Newcastle swoop for international striker as Cabaye begs Gervinho to join.

The man of mystery.

The man of mystery.
Just who could it be?
There are a few bits and bobs in the Sunday Sun today that caught my eye, so I thought I would round them up into one handy article again for you all.

One of them is the bit about Newcastle chasing an international striker at a top European club, and how Newcastle are willing to break the bank to get him. Now the Sunday Sun stops short of mentioning names which I guess will mean that Twitter and the likes will once again be a breeding ground for rumours. It will be interesting to see what names are dreamed up.

Personally I haven’t a clue who it could be. Apparently it’s a player who is being courted by other clubs, and it’s also not Demba Ba but then again it could all be irrelevant as we might not end up with him. As ever, it is just speculation until something concrete happens.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Sun understands that Neil Taylor is NOT a replacement for Jose Enrique and insists that senior left-backs are being sought after should Enrique decide to leave Newcastle this summer. That Spaniard is apparently stalling on the new contract offered, which doesn’t look promising. However, it also doesn’t mean that he is definitely off so I guess we have to maintain some hope.

In other news, new signing Yohan Cabaye has urged his former colleague, Gervinho to join him at St James’ Park. He told the Sunday Sun: “Gervinho is a player I like a lot – on and off the pitch”.

“When we played together in Lille, I told him he must come and join me at Newcastle as well! I think he listened. Now we will see what happens.”

We’ll see what happens indeed, although if I was Cabaye I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up. It does seem like Cabaye is pretty sold on Newcastle though, and it seems that Alan Pardew done a good job selling the club to him when the pair met prior to the completion of the move.

Cabaye continued: “I was especially concerned to find out about the desires that the manager had. I went and talked to him and he answered all my questions. That was very important.”

“I was very impressed by Alan, he said he likes to play football in a passing style and he also knew a lot about me. He answered all the questions I had. I knew it was the right move after talking to him.”

So there is a bit of a round-up of all the news so far today. Most of you know that I sometimes do it like this rather than stringing it out over several articles. I’m not interested in hits, figures ad revenue like some other sites and would prefer not to waste your time by keeping it concise.

What do you think of all this?

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83 thoughts on “Newcastle swoop for international striker as Cabaye begs Gervinho to join.

  1. Army69 I dont think you will get an answer as no one knows whats happening untill it happens 😆

    Lesh I still think Swansea would be the front runners then 😀


  2. The striker we’re after is clearly from the Ligue 1. I doubt it’s anyone like Remy or El Arabi. Moussa Sow would be a possibility despite Lille’s stance on their players as he has just two years left on his contract. However, I doubt we would sign two strikers set to be away for the African Cup Of Nations.

    In my humble opinion, Gomis is one of the more likely targets. He has previously said that he’s very interested in coming to England and is around the right age (25). He joined Lyon in 09 and hasn’t really set the world alight. They will probably look to offload him at around 8-10, which is basically what they paid for him. Not bad for a player with Champions League and International experience


  3. big dave @72…. jonas exact words were that it was vital that jose stayed for him to be happy at newcastle, both as a club but more importantly away from the pithc, on a social level. That was pretty much his exact words.


  4. I agree with Jimbob @ 49 and 51 in terms of understanding what is going on in quiet discussions around the roulette wheel. Mike Ashley is thinking first and foremost ‘I’ve got a bloody big debt at that club and before I start shelling out more cash I want to close some of that debt and put my money on Black.’ I believe Alan Pardew is trying to motivate him with the kind of argument that the fans would make by splashing his cash on Red which would bring flair and excitement on the pitch and a higher finish in the table, but the fans have not exactly been Mike’s friends of late so he isn’t exactly feeling very generous in that direction. The result being a compromised middle course with Mike not too bothered about Barton and Nolan, confident that he will reap some cash if Jose goes, relaxed about Collo and Jonas, and reminding Alan that morale in the squad is his job. Something like that…


  5. Wage caps, wage caps, wage caps, christ man, it’s all a guessing game because no one knows what wages are on offer for the majority of our players, it’s built on speculation by the tabloids and other rumour.
    As Toonsy said earlier, Pardew simply mentions spurs wage bill is way higher and we can’t compete with that and he’s right, we can’t, unless people want us to shell out Owen type money again for scant return.

    The club has to balance it’s books first and foremost but in doing so, it’s still paying players a very very generous wage.

    It makes me laugh when you see some people spouting that we pay LOW wages hahahahahahaha what a pile of clap trap.

    Even if it was 20 grand a week, that’s 1 million a year, It’s unreal wages even at that.

    The trouble is, we hear about so and so on 150 grand a week that often, it burns into your mind and all else looks like chicken feed.


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