as high as we can and finish where we finish. Stop taking all of these interviews so seriously.


  20. As for wage cap. I don’t believe it’s as low as what’s being made out. Especially if we’re signing free agents, who are notoriously difficult to negotiate with due to their ridiculous wage demands.


  21. El Toro,

    Negotiate expectations downwards? What are you on?

    Do managers at work say to their staff, we don’t expect much of you here mind, just keep your head above water?

    As I said, from a financial aspect, I don’t buy it. To say we can’t compete with the top six is not sending out the right message to the players and fans. If it is a clever move as you say, it doesn’t wash with me. You are really going to attract top talent by saying you can’t compete with other clubs. Great selling season tickets saying you have no chance of pushing for Europe.

    Example, Arsenal have a wage structure, we pay our players a lot more than them, do they not have quality players though?


  22. Howay man….what Pardew and the club tell the media and fans is completely different to what Pardew and the club tells a potential new signing…. 😎 😎

    Smoke and mirrors man….and we have the best… πŸ˜†


  23. As mentioned yesterday, I’m a hammer and would understand all concerns about Ba’s knee situation, however he looked as fit as a fiddle with us and got stuck into challenges and always got straight back up…the guy is top top class and will be on the end of any crosses or scrappy scenarios and there is only 1 place the ball will go..and that’s into the back of the net. We will sorely miss him but once again our owners have mucked things up and I can’t blame the lad for wanting top flight premiership football….trust me guys…you will love him…and he will get you a hell of a lot of goals…and you will get him for an absolute bargain. Best of luck Demba Ba….heres his song to be sung:
    Demba Ba..Ba Ba Ba..Demba Ba..Ba Ba Ba…Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba…Demba Ba..Ba Ba Ba
    Demba Ba my lord Demba Ba! Demba Ba my lord Demba Ba! Demba Ba my lord Demba Ba oh my lord..Demba Ba!!
    Your gonna love him!!


  24. Pardew said we can’t compete in wages but also added we could compete in the pitch. I believe this is true.

    As usual the focus is the fact we can’t compete on wages. It’s been made perfectly clear by the club that we’re not going to stretch ourselves financially. How are Spurs & L’pool paying these wages? Probably a combination of CL money, league position money, TV money & for all of which they will receive more money. I suspect their debts are bigger than ours & will use additional debt as a means to pay wages.

    on the never never…


  25. “Do managers at work say to their staff, we don’t expect much of you here mind, just keep your head above water?”

    Come on, do you honestly believe the PR is reflective of what’s said behind closed doors? Pardew is known for his motivational techniques so I highly doubt it.

    “Example, Arsenal have a wage structure, we pay our players a lot more than them, do they not have quality players though?”

    Sorry, mate, but that’s a far-cry from the truth. Arsenal pay some of the highest wages in the Premier League. Thus far, it’s been their way of holding on to the talent they develop as a means to negate the need for buying top quality players at inflated fees. Seems to be failing lately though as their players still want to leave due to a lack of success e.g.Nasri, Cesc etc


  26. Witters

    Exactly. Even if you do cling to AP’s words via the media, surely it will only ensure we attract the right types of players with the correct mentality? Players who buy into our vision and where we want to go rather than see an opportunity to earn a pretty pay packet. Cabaye is a prime example…


  27. Hi Brad, yeah I really liked the look of him last season looks good in the air and reacts quick inside the box. Really hope you lot get back up next year mate prem won’t be the same without you. Good luck for next season.


  28. Another Hammer here, if you get him (obviously praying you won’t!) you will have a top player and make the Carroll deal look like even greater business than it already did. Ba seems to think the knee issue is over-talked and is something he has a control over now, it never looked like an issue with us. Think it is ages since he was actually injured, good luck next season!


  29. also that other, ba, ba ba, ba ba song is to the tune of ‘get down’ by Paul Johnson, classic chant!! πŸ™‚


  30. Hi Steve, Demba is an excellent player, whenever he got the ball he just looked at all the options ahead of him before anything else…he isn’t afraid to shoot, brilliant in the air, quick and strong and will be a superb replacement for Carroll and will come extremely cheap…I honestly think he’d be the buy of the season. If he gets the right supplies and support around him…no doubt in my mind he will score at least 20 goals for your lot and will have you secured in the too half of the table. As for us, I can only hope and pray we do good business of our own and get back where we belong…last year was an utter shambles…but I won’t fill your site with West Ham crap! Lol good luck for the new season!


  31. Cheers Brad mate. I’m sure everyone on this site can sympathise with you lot we been there and it it isn’t nice. I think one signing that you could look at from us but I really hope we don’t sell him is Nile Ranger. If the stories are true he would cost Β£1m. His is only young and is quick and strong. I think he has alot of potential others on here might disagree. Stumbling blocks are that he hasn’t developed into a prolific finisher yet but at his age Carroll was not a prolific goal scorer either, the other issue is his attitude apparantly he has been showing up to training late and was pictured with a replica gun, there are rumours of another incident that has not been publicised and that is why he has been put on the transfer list. I’m not sure about that but he could be a risk worth taking because if he sorts his attitude and finishing out he could be a great striker. It could take dropping down a devision and getting regular playing time to get the best out of him. Anyway mate good luck for next season and I hope you get back up to where you belong first attempt.


  32. Negotiations are tough. I would have thought that despite Demba’s degenerative knee problems, teams would be willing to take the risk after seeing his all action performances for West Ham United and the fact he would come cheap. This would give him the leverage with prospective suitors which would drive up the bidding. Also, with him playing on borrowed time i would think he would seek to maximize his earnings.
    Perhaps we were the best of those who came in for him. Perhaps others were unwilling to take the risk. Either way i think we should view Ba as as a 20 game a season player at best.


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