Cabaye says that he won’t be the last summer signing.

Inspiring words from Cabaye.
New boy Yohan Cabaye may be the first signing of the summer, but he is certain that he won’t be the last as the club look to strengthen over the summer.

I caught these quotes from the Daily Express and found them interesting to be honest as either Alan Pardew has done a good job in selling the club or Cabaye is very dumb and naive. Personally I think Pardew has the gift of the gab so I can see how he can sell the club to potential new recruits. Think of a used car salesman…

Anyway, let’s take a look at what Cabaye said first and foremost:

“I am going to play in the best championship in the world for a club who want to get back into Europe within a year and one who are building an ambitious team,” Cabaye told The Daily Express.

“I am the first recruit but I have discussed things with manager Alan Pardew and I know others will follow. The directors have assured me on this point.”

There is that word again – ambition. The word that some feel is lacking from our club at the moment. Now do you see what I mean about Alan Pardew selling the club to potential new recruits?

I’ll await the conspiracy theories and such from people, such as Pardew is lying and how Cabaye has been duped and so on. Well maybe we can dupe a few more international players into moves to the North-East?

For what it’s worth I believe the club do want to strengthen and do want to compete, but they won’t have the piss taken out of them in the process. Just because we haven’t made much movement yet, it doesn’t mean that the club aren’t working hard to secure more players. After all, there is still quite some way to go before the transfer window closes!

It certainly seems as though Cabaye has bought in to what the club are trying to achieve. From what I’ve made of him so far he seems to be a canny bloke and has his head screwed on, so if he can combine that with reproducing the kind of form that he has been showing in France we could have a very good signing on our hands indeed!

Ambition? It seems as though we do have it, we’re just not beating the drum about it publicly and setting ourselves up for a fall in the process. These are good words from Cabaye – I like them a lot.

Hopefully these Euro dreams will come true, although maybe not next season. We’ll see!

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110 thoughts on “Cabaye says that he won’t be the last summer signing.

  1. i Really think that things are looking up and the club are moving in the right direction .Hope the next signing is Jose Enrique’s renewal followed by a top striker .


  2. That’s the problem, directors, Pardew nor anyone else can “assure” him that the type of players they’ve told him about will come, all they can assure him about is that they will “try” to get those players in. As ever, I’ll just wait and see 😉


  3. I too feel that the club are moving in the right direction. We do need to keep hold of our best players and sign a few more but its early days and thus far I’m happy with our first capture. Some good words from him as well.


  4. I wonder if Cabaye was told about Bartons and Nolans contract disputes. Joses impending departure.
    Is he aware we are linked with international superstar Neil Taylor?

    By the way, Loic Remy signed a 5 yr contract last year. Liverpool and Arsenal were sniffing before he signed that contract.
    Gamerio, Gervinho and Remy totally out of our buying bracket. 🙄


  5. Bobby – Names add a bit more credability in my opinion.

    If he didnt want to go then hes a bloody idoit for doing it and more fool him. I have even less respect for him leaving now. He shouldve had the balls to say ‘bollox’ to you I am staying

    Also, Perhaps he has been told and maybe things arent as bad as you think? Or perhaps he likes their replacement targets?

    Why do you have to be so down all the bloody time. I know you like your realist tag and thats fine, but for christ sake man have a little faith


  6. Yes Bobby, just like Coloccini was out of our buying bracket. He cost 10m wasn’t it? The club have always had the policy, if they feel its worth it they’ll pay the money. We may not get Gervinho, Remy etc. but there’s no harm trying. Neil Taylor will be back up, as we’ve needed back up at left back for many years now, or do you not want the squad to be strengthened Bobby?


  7. @toonsy

    He might as well be the Brazilian CF . Knee chants . 😆


  8. Oh there it is – the source is the fountain of all things NUFC Steve Wraith. Well forgive me for being a bit sceptical.

    Firstly, if I was playing for my home town club, the newly crowned no9, freshly into the England setup, people kissing my aras all over the place and just agreed a new long term deal then no I wouldnt be turned by money. But hey thats just me and I know that theres no loyalty in football.

    Noone can be forced to sign a contract anywhere and to say so is truly amazing. You go on about being a wise head, well show some of this wisdom. It is amazing to suggest that this turn of events is true. The club can accept a bid, which will still turn out to be the best business we have done in ages as I think he is fast becoming the new Best, but he doesnt have to agree terms or agree to the move. He couldve just not come to an agreement, told them he didnt want to sign for them and gone back.

    He couldve then proven his story when he was playing in the reserves and strengthened his position like Shearer did when it happened with Gullit. But I seem to remember his beaming mugg on SSN lauding Liverpool FC.

    Well it seems its Wraiths words over sensible opinions


  9. @Ahmed

    It’s clear by your Colo comment you haven’t grasped the history of Mike Ashleys reign.

    Colo was bought when Ashley first arrived and came with other big buys. He was stung and as a result Wise and his cronies were paid off.

    It’s a brand new buying policy since with a lower wage cap.

    Yes Toonsy there is a wage cap just like every club has to have even man city will have a limit.


  10. Anyway – what about this rumour from the lesh site

    12 Jun 2011 10:32:52
    My friend works for city, he told me Newcastle have enquirer about 3 players. Adebayor a Johnson and m Johnson believe that adebayor is on the cards for 7mil

    I know it is just that, but would people like these players? I have always liked M Johnson but hasnt he had some rather bad injury problems? Or was it depression? The other two I would take in a heartbeat but I cant see Man City selling A Johnson


  11. @raffo

    I’ve explained my opinions on the Carroll situation time and again.
    I’m not interested in going over old ground unless others wish to join in as it can get repetitive.

    If you want my views, check on old threads. There are plenty of them.

    In my humble opinion you are wrong.


  12. Bobby – All the pundits think that this window will be the last to spend big with the new limitations. What I dont quite understand is that if they are spending all this money now the wages are still going to be really high, so how will they then comply with these next season? Its all well and good stockpiling now but these regulations will surely then mean a firesale of talent next summer window?

    Does anyone think Huntelaar could be a target?


  13. Lets agree to disagree then Bob. I wont mention him again if you dont. Do we have an accord?! 😉


  14. @TGS

    I’m waiting for abuse cos I’ve laughed at the Adebeyor comment. 🙄

    Is it just me or do others think I’ve got a good point to shoot down ridiculous suggestions?


  15. Raffo…Huntelaar could definately be a target……unfortunately not for us though 😉


  16. Did I say that it was going to happen or that it was a rumour and would people like it to happen?!

    Read what I say man. I am not someone who thinks we will be in for Ronaldo and pay him £400,000 a week! I think we will get Ba and maybe someone like Long, what I hope is we get someone better. Thats the difference.


  17. There is nothing wrong with a wage cap and every club has its own policies. Man Utd have a policy that they do not offer a player over 30 more than just a one year contract. Even Ryan Giggs has had his contract extended every year for the last six or seven years. Anyways, our squad costs about 65m, with almost all of them being bought by Ashley. Point is, he has spent money and he will continue to do that. We’ll just have to wait and see who we get and how much we spend. As has been said before, we all would prefer 3.5m Tiote type buys than 17m Owen type buys.


  18. I’m inclined to trust Alan Pardew (famous last words I know).

    People will point to the fact that he said that Carroll would not be leaving. I believe that Carroll listened to some bad advice from his own agent when the 8 figure bids were coming in, and decided to give the club an ultimatum on the last day of the window.

    If you think about it (and I know this is speculation, and we’ll probably never know the full story), why would the club want to sell on the last day unless Carroll himself wanted out? People will say that they planned it all along, but if they had planned it obviously they would have lined up a replacement. What actually panned out on the day supports the club’s version of events (Carroll demanding a contract hike out of the blue, club refusing and shipping out a player that was holding them to ransom, club scrambling to find a replacement in the last few hours of the window).

    That’s what I’ll say about Carroll. Feel free to criticize but we’re all entitled to our opinion, and who knows one day someone might actually uncover the truth.

    Anyway… on to my second point, which is that sometimes you’ve got to at least bid for players that are “out of your league”. I believe that the club always knew that Gameiro and Gervinho would be difficult, but hey, you don’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. Never once did the club themselves say that “We will sign Gameiro and Gervinho”, that’s down to the various rumour mongerers in the papers and all that.

    I think the way the club is conducting their business is very smart at the moment: allow speculation and rumour about bids that will never happen dominate the headlines. In the meantime, sneak in under everyone’s noses and sign up quality lesser known lesser priced players. Happened with Tiote, happened with Cabaye, will happen again this window.


  19. I’m with Bobby on that one…Mario Gomez, Adebayor and the like, absolutely no chance..


  20. Adebayor is a ridiculous rumour and it does not have a 1% chance of happening. Got to agree with Bobby on that one… 🙄


  21. Stockpiling, you have got to be joking, we were on the bones of our arse towards the end of the season and there is more evidence that we will be losing more players than we bring in. Pardew will be given the bare minimum to keep the club in the EPL, and thats it, all or most will be saleable assets which will be sold when a suitable offer comes in for them.
    This is not my opinion, look at whats going on and read the few quotes that the board have made, we are out to make a profit and that goal isnt going to be achieved without players being traded.
    And for ” Profit”, read less cash input from the owner into his investment.


  22. Chad said:
    I think the way the club is conducting their business is very smart at the moment: allow speculation and rumour about bids that will never happen dominate the headlines. In the meantime, sneak in under everyone’s noses and sign up quality lesser known lesser priced players. Happened with Tiote, happened with Cabaye, will happen again this window.

    That’s the way I prefer it as well.


  23. richietoon…why don’t you think Huntelaar could be in our sights mate, if a skint club like Schalke can afford him ?. He would probably be in the 10 million euro price bracket and the rest of his cloggy mates are plying there trade in England…


  24. I agree with BSN9, Adebayor is definitely a no go. He’s damaged goods and I would hope that we’d learn our lesson with name players on big wages that can’t deliver the goods by now.

    I also agree with BSN9 that we have a wage cap. 35k-45k would be a good guess, which is plenty of money for a player with something to prove – the kind of players that we tend to be signing these days. Nothing wrong with signing these players IMO, they’re hungry, they want to establish themselves and prove that they’re PL class, and if they want to go after two years fair play to them. We’ll cash in at 5x-10x what we paid and sign another 2-3 of them. Good business.

    Can’t believe I forgot to mention Bassong – 500k in, 8m out, thank you very much Spurs.


  25. Bobby Shinton number 9

    “Is it just me or do others think I’ve got a good point to shoot down ridiculous suggestions?”

    Don’t go thinking that you have the god given right to tell ANYONE what to believe or what not to believe.

    I’ll ask you again, you don’t like giving answers, seemingly, but do you want a rest break so that people can actually have a view without having some **** piss all over all the time. Dreamers? So ****ing what. It ain’t your role to tell anybody what to believe in or not.

    Wind it in!


  26. Ahmed4nufc
    You say Ashley has spent money on players.
    Then how come he is in credit from players sales.
    I would say that he has invested nowt in the playing side. 😉


  27. @raffo

    No one of sound mind thinks that it would happen so why ask for opinions. 😯

    No offence so let’s move on and not discuss Adebeyor. 😉


  28. @Munich Mag

    I agree with your sentiment, why can’t Huntelaar be considered a realistic target for our club.

    Actually I’ll take it one further – we’re too good for Huntelaar. He’ll probably be on big wages from his Madrid days, and the last Dutch striker we signed from Spain didn’t do too well so I think we’ll pass.

    He’s not french or from France anyways 😉


  29. TGS – thats a little skewed down the Carroll money but it does seem to be that way.

    To clarify, I never said we were GOING to get adebayor as he wants to stay with Real, I asked if people liked the rumour! Gomez, Adebayor, Berbatov et al will not be coming. Gervinho wont. I think Huntelaar could be a possible, where did Schalke finish last season?


  30. Raffo – I know what you meant. I even read when you said you posted it from the rumour site.

    It;s a shame that same certain person used it as an excuse to have yet another moan about yet another fellow poster.


  31. @toonsy

    I answered your question yesterday which you failed to identify but you failed to answer mine .

    I love giving answers it’s just some people don’t like hearing it because it’s opposite to their views.

    You fail to identify the absolute abuse I take on here as I don’t complain.
    I do not piss take I mean what I say .


  32. Ok then Bob.

    Heres one that could also go into an article – is there anyone at the U 21’s who we could take a look at?

    I think the last time round I liked Drenthe and Babel who obviously went to big clubs but didnt really do anything. I know theres a couple of names there, but I assume we have scouts there so who do we think we could be looking at?


  33. Wow Toonsy, someone’s got you real fired up like 😀

    I agree, no one’s got a right to “shoot down someone else’s ridiculous comments”. That’s rude and as much as we’re entitled to our own opinion, others are as well. It’s a blog after all, so let’s be friendly towards each other.

    BSN9, I do respect your comments, and you’re right on a lot of points – Gervinho is very likely not going to happen, Gameiro was dead in the water before it even began, most likely we do have a wage cap. You have every right to be pessimistic about the club after what’s happened in the last 5 years.

    That said, the way that you’ve gone about saying it could be better. I think people feel that you’re talking down to them, instead of being a part of the community.

    Just saying 😉


  34. Toonsy – perhaps I didnt make myself clear enough. I am tainted for mentioning a few names, albeit names I know we have NO chance of getting either!


  35. Bobby – What I identify is you very rarely making relevant points to an article, which then drags conversation away from said article onto old ground. You then dish out dogs abuse at people for having an opinion by constantly labelling them as dreamers and such. Does it really matter to you? If you don’t agree with them, don’t say owt, or disagree by all means, but let others have their say. If they want to talk about players, let them, it’s not your job to tell anyone what to think or not.

    It comes to something when everyone can predict what you’re going to say.


  36. Raffo…Schalke04…play in the west Jaarman city of Gelsenkirchen, which is twinned with Newcastle. Last season they had a cack season domestically, finishing 14th and flirting seriously with relegation. Strangely enough they reached the semis of the Champs League, and won the German FA Cup, so they will be playing in europe next season…and are about 200 million euros in debt 😯 😯 If Raul leaves Schalke, cannae see Huntelaar hanging around..


  37. Funniest story I’ve seen today:

    Newcastle to sign Reo Coker if Kevin Nolan is sold –

    To say it’s not going to happen would be an understatement.


  38. As raffo said, its only that way due to the 35m from the Carroll sale and due to sales after our relegation. By the end of the summer things will be different though.


  39. Thad
    Posted June 13, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    “Wow Toonsy, someone’s got you real fired up like”

    And I don;t like get fired up so as a result, for the 5th time (that will be the last by the way) someone is on the borderline. Let’s just see if a certain someone has learned to rein it in when asked to this time. Either that or I’m going to have a pretty full inbox pretty soon 😉


  40. Munich……ref Huntelaar, nowt to do wages etc, I just think if we’re going to play with one striker which seems likely then I don’t think his strike rate is good enough for that. If we were to play 2 up front then fair enough but I really can’t see fatboy splashing out decent coin on 2 strikers.


  41. Yeah MM – I know they had a really good Champs league campaign. Didnt they sack their manager near the end of the season too? I think they need to sell then and perhaps we could get him, but wages will abviously be the serious problem. Perhaps an incentive based deal and the chance to play in the BPL, but he was linked with Manure not so long back wasnt he?

    What did you do to get booted off .org? And whats Batty doing on there?!?!


  42. Bobby Shinton Nr 9’s writing style is simply misunderstood…

    He makes good, but often obvious points, and has an abrasive manner, nothing more.

    If Bobby or anyone on the blog feels they are being “abused” then it is way out of order, but imo that sort of thing doesn’t happen on this blog, it’s more craic in the liberal sense of the word.. 🙄 .


  43. Thad
    Posted June 13, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    “That said, the way that you’ve gone about saying it could be better. I think people feel that you’re talking down to them, instead of being a part of the community.”

    Bingo. No doubt Bobby will play the victim card here so it’s worth pointing out that other hold his exact same view, yet they don’t rile people up as they can say them without insulting peoples intelligence. Stuart is a good example of that. Stuart is also a good example of someone who can make a point without speaking down to someone, a point which quite often mirrors what Bobby says!


  44. Well, if he goes it will be a shame. I genuinely believe that he has got a lot of good things to say, just that the way it’s being said can be better 😛

    56,000 total comments, wow.


  45. Richie – do you think he may be good enough in terms of hold up play for a 3 pronged attack of HBA, Jonas and hopefully NZogbia behind him?


  46. bobby’s alreet man, he’s a canny lad…..but I disagree with Thad when he says he has a lot of good things to say……some maybe but defo not alot 😉 😆


  47. Thad
    Posted June 13, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    “Well, if he goes it will be a shame.”

    It also wouldn’t be the first time. Never learns. Same pattern again and again.

    Pushes it too far with people trying to get bites
    Gets banned
    E mails an apology and explanation
    Gets let back on
    Makes points without being a **** for a while

    Then back to the start.


  48. Spewey is prone to his little outbursts of foul and abusive langauge too, toonsy.

    Saying that, it is usually on the back of some lighthearted baiting by me and a few others. 😆


  49. raffo@48…I didn’t get booted off .org mate (at least I don’t think I have been 😆 😆 )

    Yesterday I had a bank holiday rush and was madly posting on both wor blog AND org. fact I also actually posted on Ed’s too … 😳 Batty picked up on my .org posts, and teased me about it on here, but thats ok by me. 😆 😆


  50. @richietoon

    Haha! You won’t have any luck as a politician anytime soon that’s for sure 😉


  51. Speaking of banning people…

    …I see that horrible little sh1tstick ’50-odd times’ made an appearance t’other day.

    Wonder how long it’ll be before he starts running his mouth off at other bloggers??


  52. @raffo

    I appreciate some of you like to scour for possible targets and identify who you would like or not, or who the papers link us to.
    I don’t like speculating as in my opinion 9 out of the 10 mentioned are just rubbish links. But each to their own.

    I will give an opinion if someone brings a name to the forum.

    As with Adebeyor, I just thought to mention him was a pointless exercise as you have said he’s staying at Real. His wages are over £100k per week.

    I am waiting to hear more names which fall in our bracket. Not once did I say Cabaye was out of our range.

    I’ve always been positive about Tiote, HBA and Cabaye being good buys. Those positives are conveniently forgot by some who like to call me negative.

    I’m only negative about the transfers which I believe are out of our range and so far I’ve kept my arse out of Fenwicks window.

    It’s a good job some others didn’t make the same deal or Fenwicks would be full of mooners! 😆


  53. raffo….possibly, but we havn’t got N’zog and we still don’t know for sure how Benny is going to be when he comes back and if we only splash out on one striker I’d still prefer a better goals ratio, plus the other worry is he doesn’t seem to play many games per season, is that through injury or form?


  54. TC – If he behaves and respects others opinions and doesn’t feel it is his right to “shoot down other people” then he will be fine.

    I made a big deal about this being a new start for me and anyone else, yet sometimes I feel as though I’m pissing against the wind 😥


  55. Some blokes suffer from “SML”…”Selective Memory Loss”…(just made that up by the way…).. 😆 😆


  56. Bobby…revisit your writing style mate, although we almost never see eye to eye, it would be a pity to see you banished for ever to the sin bin. 🙁


  57. MM….nope I’ve never had the pleasure 😀

    Thad…..what do you mean, height of diplomacy me 😀


  58. Bobby – the only reason you didn’t say we wouldn’t get Cabaye was because the first anyone heard of it – it was pretty much a done deal.

    If it had just been gossip and speculation like the others you’d no doubt have rolled out your old and oh-so-funny Fenwick’s window routine.

    After all he’s a young, talented French international – so by all (your) logic he should be well out of our range.


  59. True – no way that would happen. I did think of mentioning Crouch but wasnt sure how he would be received. Could he do a job? Think he is too hit and miss really and wages again would be an issue.

    BSN9 – have you seen anyone in the u21’s then who would be suitable and for a decent price? I reckon we will be looking abroad and rightly so IMHO as the prices for Henderson and Jones show the massive inflation for English talent.


  60. Morning lads!

    As I posted yesterday, a front two of Ba and Erding is certainly realistic I feel but not only that it is a good strike force which should work well together!


  61. Dan – is Erdinc that good? I havent heard much of him, of course thats not to say he isnt any good!

    Jobey – dont start on me too! 😆


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